Do Ostriches Have Suicidal Tendencies?

There is a rumor in the world of ornithology that ostriches have suicidal thoughts. Some people even believe that there are some actual facts behind this rumor, while some question the rumor itself. 

Do ostriches have suicidal tendencies?

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

No, they don’t. Practically, it’s not possible for animals to have suicidal thoughts except human beings. From a psychological point of view, an animal’s emotional imbalance or distress might lead to self-destruction or suicide.

An animal should have a developed brain structure and advanced brain functions to commit suicide. 

According to wildlife experts, there’s no valid point behind this rumor. Wildlife experts clearly state that ostriches are not capable of having complex thoughts and committing suicide due to their brain functions. Human beings are the only species in the world that can have complex thoughts of committing suicide. 

Contradictory opinions to the logic of Suicidal Ostriches:

Contradictory opinions about this logic are also there in the world of ornithology.

According to the latest research, all animals and birds, including human beings, have emotions, and they express those emotions in different ways. So, ostriches might have negative emotions and inferior feelings too. Especially ostriches can’t fly like other birds, and that can be a depressive factor for ostriches. 

Anyway, that doesn’t prove that these creatures have suicidal tendencies too. As mentioned above, complex brain structure, higher intelligence level, and higher emotional quotient are liable for suicidal tendencies largely.

Ostriches don’t have these factors like human beings have. So, the concept of their suicidal tendencies can be considered absurd. 

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Where did the rumors come from? 

The rumors about suicidal tendencies of ostriches came from the concept that ostriches bury their heads in sands. Anyway, this is also a doubtful fact that is not completely verified. Most wildlife experts and scientists claim this fact to be a false myth. 

The concept got spread because some ostriches in zoos of different cities were found burying their heads in sands. From then, the rumor about the suicidal tendencies of ostriches came into the limelight. 

The reliability of these facts and rumors 

Specialists have completely turned down this concept and claimed it to be pointless. So, there’s no credibility or reliability in those rumors.

Despite being the longest birds in the world, ostriches have smaller heads and long legs. So, these creatures need to put heavy effort while bending down to the land.

It becomes delusional when an ostrich bends down to the land, and it seems that it is burying its head into the sand. 

According to wildlife experts, such delusional visuals can be the origin of absurd concepts like the suicidal tendencies of ostriches. 

Do ostriches bury their heads into sand? 

No, it’s biologically impossible for ostriches to breathe while burning their heads into the sand. Hence, this point is also invalid and impractical. No ostrich can survive after burning its head into the sand for a minute.

Anyway, ostriches often bend down to the sand to dig holes using the beaks for storing their eggs. Not only ostriches, but most non-flying birds also do the same. That’s how they try to keep their eggs safe and protected. 

While you’re looking at an ostrich from a distance during its digging time, it might seem like the ostrich is burying its head. The long legs and height of the ostrich are the reasons behind such an illusion. So, the fact is that ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand. 

Do ostriches bury their heads when they feel threatened? 

No, that’s not a proven fact. This misconception is also present in the field of ornithology. Most animals and birds are found to have weird behavioral traits and tendencies.

Some people believe that ostriches bury their heads into the sand when they feel danger coming. However, there is no valid and scientific proof behind this rumor as well. 

Final words 

Be it ostriches, or other animals, never believe in any rumor that is not verified. Always verify facts related to wildlife creatures from authentic and trustworthy wildlife journals and other resources.

Ostriches don’t have suicidal tendencies, and they can’t have such thoughts anyway. We hope your query- ‘Do ostriches get suicidal’ is properly addressed now. 

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