Do Peacocks Eat Lizards? ( Peacock And Lizard Facts )

Peacocks are one of the birds in the omnivore family. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Although it largely feeds on grains, seed heads, flower petals, and anything that falls in the family of arthropods, it also feeds on insects and reptiles, and amphibians.

You may be wondering if the lizard is one of the reptiles that the peacock loves to have as a meal, or if the lizard is a safe animal in the community of peacocks. 

Are lizards afraid of peacocks? If yes, why are lizards afraid of peacocks? 

You will find out if both creatures are friendly hosts to each other, as you read on.

Why Are Lizards Afraid Of Peacocks?

Peacocks are known predators of lizards. This makes lizards run for safety whenever they feel the presence of a peacock.

Do Peacocks Eat Poisonous Lizards?

Peacocks are known to be eaters of poison. 

One belief has it that peacocks deliberately search for poisonous animals to feed on because they believe that constant consumption of poison will make them immune to poison and also enhance the radiance and vibrancy of their plumage.

Peacocks eat poisonous lizards. Venomous species of lizards such as the Gila Monster, Komodo Dragon, and the Beaded Lizards are also preyed on by peacocks.

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What Species Of Lizards Do Peacocks Feed On?

Apart from the monitor lizard, which is relatively large with defensive features of teeth and claws, peacocks feed virtually on all types of lizards. 

They include Agamas, Anoles, Frilled Dragon, Chameleons, Casquehead Lizards, Desert Horned Lizards, Gecko, True or Wall Lizards, Neotropical Ground Lizards, Tegus and Whiptails, Legless Lizards, and Mexican Beaded Lizards,

Are Lizards Afraid Of Peacock Feathers?

Lizards are afraid of peacock feathers because the sight of a peacock’s feather instills the fear in them that an enemy is around.

How Do Peacock Feathers Keep Lizards Away?

You might have wondered what magical role the peacock’s feather plays in warding off lizards. 

Keeping the peacock’s feathers in homes has for a long time become one of the ways man has initiated keeping lizards off homes. 

While there is no repellant substance in the peacock’s feather to scurry lizards away, keeping the peacock’s feather in your house makes lizards believe that their arch enemy is within.

However, the lizards may no longer be scared of the sight of the feather, if the anticipated attacker or its action is not seen or heard by them.

Can Peacocks Prey On Monitor Lizards?

Monitor lizard is a species of lizard with a long neck and claws is not an easy prey of peacocks. This is probably because of its large size and defensive features to give the peacock a good fight for supremacy.

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Peacock Vs Lizards: Interesting Facts

Here are the facts that you need to know about the predator (peacock) and its prey (lizards).

  • Peacocks are great predators of reptiles, and lizards are one of the commonest of their prey.
  • The presence of a peacock’s feather sends lizards into hiding because they believe their enemy is around to pounce on them.
  • The presence of a peacock’s feather may cease to perform its security function of warding off lizards when the latter do not witness the anticipated action of the enemy.
  • No matter how poisonous a lizard tends to be, it is still prey to the peacock, who is a known lover of poisonous foods.
  • Peacock feathers are not lizard repellent, as wrongly claimed by some people.
  • Peacocks are not known to be predators of the monitor lizard. 

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While you consider adding beauty to your home through the keeping of peacocks, you should be aware that you will be keeping the sight of one of the most populous species of reptiles (i.e. lizards) off your home.