Do Pigeons attack humans? Really!!. If so, Why & What happens if they attack.

Pigeons are known to be friendly and social creatures to like to inhabit near humans. Feeding pigeons food and water are supposed to bring good luck to people feeding them.

Given the friendly and social nature of this particular bird, it is hard to think of them as aggressive.  

If we ask, “Do Pigeons Attack Humans?” most of us would straightaway answer in the negative. But it’s true answer would take you completely by surprise. Let’s find out all the truths and facts about it. Read on! 

Do Pigeons Attack Humans? 

Generally, as a rule, pigeons do not attack humans. They are emotional, friendly, and social birds who love to be around humans. But, in rare circumstances, they can and do attack humans if they are disturbed or thrown into a panic situation by humans.  

However, their attack is never unprovoked and never too feral or vicious. Pigeons as a bird lack any arsenal with which they can do any real damage with their attack.  

They often fly close to you during an attack and try to hit you with their flapping wings. They can also peck and bite. But the hurt from these actions is rarely severe.  

Why Do Pigeons Attack Humans? 

Like most animals and birds, even pigeons are afraid of humans. Even though they live around humans, they maintain their distance.

Thus, they generally do not attack humans. But few circumstances can trigger them to get aggressive towards humans. Let’s walk through a few leading reasons.  


We are all used to feeding pigeons food and water. It is supposed to bring good luck to us. If you are doing it regularly, pigeons get used to it and would regularly come to your designated place.  

But for various reasons, if you deny them the food or are not giving them their regular portions, there are chances of the pigeons turning aggressive and attacking you.

Often, pigeons attack in groups, and most often, their targets are young and small children.

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Adolescent Pigeons 

We know how turbulent the human adolescent period is. The same is true for pigeons. An adolescent pigeon might show aggressive behavior and can attack humans.

This is predominantly witnessed in pet pigeons. The aggression gets triggered by the hormonal imbalance in adolescent pigeons.

However, when this becomes stable, pigeons calm down and become sweet and gentle again.  

Protection of their territory/nests/eggs 

By nature, pigeons are territorial birds. They are extremely serious about protecting their territory, be it their nest, eggs, cage, or even their birdcage, or bird feeders. If they see humans trying to cause harm to their territories, they would not hesitate to attack them. 

It is not only humans, but pigeons would not hesitate to attack even animals significantly larger and more dangerous than themselves. Their protective instinct reigns supreme with the scant thought of self-preservation.  

Past abuse or mistreatment 

Pigeons are highly emotional birds. They can also differentiate between human faces and can remember a face for a long time.

If any pigeon has been mistreated when young, has not been fed by the hands, or abused in any other way, there are chances of them showcasing aggressive behavior, especially towards the person who has not been kind to them.  

If the past treatment has been too harsh, pigeons might also turn aggressive towards humans in general.  

What Happens if Pigeons Attack Humans? 

As already stated, pigeons’ attacks are barely vicious. It is because they are not predatory by nature but calm and sweet birds.  

Widespread speculation amongst people is whether pigeons bite your fingers. The truth is that they can never bite your fingers.

At most, they peck at your hands and fingers if you are feeding them and the feeling triggered is neither painful nor irritating.  

Another common way they attack is by swatting their wings. Again, the act might give you a light bruise but nothing more.  

Wrapping up  

We can now easily surmise that pigeons are shy and sweet creatures that do not manifest aggressive behavior unless provoked.

Even if the pigeons attack humans under various kinds of provocation, they are barely dangerous and cause minimal harm to humans. They can even bite but is harmless as they are incapable of biting your fingers dangerously.

We also have to see that they are not unnecessarily provoked.

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