Do pigeons attack other birds?

Nature has an abundance of space for every living being and still has given them the intuition to fight for the survival of the fittest creating them an existence in the world.  Birds like pigeons flying spread on the skies is always a great sight to watch. 

Pigeons are tiny creatures that do not have an aggressive nature. They live like living decorative pieces in gardens and parks. Due to its possessive nature, one might find them fighting among themselves for food and shelter. 

Pigeons are sweet, easy to tame, and shy birds. They don’t attack other birds unnecessarily and try to coexist with all types of birds. There are both domestic and wild pigeons that live according to their habitat and nature

Do pigeons attack humans?

Pigeons are gentle birds that do not attack humans unless there is a threat or demand for their existence. 

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There are pigeons that attack their owners when they forget to feed them or leave them hungry for a prolonged time. Few Adolescent pigeons are known to be aggressive owing to their hormonal changes. Pigeons might bite humans when they are mistreated or if strangers trespass their territory.

Pigeons try to get along with humans and avoid unwanted confrontations with them. Pigeons may attack humans in some instances as

  • Generally, humans feed pigeons, if there is a change in food quantity or speed that it is used to get angry and start to attack feeders. 
  • Pigeons can gang up and attack young children in case they playfully disturb their peace.
  • Pigeons protect their territory very seriously, they will attack trespassers as a flock.
  • They become aggressive if their eggs or young babies are in danger or when humans encroach their nest.

Do pigeons attack other birds?

Pigeons do not attack other birds, they are docile and non-aggressive in nature. They always try to coexist with other birds. 

Like other living species, they will attack or scuffle with other birds mostly over food, territory, and nesting spaces. Pigeons are not birds of prey, they don’t hunt other birds for their survival.

Unlike many birds, pigeons don’t have any confrontations with other birds, they survive around urban areas quietly like furniture in the parks. Usually, birds of prey are types of birds that hunt or attack other birds or animals for their food. Pigeons are calm, friendly, and lovable domestic birds, which can easily adapt to their surroundings.

Few reasons behind pigeons conflict with another bird might includes

  • To protect their territory – Territory is their nesting space. When other birds encroach on their space or their territory becomes scarce, the pigeons scuffle back with other birds by slapping their wings or using its beak.
  • Competing for food – In some situations, pigeons fight with other birds for food. It is not strange when two or more pigeons scuffle among themselves over food.
  • To protect its baby or egg from predators – Mostly pigeons build their nest on the nook of the tree or build to protect squabs or eggs from birds of prey, and one parent will be in the nest to safeguard their eggs from predators.

Pigeons get an aggressive nature and do confront other birds for their survival. Even if they get into a fight, it involves only non-dangerous moves like flapping wings or pecking the other ones.

Do domestic pigeons attack baby pigeons?

Adult pigeons attack baby pigeons when they fall out of the nest accidentally or end up in the wrong territory with different parents. They see such instances as a danger to the other babies and prefer to maybe kill them. 

This process is called Scalping. This can also happen when other parent pigeons see a baby pigeon of a different parent injured or weak. The scalp the foreign young ones, as they might attract predators and result in their own babies falling prey to them.  

In order to keep their nesting space safe and away from predators, they attack or kill the weak or injured squabs that come close to their nest. Otherwise, domestic pigeons mostly keep their baby pigeons as their first priority. They care for them and nurture them with utmost care.  

Can an adult pigeon kill another pigeon from its flock?

A single pigeon will not be able to kill another pigeon, but a gang of pigeons can kill injured or ill pigeons, which they seldom do. 

When a flock sees a weak or injured pigeon, they will start to peck them badly or trample on it to the death.  This is a survival tactic to protect its flock from weakening because sick or ill pigeons draw attention from predators.

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