Do Pigeons Have Feelings?

Have you ever thought about how if certain animals have feelings? You should. If people thought more about the feelings of animals, or whether or not they have them, we would all be better off. We need them more than they need us.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

What about an animal as common as a pigeon? Do pigeons have feelings? Yes, they do. Every animal, no matter how small, has a certain level of thoughts and feelings. You should know that pigeons are intelligent creatures that do have feelings.

Not only pigeons, every animal, bird, but aquatic animal also has feelings. But as the focus is on pigeons, how to know pigeons’ feelings?

How to Know Pigeons’ Feelings?

Pigeons are so much more than the bird which paints your car or sometimes you with defecation. They are intelligent, and if you observe them, you will understand their feelings.

  • If you want to see a pigeon’s love, you should know about their mating. Pigeons grow a great affection for their partners and remain faithful to them. You cannot judge their emotional love, but their mating is quite interesting as they woo the females. Also, if a pigeon has a baby, you should better stay away. They can be very aggressive if they find you a threat to their younger ones. They claw at you and hiss.
  • Have you ever kept a pigeon pet? Those who have them know that the pigeons start understanding a few things and also give you signals of affection. It’s always suggested that you keep a pair of pigeons as they can get very lonely. It is also seen that they start mistaking their owners, especially those of opposite sex, as their partners and show different signals. They miss their partners.
  • Grief is an emotion that is not foreign to pigeons. It is very difficult, though, to know if a pigeon is grieving. They look unchanged, but their denial of having food or drooping is a neon sign. If you have just gotten yourself a lone pigeon, these signs show that your pigeon is missing the partner.
  • Pigeons don’t show tears, but they try to get attention if they are sad and make a grunting noise.
  • You can see a mother pigeon poking her dead baby or perching sadly if her egg goes missing. A mother always has love in her bosom, be it human or pigeon.

Pigeons Can Feel Happiness

Pigeons can actually feel quite content and happy. They can show humans that are nice to them affection. They can do happy little bird dances when they are feeling good. They

You can’t say an animal doesn’t have felt if they can do all of that. If you feed a pigeon in a park they will remember your face over time. They will come to you automatically. Pigeons can feel tell if you are being nice to them and feel that it’s safe to come back to you.

Pigeons Can Feel Upset

Pigeons are very protective of their young, just like any good parents are. If you get too close to a pigeon’s nest and the dad pigeon is around, you better watch out. He will try his best to get you away from the nest with screeching and flying around.

They feel that instinct to guard and take care of their babies. Like humans, pigeons feel vulnerable about their young.

Pigeons Can Feel A Bond with Humans

Pigeons can become great pets and bond with humans and other animals. They can become little best friends. They love attention have to be around another person or animal.

If you rescue a pigeon from a shelter, you pretty much need to rescue a pair. Pigeons can easily become distressed when left alone for a period of time. This shows that they become loyal and faithful furry friends.

Pigeons Can Also Feel Negative Vibes

If you are at a park and a pigeon keeps bothering you and you shoo it away, it will remember that. It might try one or two more times to get you to like it and feed it, but if you don’t, it will take the hint.

So not only can they remember faces, but they can read body language as well.

They can feel when you don’t want them around anymore. You don’t have to be mean or aggressive. They will remember.

Pigeons Are Birds with Feelings

Thinking pigeons are dumb birds you throw bread at is a horrible thing. They have been used as messengers in wars and as regular mailmen. They make great homing birds because of their intelligence. They mate for life.

Celebrities have had them as pets. They can be trained to do all sorts of amazing things, like look for people lost at sea. So the next time you look at a pigeon, really look at it. It also has felt like your dog or your cat. They care for their families and other creatures around them. They do feel for whether or not they are bothering humans or other animals. Their feelings are there just like yours are.

How To Know If The Pigeon Likes You?

Unlike humans, pigeons are very expressive and freely display their emotions. To know if you are safe around a pigeon or not, look for these signs.

  • If a pigeon is roaming around you without any hissing or grunting, it feels safe around you.
  • If a pigeon eats from your hand, it trusts you.
  • Pigeons flap their wings around you and tell you that they are happy with your presence.
  • They perch on your hand, head and sleep on you to showcase their trust and faith in you.

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Is It Proved?

You may be thinking if it is proved by science whether pigeons have feelings. No, science has proved no such thing, but their behavior does not require a study or scientific report to prove the intelligence and emotions of pigeons.

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