Do Pigeons Nest in Trees? | Have You Seen them on Trees?

Have you ever witnessed a pigeon nesting or just sitting on a tree? Probably you haven’t. While most of the other bird’s nest on trees, why not pigeons? Let’s reveal the possible reasons!

Our mother earth contains almost 1 trillion species, and 10,425 of them are species of birds only. Now we’ve been taught about the home-connection between birds and trees since our childhood. 

So, whenever we see pigeons nesting on a cornice, the first thing that comes to our mind is- Do pigeons nest in trees? If yes, why are they on the rooftop then? If not, then why are they different from other birds? Well, different studies show that there are a number of obvious reasons for this species to stay away from sitting or nesting on trees. 

Yes, pigeons sit on buildings, roofs, cornices, and even light posts but rarely on any trees. It seems that pigeons have become city birds and love to stay under concrete-security. But why? Learn below.

Why Don’t Pigeons Nest on Trees?

  • During the era of no mails, no emails, and fax, pigeons were the only option to send messages through letters. By tying the messages to the legs of the pigeons, people used to send important messages. And these birds would directly fly to the home of the receiver. 

As they would fly with secrets, they met with both natural enemies and people along the way. Probably, that instinct of saving their life by entering a building has integrated into them. So, pigeons in urban areas house themselves inside buildings. 

  • In cities, mostly, we witness rocky pigeons. So, they feel safe to stay close to bridges, buildings, and cornices. And cities provide food for these birds as there are fast-food junctions. It makes lodging and getting food easy for clever birds. 

Also, the city pigeons are fearless about humans and feel comfortable staying around them. Probably because, near the humans, other predators won’t possibly come and attack them. However, wild pigeons prefer rocky mountains over buildings.  

  • Since the beginning of civilization, pigeons have been domesticated. Due to this domestication process, the pigeons were always around humans and more protected places than trees. 

Obviously, these birds have found how the buildings and tough places are the best places to house themselves. And as they used to stay with humans, they feel at home when the humans are around. 

Why Do Pigeons Live In Cities?

Rocky pigeons find the cities quite similar to their ancestral habitation on the cliffs. Previously these birds used to live in the wild in mountain or cliff shelters. The city pigeons descend from the rocky doves. So, they have found the artificial cliffs of city buildings a good substitute. 

As the flight style of the pigeons is maneuverable for tight places, the city buildings serve them well. It complements well with their quick directional changes and vertical takeoffs. The city buildings are almost like cliffs and mountains. 

They can easily tolerate human presence and love to move in large flocks. Also, the foods from the cities quite fascinate these rocky birds. And they don’t make any fuss about the foods they get in cities. 

Why Pigeons Prefer Nesting In Buildings?

It is easy to reach the food sources in the city when city streets are full of fast-food corners. And who won’t love an easy source like this? 

So, these pigeons understand very well that nesting in buildings gets them closer to their food source; after all, the buildings give high-up vantage points from where they can keep eyes on foods. 

It becomes easy to swoop down suddenly from above and steal the food at the right moment. Every property with pigeons most likely serves as a great observation point to the pigeons.

Moving across the skyscapes becomes easy for the pigeons from the high-up daytime perching sites. During the evening, pigeons look for ledges where they can take shelter. So, it’s natural for them to lower down over properties and rest. In case they find a suitable flat space on properties, these places can become their nesting place. 

Have You Ever Seen Them On Trees?

So, do pigeons nest in trees? In my life, I have never seen any pigeons in the trees. But of course, they sit on the cornices and buildings. There are at least 6-7 pigeons on my terrace as there are some concrete spaces to build nests. 

Of course, in rural areas, many pigeons have to make the trees their home for obvious reasons. But in case there are cliffs or mountain sites nearby, they would build their nests in such areas. 

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