Do Roosters And Chickens Make Good Pets? Pros And Cons Of Having A Roosters And Chickens

Yes, you can have a rooster and chicken as pets if you want to. They are very intelligent birds and make really good pets. Both roosters and chickens are easy to nurture; all you need is a backyard for them, and they will be more than happy to roam around and mate. 

Most people keep them for a regular supply of eggs, but if you simply want to keep a rooster, you can do so, and you won’t be disappointed.

Do Roosters and Chickens Make Good Pets?

If you want an entire flock out there in your backyard, they will make good pets as they enjoy each other’s company, play, mate, and protect each other. It is also possible to get a single rooster for a pet. But if you want so, get a chick.

Those who are handled by humans and live among them since childhood make good pets. They learn what you teach them. They know you and love you.

Note: You can also get a grown-up rooster but training them is a little harder. They are isolated from their hens, and as they know about companies of their own kind, roosters can be very aggressive sometimes.

You need to cage them if they try to pick a fight with you, and that’s not what anyone wants to do- cage their pet.

But overall, they make a good pet if trained and tamed properly.

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Are Chickens Good Pets?

Yes, chickens can be good pets. They can be great. They are social, and each one of them is different, with different colors, eyes, personalities, and you may like the things they do.

If you need any reasons why chickens are good pets, here are some.

  • If you have a backyard and you live in a place where there is no ban on raising chickens or roosters, you can have them. They are a lot less messy than pigs and eat a lot less than goats.
  • They are great cleaners. If you have a garden, just let your chickens free, and they will eat up every weed and microorganisms for you plus also till your soil.
  • If you love eggs, you will have an endless supply of eggs that will be much healthier than the store-bought eggs which come from factory-farmed chickens.
  • They are easier to raise and also low maintenance. They don’t need to be groomed, walked, or fed like a cat or a dog.
  • They are also easy to train. It may sound strange, but it’s true. They are more intelligent than you know.
  • Chickens are omnivores and do a great job in keeping the pests off your garden.

See? They are more than amazing.

What Is It Like To Have A Pet Rooster?

It is just like having a dog that follows you around the house. Raising a small chicken to a full-grown rooster trains them in doing so. They are simple birds who like to have petted, caressed, and handled as a pet if you teach them.

You may wonder if they need chickens around to play with their roosters, but it is not necessary.

Roosters who have been raised at home without knowing any hen companions don’t miss them. They will love you and will be happy enough. But at the time when they reach puberty, they need something to mate with. It need not be real chicken.

You can give them stuffed toys or anything else they like as they will start using your foot which won’t be nice.

Plus, if you have kids at home, it is essential that you don’t leave them alone with them. It is advised to keep them away from roosters as they like to peck, and your child wouldn’t know how to deal with that.

It is also essential that you make them wash their hands properly after they play with the rooster.

They can also be potty-trained if you have allowed them to follow you around the house. You don’t want to accidentally step on the potty, do you?

If you find them doing it inside, tell them “no” strictly and repeat it. They will learn it in some time.

If you are the rooster’s only contact, it will also let you pet it, care for it and handle it in your arms. Petting a rooster is not a difficult task. They are remarkably wonderful as pets.

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Do Roosters and Chickens Recognize Their Owners?

You will be surprised to know how intelligent they can be. They can differentiate between 100 different faces of roosters, chickens, and humans as well. If you are their owner, they will know it.

If you treat them badly, they will remember you. Don’t pick a fight with a rooster else; they may attack you.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Rooster Or A Chicken

Whether you have a flock of chicken or you just want a companion, here are the reasons why people want and don’t want roosters and chickens as Pets

Roosters and Chickens Can Be Good Pets

They Are Protective

If you talk about roosters, calling them warning systems won’t be an exaggeration. They start crowing at the faintest sound. They are better than a watchdog. They also keep your flock protected this way. They crow differently for different dangers, you know.

They Keep Everyone United

Hens, when on their own, are pretty undisciplined. Give them a rooster, and you will see the difference. They start moving as a unit, and it’s a good thing.

They Help Increase The Population

If you want to maintain the number of chickens in your backyard, you need to hatch chicks. You won’t believe that a rooster can help you get more fertilized eggs, and you can hatch all the chickens you want.

Plus, you can enjoy the omelet, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs daily and sell the extras.

They Are Easy To Keep Up With

With roosters, you don’t have to run back home because you couldn’t arrange for someone to walk your rooster to the garden. They are different from cats and dogs and can live on their own.

They don’t need feeding, walking, grooming, or any of those things your dog expects from you as soon as you get home.

Why Don’t People Want Roosters And Chickens As Pet?

If you have had rooster or chickens, you know what problems you face-

They Crow, A Lot

If you are not an early-riser, you may not like the crowing of your rooster. They start way too early, before dawn, and you can’t do anything about it.

They Can Be Aggressive Sometimes

Yes, they can be very, very aggressive. With a flock, a rooster is in charge; you aren’t. If you touch his hen, or he thinks you are a danger, it will start pecking. If your rooster has been a pet since birth, you need to tame it.

Sometimes, they understand, sometimes they need caging. Petting old and adult roosters pose this problem a lot.

They Can Harm A Hen

It happens during mating. Though it is a less-than-two-minute affair, if the rooster likes the hen more than it likes others, it can be a problem if it starts mounting her more often and aggressively.

Best Breed Of Pet Roosters And Chicken

If, after reading this, you have been convinced to bring home a baby chick, here are the best breeds of pet roosters and chickens you must get.

Rhode Island Red- They are beautiful, friendly, gentle, and you can trust them with your children.

  1. Silkies- They are small, sweet, silky, and like to be petted.
  2. Wyandotte- You will fall in love with the feathers of this docile, friendly bird.
  3. Easter Eggers- Their beautifully colored eggs have earned them the name. They are a hybrid but easy-going and friendly.
  4. Speckled Sussex- Don’t look at its size; it is as friendly as a baby. The reddish-brown feather with white speckles will surely make you buy it.

Some other species are Buff Orpington, Cochin, Faverolles, Australorp, etc.

Tips To Keep Roosters And Chickens As Pets

If you have decided to have a rooster or chicken as a pet, here are some tips to help you out and be a good owner.

  • Get The Right Breed- Choose a friendly one from the list mentioned above.
  • Get The Right Number- If you are planning on having a flock, you must get the right number of chickens and roosters. A rooster for 8-12 hens is good.
  • Spend Time With Your Pet- Be it a chicken or a rooster, they must get to know you. Talk to them, play with them, and try to teach them some tricks.
  • Make Them A Good Coop- At the end of the day, they need to have a place to sleep in. Make them a nice coop that protects them from cold.
  • Keep Them In Shape- You must cut their nails and trim their spurs if they grow too long. They can crack, or the rooster may hurt you or others with them.

Final Words

Roosters are good pets. Take care of them properly, and they will make you as happy as a pet can.

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