English Magpie Pigeon: Breeding | Varieties | Care Guide | Interesting facts

The English Magpie pigeon is a beautiful bird often seen in open areas such as parks and fields. 

English Magpie pigeons are very social birds and can be found in large flocks. English Magpie pigeons make great pets and are easy to care for.

What is an English Magpie pigeon?

The English Magpie pigeon is a unique breed of pigeon known for its distinctive markings and colors. 

These pigeons are bred for their beauty and can be in various colors, including white, black, blue, and silver. 

English Magpie pigeons make great pets and can be found in many pet stores.

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What are English Magpie pigeons good for?

These pigeons are bred for their beauty, raised for racing purposes, and can be kept as pets as well.

English Magpie pigeon history and origin:

The English Magpie pigeon is a domesticated breed of pigeon native to England. They are considered a fancy breed and are bred for their unique color patterns and markings. 

English Magpie pigeons come in a variety of colors. The domesticated pigeons, such as English Magpies, are descendants of the rock pigeon

English Magpies are created through selective breeding from crosses between magpies and other breeds of domesticated pigeons. They are generally calm and tamed birds, making them good pets.

English Magpie pigeon lifespan | How long do English Magpie pigeons live?

The average life expectancy for an English Magpie Pigeon ranges from 10+ years old. 

It means they will live longer than most other breeds but not much longer than some exotic species such as parrots.

How to identify an English Magpie pigeon? The appearance of the English Magpie pigeon:

The English Magpie pigeon is a medium-sized bird. It has an erect gait and stands upright. 

It has a slender build, but its back is slightly upward. The English magpie pigeon is a variety of fancy pigeons.

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How to breed an English Magpie pigeon? English Magpie pigeon breeding:

To breed English Magpie pigeons, you will need to have a breeding pair and a place to keep them. The breeding process is relatively simple and can be done with a minimum of supplies.

Find an appropriate location in your home or garden where you can safely house your birds during mating season. It should include at least one large nesting area and food and water sources nearby. 

The nest site must have enough room for both parents to lay eggs comfortably.

Diet and food for English Magpie pigeon:

They enjoy a range of foods such as birdseed mix, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. 

Are English Magpie pigeons are good pets?

They are bred for their characteristic markings and are considered good pets. 

English Magpie pigeons are known for being tame and friendly. They can be easy to care for, and they don’t require a lot of space. 

English Magpies also tend to be very chatty, so they can be entertaining pets. They are fascinating birds and can be fun to keep as pets.

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The English Magpie pigeon is an exciting and unique bird worth taking the time to observe. Its beautiful markings and interesting habits make it a favorite of bird enthusiasts everywhere.

It is an interesting bird that has many unique features. It is a great bird to watch and photograph and makes a great addition to any birding list. 

It is an excellent pet for those who are looking for a fancy addition to their bird collection.

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