Expensive Pigeon Breeds | What Breeds Of Pigeons Are Expensive?

Pigeons are one of the oldest tamed birds. For thousands of years, they have been kept and used for food, communication, and amusement.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

They are admired not only for their speed but also for their appearance. There are around 800 different pigeon breeds, many of which are bred exclusively to be shown at exhibitions.

Many people have the craze to domesticate pigeons, build their homes on the rooftop and understand the pedigree chart of different species. 

Messenger pigeons were widely used in ancient Egypt and Rome, and their great monetary worth is nothing new.

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What is Pigeon Racing?

These expensive pigeons differ from other common breeds in terms of their feats in the world of pigeon racing. 

Pigeon racing is a sport since ancient times in which highly trained pigeons are released and they need to return back by projecting at a certain distance. 

The time taken by the pigeon to reach the allotted distance is noted or how long a particular pigeon stays up in the sky is computed. 

Before the competition, a healthy diet is being offered to the pigeons along with the practice sessions.

Although we don’t see many pigeons carrying messages these days, they are nevertheless employed in races all over the world. 

The sport has become a popular recreation among the working class in which a large group of people participates. However, the sport has revolutionized during the last several years. 

People have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the birds as a result of their expanding popularity in China and the massive increase in wealth there, and the prize money for winning some of the races can be equally substantial.

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Which breeds of pigeons are expensive?

There is a long list of expensive pigeons in the world including species like Pouter pigeon, Moorhead pigeon, Fantail pigeon, Nicobar pigeon, and many others. 

Chinese bidders often spent millions of dollars and usually buy them from Belgium. New Bliksem was bought at the cost of 376,000 euros in 2018 and Nadine at 400,000 euros in 2017.

British pigeon’s fanciers have reduced from 60,000 in 1990 to 21,000 in 2019 but the craze is constantly increasing in the regions like Beijing and Taiwan. 

The prevalence of this sport is also rapidly growing in countries such as Iraq, where a pigeon is recently sold at $93,000.

Racing pigeons are considered a luxury in China and many other parts of the world. 

Owning luxury products and partaking inexpensive pastimes is a way of life for the wealthy. 

Even after the birds have lost their ability to fly, they can still be used to breed future champion racing pigeons.

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World’s most expensive pigeon

New Kim, a two-year-old racing pigeon was auctioned for $1.8 million in 2020 and got the title of the world’s most expensive pigeon in the world. 

Earlier in 2019, Armando was sold to a Chinese buyer for $1.48 million.

Usually, a male pigeon has more worth than a female one as it is able to produce more offspring. 

Armando was male but New Kim unexceptionally breaks the records to sell at such a high price despite being a female pigeon.

Before New Kim and Armando million-dollar deal, there were other racing pigeons that were bought for thousands of dollars as well-

  • Bolt was sold at $400,00 in 2013.
  • Golden Prince at $580,000 in 2017

Pricing factors of racing pigeons

The prices of pigeons depend on various factors such as-

  1. The number of races a pigeon won
  2. Pigeon parents
  3. Pigeon health
  4. Age
  5. Gender

Pricing guide of Pigeons

1. Upto $300

In this price range, one can get a pigeon that is well suitable for racing but does not have any winners in their family history.

2. $300 – $1000

At this price, one may receive a pigeon bred by a champion breeder with a proven track record of producing pigeons capable of winning important races.

3. $1000 – $10,000

Pigeons in this price bracket are more likely to have been bred by champion breeders and to be related to pigeons who have won international races; more often than not, both their mother and father will be top international racers.

4. $10,000 – $50,000

At this pricing point, one can receive pigeons with a track record of achievement or are connected to pigeons who have had success in some of the world’s most prestigious competitions.

5. $50,000+

Winners of the world’s most prestigious races will be among these pigeons.

Where to buy pigeons?

There are various online sites that offer a wide range of pigeons and directly ship the required pigeon at your doorstep post order confirmation.

The Finch Farm:

It is a US-based company that sells a broad range of birds including pigeons with an aim of promoting species survivability.

White Pigeon Sales:

The company sells a range of different pigeon varieties including love, dove, and more.

Birds now:

This is designed exclusively for birds and offers a range of various unique features. Pigeon’s pictures, age, and size can be easily determined from the website only.

Pigeon Exchange:

This site is mainly focused on buying and selling pigeons on a single platform.

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It is a user-friendly website that is designed to buy pigeons from nearby local sellers.

Where to buy racing pigeons?

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp:

This company is well known for its excellent pedigree in the pigeons’ category.


They offer a budget-friendly range of racing pigeons, starting at $80 to $300.

Ganus Family Loft:

They have one of the best collections of racing pigeons. 

In their loft, they have a number of National Ace Pigeons and globally recognized racing pigeons. Their birds’ pedigree has allowed them to breed birds with legendary flying abilities.

Goldstar Lofts:

The company is well known for boosting many champion birds and has been a leading player in the market since 1973.


PIPA is regarded as one of the most reputable dealers of high-quality racing pigeons in the world. They hold public auctions of high-quality pigeons on a regular basis. 

The majority of these auctions are held online, making it simple to bid on world-class pigeons from any location.