Finches As Pets Pros And Cons | Do Finches Make Good Pets?

Finches also referred to as songbirds, are passerine birds that are commonly kept as pets. These beautiful birds are inexpensive and do not require a great deal of human interaction. 

Choosing a pet finch has its own set of pros and cons.

Finches as pets pros and cons  

Finches cannot be completely tamed, and this is a major con of owning a finch. They enjoy the company of other birds and cannot be tamed even on living with an attentive human owner. 

If you aren’t planning on having more than one bird, finches are not the best choice.

Finches are enjoyable to watch, and this is a significant pro that you will enjoy by owning finches. 

These beautiful small birds spend much of their time fitting about their cage and perching.

You can easily find finches in many pet stores due to their high availability, and they are inexpensive and low on maintenance. The cage and accessories are a significant part of your expense when you are looking for finches. 

Finches are affordable to care for, and you can easily find the necessary items like filtered water, food, and toys at very sensible prices 

Another pro of owning finches is that they do not require much human interaction. They are social, but they do not crave constant attention. Making them ideal for busy people who cannot make time for a high-maintenance pet like a dog. 

The basic needs of finches include a sanitary environment, food, and clean water. That’s all they need to entertain themselves.

Finches are independent in nature, and while this can be beneficial for some, many pet owners find it a con. It is essential to understand that finches will not become tame; neither do they want to be held by their owner nor become affectionate. 

These birds greet people with vocalizations and not with physical affection. You might need to reconsider your decision to buy finches if you are looking for exotic, affectionate pets.

These songbirds are social in nature, and to satisfy this need of theirs, you will have to keep them in pairs or in larger groups if possible. This is a con if you are looking for a single bird pet

If you aren’t willing to care for two or more birds, exploring other species that can live alone is an option.

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Do finches make good pets?

Finches are mainly hands-off pet birds that enjoy being with their kind. They make social interactions with other flock mates and pleasant sounds, which makes them popular as companion pets. 

They are highly available and are low on maintenance.

Do finches need to be kept in pairs?

Finches are social in nature and should be paired. The female and male finches breed readily, and you may want to consider keeping just the female ones. 

With an aviary or a large cage, you can keep them in groups of more than six or in pairs.

These social birds don’t strongly bond with humans, and they don’t appreciate handling. With consistent training, you may be able to get them to sit on your hand.

Are pet finches loud?

Ideal for people who don’t want loud birds. Finches are tiny birds, and such are their voices. 

They make peeps and pleasant chirps throughout the day, and a flock of finches together make relatively less noise.

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Are finches messy?

Finches enjoy flying around and are super active. You may want to choose a large cage or an aviary if you get more than two pairs of them as they tend to be messy due to their constant movement.

How long do finches live as pets?

Finches thrive in pairs or groups. If you plan on getting finches, then don’t get a single finch. 

They tend to live long when in captivity as they don’t encounter the hazards and stress that finches face in the wild.

In a proper living condition with good nutrition and health care, finches can live anywhere between 4 to 12 years. 

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Finches don’t require much human interaction, and they are inexpensive to buy and affordable to maintain. These social birds cannot live alone and need to be paired. 

These songbirds aren’t loud. They sing and chirp on approaching them. They have an active and interesting nature, and this makes finches a popular choice for pet birds