French Mondain Pigeon: Species Profile | History | Breeding | Care | Complete Guide

History of the French Mondain Pigeon:

The French Mondain Pigeon is a domestic fancy Pigeon that originated from France. It was developed many years back through selective breeding. 

The French Mondain Pigeon was actually bred by crossing Montaubans with Field Pigeons and Pouters.

The name “Mondain” was derived from “Monde” which means “earthly”.  It makes reference to the earth-bound nature of the Mondain breed. It is called the Mondain because it prefers to walk on the ground rather than fly, in simple terms, they cannot fly. 

The Mondain Pigeon is a descendant of the wild rock Pigeon. It is raised for shows and exhibitions. However, it was originally a utility breed that was mainly bred for meat. 

Species Profile:

Breed name:French Mondain Pigeon
Other name:None existing
Purpose of breed:For exhibitions and for raising pets.
Special facts:It is attractive, beautiful, used for exhibition shows, used as a utility breed, good for raising pets and exhibits rapid growth.
Breed class:Large
Flying Ability:Poor
As Pets:Good
Weight:850 – 1150 grams
Climate Tolerance:Native climates
Breed group:Fancy
Descendant:Columba livia
Place of origin:France

 Interesting facts about Dragoon Pigeons:

  • The French Mondain Pigeon prefers to walk on the ground unlike some other Pigeons that fly. 
  • The French Mondain Pigeon is an attractive bird.
  • The breed has several amazing colors. 
  • The breed’s existence was due to crossing Montaubans with Field Pigeons and Pouters.
  • The breed originated from France.
  • There are two breeds that share the same name, i.e, the American French Mondain and the European French Mondain. 
  • The weight of this breed is between 850 – 1130 grams.
  • The average height of the French Mondain Pigeon is about 40cm.
  • The French Mondain Pigeons grows rapidly.
  • In South Africa, the Mondain breed is known as Gros Mondain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a French Mondain Pigeon?

A French Mondain Pigeon is a breed of domesticated fancy pigeon that came into existence many years ago through several selective breeding. It is one of the descendants of the wild rock dove.

What are French Mondain Pigeons used for?

French Mondain Pigeons were originally mainly used for utility purposes. Overtime, it became relevant for show and exhibition. It is also now used for raising pets.

History and origin of French Mondain Pigeons: Where are they from?

The French Mondain Pigeon is a domestic fancy Pigeon that originated from France, it was originally used as a utility breed. 

The existence of this breed was made possible through selective breeding. The French Mondain Pigeon was bred by crossing Montaubans with Field Pigeons and Pouters.

The name “Mondain” was derived from “Monde” which means “earthly”. This is due to the earth-bound nature of the Mondain breed. 

It is called the Mondain because it prefers to walk on the ground rather than fly, in simple terms, they cannot fly. 

How long do French Mondain Pigeons live?

Averagely, French Mondain Pigeons can live for about seven to ten years. But as a pet, it can live for up to fifteen years, some can also live up to twenty years.

Appearance of French Mondain Pigeons:

The French Mondain Pigeon is large in nature, it has a well-rounded broad body. The average height of this breed is around 40cm and it weighs around 850 – 1130 grams. 

The French Mondain has a short, stout and broad beak with large and bright but not prominent eyes. The neck of this breed is short, full and powerful. 

Types and varieties of French Mondain Pigeons (Breeds and colors)

The French Mondain Pigeons is of the Columba livia. 

There are two different breeds that share the same name with the French Mondain Pigeons.

They are the American French Mondain Pigeon and the European French Mondain Pigeon. 

It can also be varied by their colors. This breed has multiple colors. 

How to breed French Mondain Pigeons?

It is very important to pay attention to your Pigeon as a breeder. The best ways to breed your French Mondain Pigeons are: 

  • Provide a safe and comfortable place for them to live in.
  • Expose your French Mondain Pigeons to natural sunlight as it helps in enhancing the damson hue of their cere.
  • Ensure that their diet is good in order to ensure a healthier life for them and to make them fit to mate and lay strong eggs.
  • Give your Pigeons time to pair up (if you have more than one, or allow them to mix up with other Pigeons near you).

Feeding French Mondain Pigeons

A bird-seed mix that is specifically designed for Pigeons is one of the best food to feed your Pigeon with.

This breed also needs the right nutrients to stay healthy, protect their immune systems and make them cheerful.

Feeding the French Mondain Pigeon will ensure the best healthcare nutrition to them.

A few of the nutrients required in feeding this breed are:

  • Vitamin A: Your French Mondain Pigeon can develop health issues due to lack of Vitamin A, it is therefore very important that you provide Vitamin A for your Pigeon.
  • Protein: Protein will help in strengthening the claws and beaks of your French Mondain Pigeon. 
  • B Complex: This will help in the body building of your Pigeon.
  • Vitamin K: If your breed lacks Vitamin K, it might lead to a lot of bacteria in your Pigeon’s bowels which will lead to complications, and may likely cause other diseases. So it is important that your Pigeon is given Vitamin K.
  • Ascorbic Acid: This will control the metabolism of your French Mondain Pigeon.
  • Probiotics: This will ensure that the food taken in by your French Mondain is easily digested.
  • Calcium: Always provide your breed with calcium, it will make their bones stronger. 
  • Fruits and vegetables: This will also provide and furthermore increase their intake of essential vitamins and minerals. You could try Grapes and Apples or Berries from time to time, depending on which one your bird likes.
  • Make sure that you cut the fruits into smaller pieces to make it easy for your Pigeon to pick them up and chew and at the same time be safe and free from choking.
  • You can also give your breed peas.In addition, add grains to their diet. This could be either corn, rye, millet and wheat or a mixture of any.

Also, do not ever forget to provide clean and healthy drinking water for your French Mondain Pigeon.

Do not feed your French Mondain Pigeon with:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Avocado
  3. Bread
  4. Anything that contains xylitol

Are French Mondain Pigeons good pets?

The French Mondain Pigeons are good to be kept as pets. They are attractive, and calm. They are also clean and not easily prone to diseases. 

They will make a loyal and faithful companion to humans. They are also friendly, when treated right.

Are French Mondain Pigeons rare?

French Mondain Pigeons are common.

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