Guianan Toucanet – Selenidera | Interesting Facts & Everything about it:

There are approximately 40 species of toucanet, and the Guianan Toucanet is one of them. Mainly found in the Amazon rainforest, this bird is easily distinguishable due to its color and appearance. 

After reading this guide, you will be able to tell apart a Guianan toucanet from the rest of its species.

What Is A Guianan Toucanet?

Huinian Toucanet is a bird mainly found in Amazon rainforests which is its natural habitat. It belongs to the kingdom Animalia. 

Its Genus is Selenidera, class Aves, and the family Ramphastidae. Its scientific name is Selenidera Piperivora. 

How To Identify A Guianan Toucanet?

If you are fortunate enough to see it, it is easy to distinguish it from the rest of the toucanets. 

It is a medium-sized bird. 

The male is generally 30-35 cm in length. It has a khaki green plumage and feathers with a black head, crown, nape, and neck, with a black and red beak almost 3 inches in length. 

Its black pearl-like eyes are covered with blue and have a yellow dot on its face. It has a red nether region with red adorning the tips of the feathers. 

The female is slightly bigger than the male and has a gray crown, head, nape, and neck. Also, it has gray under plumage. The male also has a streak around the ear.

Their beautiful colors and patterns attract birdwatchers. 

What Is A Guianan Toucanet Good For?

Since it is not an endangered bird, it is mainly kept as a pet. 

Are Guianan Toucanets Good Flyers?

Yes, they are good flyers, and all toucanets species can fly at a speed of 64 kph on average. Unfortunately, though, the exact speed and the flying range of Guianan Toucanets are not available.

How To Identify The Gender Of A Guianan Toucanet?

The male and female toucanets can be easily identified. Both of them have a green body, but the color of the head, neck, nape, and crown differs. It’s black in males. 

Females have a gray or brown head, crown, neck, and nape. 

What Do Guianan Toucanets Sound LIke?

A Guianan Toucanet is a silent bird that doesn’t keep croaking all the time. Although, they make different sounds based on the information they want to convey. 

During mating season, they call each other and become quite aggressive. Their voices can be heard quite easily during the mating season. 

How Long Do Guianan Toucanets Live?

They have a lifespan of an average of 20 years. In captivity, they can live longer, if properly taken care of.

Breeding Of Guianan Toucanet

If you see them finding partners, you will wonder whether they are playing or teasing each other. They throw fruits at each other to decide on their mate. 

Many people consider them a type of hornbill, but it is not true, and they are not very good nest-makers. They find hollows in trees to call them home. 

They have a hollow beak which is not good for making nests. So, they find cavities or already made holes. 

The female lays two-to-four eggs. They are shiny and white. They make bedding for their eggs from twigs and wood chips. 

The incubation period is 16 days, and both male and females perform their incubation duties. Their hatching is different from other birds as the Toucanet eggs are mostly uncovered, and the parents sit on them for an hour at the most at a time.  

After 16 days, pink-colored babies come out of the eggs. They also eat fruit only and are born blind. Their parents feed them for a few weeks. 

They look like other birds at such a young age; even their bill is not distinguishable.t starts growing after two and a half weeks, and feathers also develop. 

They leave their nests when they are 40-42 days old. 

What Do Guianan Toucanets Eat?

Guianan toucanets are frugivorous. They eat fruits as a major part of their diet. They are also herbivores and eat plants too. 

Fruits, seeds, and berries are their favorite, and there is no scarcity of these dietary supplements in the forest. But they also don’t hesitate to eat insects and lizards if they find them. 

Especially the younger ones find them interesting and eat them, but as they grow, they switch to a fruit diet.

Weight Of Guianan Toucanet

They are medium-sized birds and although they are 10 inches long, they weigh approximately 100–165 grams. Their lightweight bill doesn’t interrupt flying at all. 

Habitat Of Guianan Toucanets

They live in deep forests and don’t like to roam around. They are sedentary birds and can be seen in Guyana, Surinam, and Venezuela. Since they are very popular, you can also find them in zoos.

Do Guianan Toucanets Have Predators?

Yes, these birds have predators and they often fall prey to hawks, eagles, jaguars, and other small animals who climb up the trees. Sakes also hunt their eggs. 

Are They Endangered?

No. They are perfectly safe and even though their exact population is unknown, they are considered safe and not endangered. Thus, they are also kept as pets. 

Do They Make Good Pets?

Guianan Toucanets are playful birds. They garner attention and can be the best entertainer. They are beautiful, friendly, intelligent, and cheerful. 

They can be a good choice for pets, considering your local jurisdiction allows it. In a few American states, you can keep a Guianan Toucanet. Also, they can be easily taught things. 

Is Their Bill Heavy?

No, not at all. They have a very lightweight, hollow beak which doesn’t hinder their flying. 

Tips To Keep Them As Pets

They make good pets, but you must ensure that they are kept disease-free if you want to keep them. 

Unfortunately, these are not common pets, and thus, finding medical care may not be so easy. 

Also, you must keep a strict eye on their diet. 

They only eat fruits, but there are certain ones that your Guianan Toucanet should never come across. 

Avocado is considered bad for all birds. Also, don’t feed them grapes or apple seeds. Feed them berries and selected seeds. 

Never offer them fried or junk food. They are natural habitats of a rainforest where they don’t eat these items.


This is all about a Guianan Toucanet. Whether you are a curious learner or you are planning to get a Guianan Toucanet pet, this guide will help you.

If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so.

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