How Do Budgies Sleep? ( Everything About Budgies Sleeping Habits )

Budgies are beautiful birds and they can surprise us with their sleeping habits and how they sleep.

A visit to one of my friend’s pet-house was the first time I saw these beautiful birds. I was both surprised and curious when I saw them sleeping in strange ways.

It is extremely important to understand the sleeping behavior of the birds for anyone who is going to pet budgies. I have written down everything that I came to know about it after interrogating my friend.  

Budgies sleeping habits and positions.

The plays of nature and evolution are interesting, every creature tries to adapt to the changing nature to bring sync and maximize the chances of its survival and better growth. Similarly, budgies over time have evolved their sleeping patterns to the changing environments.

They usually make their nest over trees and to sleep at night they have to perch over the highest branches of trees in the wild. Their bodies have evolved in such a way that they hold the branch with their strong feet, they can hold off these branches while sleeping without falling from the branch. 

Their sleeping habits are also in sync with their natural environments, while sleeping they hold the tree branch with one of their strong foot and lifts the other one to their chest. They rest their heads by turning them back and placing them on their shoulders and close their eyes to sleep.

This is the perfect example of adaptation as keeping their feet near the chest helps them to remain warm and also reduces the chances of losing extra body heat.

One another interesting sleeping habit that interests me is that the male and female budgies sometimes sleep together. The male and female budgies will perch on the highest branches of trees as it protects them from predators. 

Pet Budgies’ sleeping habits and positions.

I know that the sleeping habits and positions of wild budgies are quite fancy and can plant a lot of questions in someone having budgies as pets.

Pet budgies also show similar patterns of sleeping as wild budgies. The pet budgies will mostly sleep together and try to get hold of the highest position or thing in the cage. That highest position can be anything from a swing, to a feeder or any other object.

You may found out some of your pet budgies sleeping in upside-down positions while holding the cage bards, this happens when they are not able to find any appropriate perching site. This is perfectly normal behavior and should not be something to worry about.

Your pet budgies may take some time initially to adapt to the conditions but eventually, they will adapt and sleep in a better way.

How much sleep do budgies need? how long do budgies sleep

Bodgies sleep for a longer duration. They need a sound sleep of around 10 to 12 hours for better health.

In the case of wild budgies, they are naturally adapted to sleep after the sunset and to wake up in the morning when the sun rises, this allows them to get a sound sleep of 10 to 12 hours very easily.

Apart from these night sleeping routines, short naps are also very common in budgies, they can take a nap if they feel tired. 

In the case of your pet budgies, sticking to the sun cycle and pattern of the wild budgies will give you an extra edge in making a more sound and foolproof sleeping schedule. Trying to make them sleep by 6 or  7 pm. Slowly they will start developing this habit and the process will become seamless.

You can make this process more natural if your budgies are kept in outdoor cages as there is no need to install artificial lights. The budgies will automatically adjust to the sunlight and will sleep accordingly.

In case if your budgies are kept indoors, installing lights and controlling their brightness and frequency is important to create a perfect sleeping pattern.

How to put a budgie to sleep? What you can do to help your budgie sleep

  • The first important step to help your budgie sleep is to maintain a quiet sleeping place. Budgies can get a sound sleep in a quiet place isolated from sounds and lights.
  •  You can try different methods to cut down noises and help them in getting relaxed
  • The next thing to do for a cozy sleep is to bring the room temperature to a comfortable level. Comfort is the key to good and sound sleep, budgies sleep best at a room temperature range of 21 to 26 celsius. The goal is to give them a moderate temperature i.e not too hot and not too cold. 
  • If your budgies live outside in cages, it is extremely important to protect their cages from any outdoor breeze, high temperatures, and rain. You can also move them inside in cases of extreme climatic conditions.
  • A good sleeping perch is an essential object that will help your budgies in getting a comfortable sleep. You can get a perch for your budgies, as they love sleeping on a perch. It is important to have a natural and organic perch made from natural timber, as many perches that are treated with chemicals are dangerous for your little budgies.
  • Additionally, it is important to cover the cage at night. You may ask an avian vet for a comfortable and suitable cage cover for your budgies. You should cover the cage in such a manner that it blocks any light passing through the cage. In case your budgies are not accustomed to darkness some space for light can also be provided.
  • A neat and clean environment increases the levels of comfort and in turn the quality of sleep. Budgies love to sleep in a clean and tidy cage. Do not put unnecessary things in the cage, make it simple and clean. 
  • Sometimes, switching off all the lights at once can make your budgies startled, try switching off lights one by one. It makes them habitual of low lights and can help in slowly developing the habit of sleeping in the darkness. 
  • Another important thing for good sleep is a good sleeping routine. Try to stick to a single routine for making your budgies sleep. As the routine will make the budgies accustomed to it and over time it .will reduce your effort as well.
  • Sticking to these steps and maintaining an ideal sleep schedule will help you in providing your little birds a sound sleep.

What happens if budgies can not sleep well?

A good night’s sleep is very important for the better health and behavior of your budgies. If I cannot get a good night to sleep, my behavior becomes a little off, the same can happen with these little birds.

Budgies became cranky, aggressive, and irritable if they can not get proper sleep. They can also fight with each other causing slight injuries.

Sometimes, budgies in case of an improper good night’s sleep can not sleep for a longer duration in the daytime.

Their immune system is directly related to a better sleep cycle, if the improper sleeping pattern increases for some time it can make the budgies susceptible to many diseases as well.

Related Questions:

Do budgies need darkness to sleep (or) Do they need light?

Budgies need darkness to sleep properly, mostly budgies in the wild are accustomed to the day and night pattern of light. They are most uncomfortable in sleeping when exposed to high-intensity light.

Do budgies need quiet to sleep (or) Can they sleep with noise?

Budgies prefer sleeping in quiet places without making any kind of sound. It is really important to provide a quiet and secluded place for your pet budgies for better sleep.

Budgies can sleep in some noise but they may not experience quality sleep, in case of extreme noise budgies cannot sleep properly.

Do budgies puff up when sleeping?

Budgies and other birds sometimes puff up their wethers during sleep or before sleep to keep their body warm and to relax. This allows the bird to feel good and helps in getting good sleep.

Do budgies sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, sometimes they can do this too! Pet budgies for sure can surprise you with their sleeping pattern and behavior. One of the interesting things that budgies do is that they sleep with both eyes open slightly.

Do budgies sleep standing up or on one leg

Yes, budgies do sleep on one leg and puts the second leg near their chest to warm their bodies.


Sound sleep is very crucial for the better health of pet birds and animals. Your pet budgies also require a sound sleep to feel good and to remain healthy.

It is extremely important for the owners to understand the sleeping habits and behavior of the budgies and to make sleeping schedules for their birds accordingly, this will make the bird feel comfortable.

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