How Do Pigeons Drink Water?

Birds, like all other living beings, need water daily. They require water for cleaning themselves and for drinking. Birds drink water from ponds, streams, and rivers. They also consume the water droplets formed on the leaves. In cities, where there are no open water sources, they depend on humans for water. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Birds have their own style of drinking water. Birds such as Swallows scoop water with their beaks, while still in flight. On the other hand, some birds like Robins, dip their beaks in water to suck in the water and throw their head back to swallow it. 

How do pigeons drink water? 

Pigeons have a strange way of drinking water. They use their beaks as straws and suck water inside, without tilting their head to swallow. Pigeons are quite strange as mostly all other birds tilt their heads to swallow water inside.

Pigeons require lots of clean and fresh water to stay healthy. They need water to moisten the food and for smooth digestion. The amount of water a pigeon needs depends on its life stage. On average, an adult pigeon requires around 50ml of water per day.

The liquid intake of pigeons can increase in cases of fatigue, dehydration, sickness, pregnancy, and parenting. 

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How To Give Water To A Pigeon

You can give water to your pigeon by keeping water in a container like wide pots that can hold a good amount of water. Making a splash sound in the water will attract the pigeon to the water and they will start drinking the water.

Pigeons require regular access to fresh and clean water. You can give normal tap water to the pigeon. Pour clean tap water into a deep container and place it in your bird’s cage. However, it is important to replace the water in your bird’s water bowl every day to avoid the build-up of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. 

How to clean your pigeon’s water?

  • All birds and pigeons require safe and clean drinking water.It is extremely critical to keep the water clean and fresh.
  • Change the water at regular intervals so there is a constant supply of fresh water for the birds.
  • Manually look out for any kind of adulteration in the water.In many cases small insects and plant residuals may fall in the water that should be removed instantly.
  • The regular cleaning of drinking vessels is extremely important to stop growth of any kind of miccroorganism.In many cases due to the moisture mould and fungal growths are very common that can cause illness to the birds.
  • It is also to maintain the temperature of the water in extreme weather conditions.In seasons of cold water get too cold and the birds can not drink it easily. Same hapens in summer as the hot water do not cause any relief to the birds.

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What kind of water can Pigeon Drink?

Pigeons can not drink adulterated water or flavored water as it can cause some illness and digestive issues. Many pet owners commit the mistake of adding things to their birds’ water making them severely ill and weak.

Adding sugar to pigeon water is also inappropriate as it causes several digestive issues to the bird.

In many cases, the packed distilled water is also considered inappropriate for the birds as it lacks all kinds of minerals. It deprives the birds of these minerals that are required for steady life processes.

Adding nutrition supplements in the birds’ water is fine if done under the supervision of a medical professional. As in many cases of illness and weakness, birds need these supplements to recover quickly.

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Water is a critical requirement for birds. Pigeon and doves are quite strange in their drinking habits as, unlike other birds, they can easily drink water without moving and tilting their head positions. Pigeons and other birds need water to drink and bathe. Set up a birdbath in your home, if you wish to attract lovely birds.

However, make sure to place fresh water in it every day as stale water can cause infections. 

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