How do pigeons sleep? | Everything about pigeon sleeping habits.

Pigeons are one of the most popular and most common birds we see around us. They’re also quite fascinating and attractive to look at. Have you ever wondered how this bird sleeps? As humans, we often feel intrigued about various aspects of birds’ and animals’ lives. So, how do pigeons sleep? Let’s find out. 

When; where do pigeons sleep?

Pigeons are diurnal birds. This means they are active during the daytime. Due to their poor eyesight, it’s naturally inconvenient for them to fly during the night. Pigeons go to sleep during night hours just like us. Pigeons normally sleep for 10-12 hours during the night.

You might have seen pigeons awake at night-time at some point. This may only occur when lights in their surroundings confused them into thinking it is daytime.

If you had to guess where pigeons sleep, most people would say ‘their nests’. But that is not true. Interestingly, the main purpose of nests is for keeping the babies and eggs warm and safe. Birds’ nests are actually never used for sleeping after sunset.

So, where do pigeons sleep? They need to look for a safe and comfortable spot to sleep in every night. A ledge or any other convenient spot is perfect for a pigeon to sleep as long as they feel good there.

Pigeons may also sleep on the ground if they don’t find any other spot. However, this is less preferable for them as they feel safer on elevated surfaces. A study revealed that pigeons sleeping on the ground were unable to go into deeper states of sleep.

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How do pigeons sleep?

Well, just like us, pigeons also like power-naps to feel refreshed during the day. Plus, they sleep in an interesting manner. They simply tuck their heads inside their neck and wings’ feathers. They can amazingly do this because they are highly flexible.

But they might just be resting, or half asleep. Hence, you can’t really tell if the pigeon is asleep or not.

Here is an even more interesting fact. Pigeons can sleep with one eye open. This works because of how their brain functions. The two hemispheres of their brain have the ability to shut one side of their body and keep the other one alert. 

In fact, this sleep style or pattern has a name and is called uni-hemispheric slow-wave sleep. 

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That’s not all about pigeons and their cool sleeping abilities. These birds are almost never sleep-deprived. This is because they can sleep deeper when they have to, without actually sleeping for a longer time.

Lastly, a pigeon’s talons can also hold on to a perch and branch while they are sleeping. This is because of their automatic grip reflex. These birds are truly gifted with incredible ‘sleeping powers’!

We know that pigeons are extremely fascinating creatures. The next time you see a pigeon with its’ head tucked in, you should know that it is resting. Or it could be half-awake and you wouldn’t even know it. 

We hope this article was interesting and useful in helping you understand more about pigeons and their unique abilities and sleeping habits.

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