How Much is a Homing Pigeon Worth?

If you are looking to buy some homing pigeons, one of the first things that probably crossed your mind was “how much is a homing pigeon worth?”. That’s understandable!

Unfortunately, the answer might be a tad more convoluted than you previously thought. There are so many kinds of homing pigeons that it can be hard to say for sure (they all come with their own price tag!).

So, we’ll take a closer look at the various breeds and their corresponding to give you the most accurate answer.

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How Much Is a Homing Pigeon Worth?

Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars. The exact amount depends on the breed, pedigree, and breeder.

While we can’t list every breeder out there, we can take a look at some of the common types of homing pigeons.

Portuguese Tumblers

Like all tumbler pigeons, these guys can spin and twirl while flying. Even though it was developed as a survival mechanism, people love to watch domestic pigeons tumble in shows.

They come in various colors — black, blue, brown, or white — and have a wonderfully distinctive body, head, and neck shape.

While their homing abilities have been emphasized over time, people are still keeping them as homing pigeons.

Portuguese tumblers will cost you anywhere between $15 and $65 each, depending on their bloodline and markings.

Rock Pigeons

When people think of homing pigeons, rock pigeons are usually the kind they have in mind.

While all pigeons are genetically inclined to return to their rightful home, these guys have been meticulously bred to find their way back over incredibly long distances.

If you look into the history of these birds, you will see that they have been used for all sorts of purposes. From carrying letters to faraway destinations and being reliable companions, these birds can do it all.

To buy a good quality rock pigeon, you should expect to pay at least $50. You might find that some breeders are selling them for more.

Our advice? Pick the highest quality birds you can afford. That will always be your best bet!

Exhibition Blue Bar Homer

Blue bar homer pigeons can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are white (known as the blue bar splash), and some are a more smokey color (known as the blue bar smokey).

They are renowned for their homing abilities and can navigate their way back to your pigeon loft from long distances.

This breed has been bred incredibly selectively over the years to make a pigeon that is both insanely fast and able to find its home.

To acquire a good-quality exhibition blue bar homer pigeon, you will be looking at shelling out roughly $75. However, experienced breeders will certainly be selling them for more — especially if the birds themselves have particularly gorgeous markings.

Racing Homers

Racing pigeons are a sub-breed of homing pigeons. This bird is known for its racing qualities and is bought by racing enthusiasts at a higher cost.

The racing homing pigeon’s price starts at $150 and may cost up to $1000, depending on its racing history.

In 2019, a racing homer was sold for $1420000 which is a fortune for such a small bird. Different breeders offer different prices for racing pigeons.

American Show Racer Pigeon

The  American Show Racer PIgeon is bred from the racing pigeon. It is a domesticated bird that is classified under a large breed of pigeons. They are mainly used for exhibition proposes and are popular in the USA.

The starting price of these pigeons is $200. Although different breeders ask for different prices depending on their color, American Show Racers are available in different colors.

English Red Carrier Pigeon

English Red Carrier Pigeons were very popular in earlier times when there was no WhatsApp or computer to send mails.

These carrier pigeons had a success rate of over 95% which made them an excellent choice for sending long-distance messages.

Today, however, they are kept as hobbies and exhibitions. The bird has a long neck and red eyes and is a resident of Europe. Its starting price is $300 which may vary.

White Homing Pigeon

These pigeons are known for their white feathers and beautiful face.  They are known for their beauty and people pay around $350-$500 and even more for these birds. 

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What Impacts A Pigeon’s Cost?

While it may not seem like a great deal for you, it is a great deal for pigeon racing enthusiasts who spend thousands of dollars on pigeons.  There are a number of factors they look at before buying a homing pigeon. These factors are-

Their Racing History

If a pigeon is champion until now and has won multiple races, its prices skyrocket. People want to invest more in a bird that will earn races and make them money.

Their Parents

Yes, the homing pigeons and their young ones are kept under close scrutiny and a birth line is also maintained.

If a bird’s parents had a history of a genetic disease, the pigeon on sale might also suffer from it. It reduces their price.

If pigeon parents were good racers, it increases their price as the underlying bird is ex[epected to be a good flier due to genes. 

The Breeder

You can find thousands of breeders and sellers online, but not many of them keep expert fliers in their stock.

Yes, you can train a pigeon, but one with good racing history and champion parents might prove to be better. A breeder which has a champion history charges more price than others.

Their Age

  Of course, a young pigeon with a long life ahead will cost more than one which is nearing old age.


A pigeon with no medical history or disease costs more.

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A male champion is more costly than a female champion as it can be used to produce more champions.

There You Have It!

While there are other pigeon breeds used for homing, these are the most common ones. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your flock!

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