How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Balcony?

Bird lovers love the frequent visits of birds and their company. It is becoming difficult in times to attract birds to your balcony and terraces as birds are becoming fearful of human beings. 

In recent times, I’ve tried some interesting ways and adopted unique methods to attract hummingbirds to my balcony.

These small-sized birds capable of flying in both directions are a treat to watch and fill up your space.

Following these instructions helped me to attract hummingbirds to my balcony.

Create Natural Settings on your Balcony

Hummingbirds love natural settings and are drawn towards them. I’ve covered my balcony with beautiful flowers and miniature plants and it helps in attracting hummingbirds.

A greenish and vibrant colorful balcony will be loved by all types of birds.

You need to select vibrant flowers that can catch the eyes of the birds from a long distance. Adding artificial aroma sprays or using natural scents that attract birds can also help you.

I keep natural scented oils close to these flowers to attract hummingbirds. Over the past few months, this has helped me immensely. The scented oils are preferred by birds and help you to attract them.

Using Nectar to attract Hummingbirds

The sweet nectar is loved by hummingbirds. Mostly all birds visit flowers for their nectar and smell. You can use nectar to attract hummingbirds on your balcony.

Artificial nectar bottles are available in the market. Keeping these nectar juice in small cups or holders in your balcony will attract as an important stimulant to attract hummingbirds and many other types of birds.

You can also use nectar to polish your flowers. Use small cotton balls and gently apply small amounts of nectar over the flowers and plants with its help.

It increases the fragrant powers of the plants and makes them more suitable to attract hummingbirds.

Nectar can be used in case you do not have natural flowers and direct sunlight on your balcony. You can plant artificial flowers in your gallery and put nectar on them to make them feel like natural smelling flowers.

Hummingbirds are easily attracted to these artificial flowers in your balcony or backyard due to the bright, vibrant colors and the sweet smells of nectar.

Types of flowers to attract Hummingbirds

Sunflowers, cardinal flowers, tubular hibiscus flowers, petunia flowers, queen’s wreath flowers, rose flowers, foxglove flowers, salvia flowers, and Lilly flowers are some of the popular flowers loved by hummingbirds.

There are high chances that these flowers will attract many hummingbirds to your balcony.

Keep Bird Food on your Balcony

Food is one thing that is hunted by birds of all types. Hummingbirds fly from one place to another in search of food.

 Adding and placing feeders filled with bird food attracts a lot of birds. In recent times, I have observed a number of birds visiting my gallery and eating their favorite food items with love.

It is important to keep food items that are loved by hummingbirds. It increases the probability of attracting hummingbirds to your balcony. You can buy readymade bird food for hummingbirds.

Food items that you can give to Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds love to eat a variety of foods. These birds are not very picky and using the below-mentioned food items can help you to attract them easily to your balconies.

  • You can offer grains of all types to hummingbirds. These small birds love to eat grains. Keeping grains on your balconies will attract many hummingbirds.
  • Another favorite item that hummingbirds love to munch is nuts. Almost all kinds of nuts including groundnuts and dry fruits are loved by hummingbirds. Keeping them close to your plants and food items increases the chances of attracting hummingbirds.
  • You can prepare a multigrain snack for hummingbirds. Placing this mixture along with the addition of nuts will surely help you to get a glimpse of these beautiful birds on your balconies.
  • Fruits are an amazing option that you can use to attract hummingbirds. Fruits are loved by hummingbirds and the glucose present in the fruits acts as a strong agent that attracts these birds to your places.
  • Keeping slices of egg or cooked meat also helps you to attract hummingbirds. These birds love to eat cooked flesh. If tasted once, hummingbirds will surely visit your balconies again and again to taste the delicious food items.
  • Another interesting and cost-saving option that you can use to attract hummingbirds is leftover food and food waste like leaves and other items. You can use leftover food items to feed birds. This increases the chances of getting them to your balconies.

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Maintain clean feeders for hummingbirds

You will attract different varieties and a great number of hummingbirds to your balconies if you maintain clean and hygiene feeders for the birds.

Uncleaned feeders can lead to fungal infection and bad odors in the feeders.

This can spoil the food you keep in these feeds and also reduce the chances of attracting hummingbirds. These small birds fly away from sites of bad odors and do not frequently visit them.

You can clean birdfeeders with soap and water. Solution of soapy water can also ease out the process for you. It is important to use a brush along with soap water once a month to keep feeds clean and tidy. 

Installing perches on your Balcony

Hummingbirds are very active birds and throughout the day they hop from one place to another in search of food. Perches work as an excellent tool to call these birds for some much-required rest.

Installing a perch that allows an ideal height for the birds to fly and to keep an eye on the surroundings makes them feel safe.

Hummingbirds will sit down on perches that are at ideal heights. It makes them feel secure and free to observe.

Your perch installed on the balcony will attract a large number of hummingbirds when aided with food items, flowers, and greenery.

This is an ultimate combination and will surely help you to see a flock of hummingbirds enjoying themselves on your balcony.

Using Bird Baths to attract Hummingbirds

Birdbaths can create a remarkable difference in your strategy to attract hummingbirds. Playing in the water is one of the most loved and preferred activities of hummingbirds.

You can see a large number of hummingbirds visiting your balcony after installing birdbaths.

You can buy birdbaths easily from the market. A wide variety of birdbaths are available in the market. It is recommended to buy a birdbath having bright and quirky colors.

Bright colors can easily attract hummingbirds from far-off distances.

Go for a motor-operated bather bath included with a mini fountain. It keeps the water moving and maintains the temperature of the water to ideal conditions.

Hummingbirds love to enjoy and play in water baths that have an optimal water temperature.

Cost-effective water baths can be created at home using old baskets or tubs. You need to feel these water baths with fresh water every day. They will attract a comparatively less number of birds but are better than nothing.

It is extremely critical to change the water in your water bath on a frequent basis. Keep an eye on the water bath as birds will make it dirty.

Clean it on a weekly basis to attract more birds. It also helps to maintain cleanliness and better health for the birds.

Keeping drinking water for Hummingbirds

Birds love to eat and sit around sources of clean drinking water. Adding buckets or drinkers of water on your balcony increases the chances of frequent visits to manifolds.

The heat in the summers is a concerning factor for the birds and fresh and cool water acts as a lifesaver in the scorching heat.

Keeping drinking water will attract many hummingbirds to your balconies for longer durations in the scorching summer days.

It is extremely crucial to provide cool and fresh water to the birds. It helps in maintaining the hydration of the words and saves them from heatstroke and other disorders in summers.

Go for Red color

The red color will help you to take your game to another level. The red color is associated with hummingbirds. It is the go-to color for small and quirky birds.

They love the color and get easily attracted to it.

Try adding red color to your balconies in whatever way possible to increase the chances of attracting hummingbirds. You can introduce red color by using bright and vibrant red flowers on your balcony.

Placing red flowers at first and on the outside of the balcony will attract many birds. Coloring items like the perch and water baths with red color will get many eyes.

Hummingbirds will rush out to your balconies in large numbers.

You can select food feeders and water drinkers having red color to attract birds from large distances. Remember red is the magic color to attract hummingbirds.

Summing it up

Hummingbirds are small birds capable of flying in both directions. These quirky birds are not frequent visitors and require some effort to ensure regular visits.

You can attract these birds to your balconies and other places by providing food, water, and natural conditions closer to their habitat.