How To Tell Or Find The Age Of A Pigeon?

How to tell or find the age of a pigeon? Well, only when they celebrate their birthday. Funny! Jokes apart Pigeons are considered as number one pet birds across the world. With every pigeon breed, their behavior, and breeding differs.

Though, pigeons being a commoner bird there are lots of interesting facts to know that are explored in-detailed whilst some remain a mystery – like finding the age of the pigeon.

Is there a way to find the age of the pigeon?

There is no specific answer to this. Many researchers are not able to tell the exact age of the pigeon as it is impossible to gauge one.

There is a lot of guessing work done from what tells you the age:

·   Is it the back of the bird?

·   Lack of pattern in the feathers?

·   Changing colors of the tail feathers?

·   Developing white fringes to the features as well as some white patches

Well, the mystery goes on. The right way to tell the age of the pigeons is to have it known from the day it is born. Unless you have a pet pigeon it is impossible to tell the exact age of the pigeons. It requires keeping track of the years from the day they are born and that’s how you find the age of a pigeon.

In the wild, they are grown and forgotten to what age they matured. Birds have different activity levels at different ages that help them understand from “Squab” to full-grown pigeons.

Another way to know that the pigeons have reached their maturity age is by looking at their waddle. The crustier and bigger the waddle the older the pigeon is. Additionally, the ring around their eyes also determines that they are full-grown pigeons.

It is said that every three years the older pigeons double their sizes.

When the pigeons are young chicks they have sky grey color with a slight pink breast. Also, they do not have any neck markings developed until they are six months of age. At this age around, these pigeons have developed white patches on both sides of the neck.

Hence by the passage of time, they developed fully formed bands which are approximately 8-9 months of age.

The wild pigeons can be determined by the adults by the look of their beak. The young ones have a dark grey beak and the adults have a slightly pale yellow beak that has a white lining.

However, many misunderstand the wild pigeon’s age as they appear bigger and heavier compared to the pet ones.

How long before pigeons are full-grown?

Pigeons mature quickly. They reach their breeding age when they are 6 months old. And at six months you can say they are still mature. However, pigeons breed for 4 years. 

How many years do pigeons live?

The average lifespan of the pigeons is 10-15 years. The oldest one is recorded to have lived for 33 years. Yes. That’s true. The pigeons are said to reach their reproductive maturity age when they are only 6 to 10 months old.

Ideally, in captivity, the usual pigeons will live up to fifteen years and sometimes longer. If they are pampered well, in terms of a high protein diet and comfortable lifestyle they add up to a good number of years to their lives.

However, other factors determine their good life that includes lack of food, predators by mammals, illness/disease, other birds, food and water, etc.

In Conclusion

To find the right age of the pigeon needs careful tracking of their age from the day they are born. However, for wild pigeons, it is impossible to figure out their age. Once can tell them from their size, look, and feathers of whether they are young chicks or full grown. Thus, it is still a mystery to know.

The pet owners that are feeding pigeons can help throw light in gauging the age of the pigeons. As with different breeds, their life span differs.

Also, it depends on what kind of life they are living in terms of dietary habits, water, weather, etc. On the other hand, the pigeons grown in the wild are complete guesswork.

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