Bird Poop | Is Bird Poop Good Luck? Benefits, Pro’s & Cons With Interesting Facts

Birds lighten up our lives with their various hues of feathers, ear soothing songs, motivate and inspire us in their soaring flight. Their squeaky chirps and musical tweets make us feel directly connected with mother nature.

Birds are mythical and magical creatures that open their wings and fly across the majestic blue sky, always fascinating humankind. 

Birds are associated with many omens and superstitions throughout ages, and people link bird presence with future predictions. Humans also believe the feathered creatures are god representations or messengers from the divine world in all cultures and religions.

Globally, many birds are considered auspicious and promising, such as the eagle and blue jays.  They are contemplated as majestic and regal. Birds signify some treasured human feelings such as independence, freedom, and willing power to achieve have enamored humanity for ages. They also have powerful eyesight and courage to fight against their predators, escape from dangers within a fraction of a second.

Does bird poop have the ability to bring good fortune? Why is that disgusting and ugly feces seen as lucky? Why is it seen as a sign of hope being disguised?  It can be a real nuisance if a bird poops on your head – but it also could be the pinnacle of good luck for the day. 

In this article, let’s find out why people worldwide believe the superstitious feathered creatures’ poop brings a lucky factor and cheering them on a bad day even if their dress has been tainted with their thick white paste?

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Why is bird poop white?

Possible reasons state that the uric acid present in the bird’s poop can be why they are white in color. 

Unlike mammals, the digestive system of birds does not have separate exits for feces and urine. 

Birds have one all-purpose entrance and exit for their reproductive system (to lay eggs), digestive and urinary tract (to discharge waste products), called the cloaca.

Both mammals and birds excrete nitrogenous waste products from their body.  Mammals and humans convert ammonia into urea, and that gets passed in the urine. But birds convert ammonia into uric acid or guanine, which does not readily dissolve in water.

Uric acid – struvite, ammonium urate, and other two unknown compounds are the reason for the poop to appear as a white sticky paste. The uric acid and poop simultaneously emerge from two different body systems, they do not have much time to blend, and bird droppings get two distinct parts. The white part is the bird’s pee, and the brown or green traces in the dark center of the white paste is equivalent to mammals’ feces. 

Is bird poop good luck?

When people encounter bird poop, it is believed that it is supposed to transfer its propensity and bring fortune. Birds poop relates to food digestion, and food signifies good health, wealth, abundance, and vitality in life.

There are some old-wives tales, beliefs, and prophecies commonly believed about the bird feces.

It is a widespread belief that people among crowds who get anointed with bird poop are considered the luckiest. Such folks are considered to be blessed with all world resources and riches. Some people buy lottery tickets after getting pooped by a high soaring bird believing that they will spawn a wealth bag.

From considering stepping on the bird poop to be promising to wantedly waiting to chance upon bird poop to begin something new – people believe bird poop for various reasons.  It might sound creepy, but the fact is birds were fortunate to get proper diet food to have a poop so lucky. 

Some bird species are revered by humankind because they symbolize purity and as a messenger of peace. Such birds can be harbingers of wealth, harmony, and good news. 

The birds’ messy slur of droppings on people’s heads may sound like the beginning of a bad day, but some superstitious people believe it will invite fortune.  People don’t let poop linger for long. They clean droppings without whipping the newfound luck.

Some sailors and ship captions never wipe the droppings from the ship’s body until it gets removed automatically by the next rainstorm.

In Russian culture, people believe bird poop is a sign of good fortune when a bird poops multiple times. 

In Turkish culture, people believe that bird poop is lucky and that they will surely win lottery tickets.

While birds have been related to positive superstitious outcomes, legendary tales and myths warn that poop coming from a rook could be a sign of a bad omen rather than a blessing.

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Reasons why bird poop is believed as a fortune:

Bird droppings are not an unfortunate, bad, or mundane experience. It provides a depth message, a good signal, and a learning opportunity.

When a bird poops on a  person, symbolically, they get a situation to analyze their actions, behaviors, feelings, and choices. An integral part of this situation is clearing, cleaning, and transformation – be honest, slow down and look at themselves for a better life.

These are the reasons why bird droppings are believed to be wealth and blessing :

Bird symbolism

Birds are laden with magical symbolism and mystical messages. The birds are considered as messengers of supernatural power or gods. From ancient times, birds are believed to be incarnations of spiritual guardians or other worlds’ forces and protect people from all evil.

The mysticism and beliefs around birds are increased due to their airborne ability, which symbolizes liberty, freedom from negative emotions and thoughts.

Low chance of a bird pooping on people

Many species fly in the sky, but only a few people get a chance of birds pooping on their heads, which is rare – like winning a lottery number.

Superstitious believers see the bird poop on people as rare and extraordinary events. In millions of people, only a few get good luck from god messengers.

Turning an unfortunate moment into a favorable event

The human who gets anointed with bird poop on their body is spiritually chosen to receive good luck and blessings due to their purity, spirit, charity, selflessness, wisdom, kindness, and service.

Cleaning the poop running down on people’s heads should be inconvenient and unpleasant. But, people can convert it into a positive feeling of good luck and positive thoughts.

People who get touched by bird pooping are considered by external gods or spirits or the universe for their intentions and actions. In simple words, nature knows, and the heavens are smiling and blessing them.

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Is bird poop dangerous?

Yes, bird poop and feathers carry disease-causing parasites that can pose serious health issues to humans and animals. Breathing dust of dried droppings o consuming water droplets containing contaminated bird poop can cause life-threatening lung illnesses. 

Bird droppings create an unsightly mess and are difficult to remove their stain in buildings and cause slip-and-fall accidents in streets or pathways.

Birds not only spread avian flu to humans and mammals, but their droppings also carry over 60 diseases. Many infections are airborne and can be transferred to people just by being around birds poop.

Are bird droppings toxic to humans?

Yes, one of the most concerning health hazards when dealing with birds droppings is Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection caused by Histoplasma, which usually lives in the soil where many bird poop is contaminated.

Histoplasmosis can be spread to humans by airborne fungus spores from ground contaminated by birds, especially pigeons, bats, or starlings droppings. The soil under roost that gets enriched with droppings can put farmers and landscapers at risk when the microorganisms exceed a significant level. 

This disease ranges from minor influenza to life-threatening, and it can be misdiagnosed because it shows no symptoms or signs similar to other typical infections. The symptoms of histoplasmosis include 

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Chills
  • Body aches

Some severe symptoms can lead to different diseases such as pneumonia, blood abnormalities, and even death.

Birds are direct carriers of some bacterial and fungal diseases are 

  • Salmonellosis 
  • E-coli
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Candidiasis
  • St.louis encephalitis

These infections can spread from human to human and might even lead to a pandemic. Always step away from bird droppings and take precautions before cleaning dried droppings around your residential areas.

The people who have a weekend or compromised immune systems are the easy victims of bird-related diseases and even put them at high-risk of life.

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Is bird poop a good fertilizer?

Bird poop is the most concentrated organic fertilizer or great additive to any compost. The phosphorus and other nutrient elements present in the poop are in an easily accessible form and absorbed by plants. 

Bird droppings are preferable to use as feed and are highly beneficial for crops. It helps crops grow active and makes them bloom abundant, contributes to the formation of ovaries, and shows effects till the end of the growing season. 

Bird poop is suitable for all soil types and can feed almost all the fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes.  Before using it as a fertilizer, make sure to cover it with compost to avoid the risk of airborne contamination.

If it is not recycled, secure the droppings in a double bag and leave them in the trash disposal bin to be used for the landfill.

Is bird poop good for plants?

For decades, bird droppings have been used as a natural fertilizer for their excellent source of nutrients and compost materials. Many gardeners and farmers depend on it for crops in the form of rotten chicken manure, increasing the soil’s mineral level and moisture.

Farmers realize how valuable the manure of birds and animals is after getting the high yielding of crops. The fresh and uncomposted poop releases a surge of fertilizer salts and can dehydrate the plant. Many fresh droppings can carry dangerous parasites, and they might be hot and can burn tender stems and roots.

The safest and easiest way to get the beneficial effect is to give time to“cool down” or undergo recycling before adding it to the soil.

Do bird droppings damage plants?

No, they won’t harm plants, but when the poop lands directly on the young fragile plant tissue or buds, its high concentration of minerals can burn or damage vegetation. But mature leaves and stems are unchanged by their acidic nature.

Naturally, bird droppings are rich in minerals, especially nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and other unknown compounds. The microscopic fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes in the droppings can sterilize the outside of the seed and won’t harm plants.

Even droppings contain viable seeds that start to germinate once they are free from the bird’s digestive system. Birds play a prominent role in the distribution of plants and make the earth greenish. 

Can bird droppings damage buildings?

Bird droppings and nesting materials can degrade the quality of the tar-based roofs and eat away many substrates. Birds excreta corrode metal, paintwork, stones, and other structures, even damage the ventilation system(chimneys).

The massive accumulation of droppings on shingle roofs such as wood and tiles will dislodge the rooftops and eventually cause leakages. Some birds like starling, pigeons, and sparrows often build nests in rain gutters and drains, resulting in the drainage system’s blockage and causing roofs to collapse. 

Acidic bird droppings damage sidings, air conditioning, insulation, industrial machinery equipment, and so on. The employees can get dangerous health risks when they work around it. Bird’s nesting materials such as straws, dried leaves, twigs, and sticks are highly flammable, leading to a high risk of fire accidents.

Birds nesting in the ventilation and chimneys transmit life-threatening diseases and block air-flow into the house, which can have horrible consequences. Acidic droppings can ruin plastic models in public parks and ruin a million-dollar worth of exhibited products.

Can bird droppings damage the car paint?

Yes, bird poop is unhygienic and has the nature to diminish the aesthetic appeal of the car. The thick white paste of the droppings contains a high concentration of PH level uric acid, which is corrosive and causes potential damage to the vehicle wax coating and paint.

The uric acid does not dissolve in the water and can stick to the vehicle windshields like blobs of white plaster. It’s better to water wash the car or clean it with a wet cloth. The dried droppings can degrade the vehicle’s clear coat and might bleach the paint.

How to remove the dried droppings from car paint?

The visually disgusting and unappealing bird droppings can leave a wrinkled or fractured stain etching into the car paint. It is difficult to clean and avoid applying pressure, while cleaning stains might damage the car paint.

Tips to remove bird poop off car paint:

Clean early

Clean the stains earliest with a microfibre towel, and don’t wait for the next car wash. If it’s dried, pour some water or place a wet cloth on it to clean the stain before uric acid damages the paint.

Cleaning solution

Use a vehicle-safe cleaning solution with a cloth and then gently rub the area to clean the problematic bird poop stain.

Club soda

Pour the club soda on it and let it stay for a while. The soda’s carbonation will break the acidic quality present in the stain and can be easily wiped with a wet cloth. Don’t pour sugary or carbonated cola soda instead of club soda.

Baking soda

Take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with dish soap and hot water. Spray this mixture on the bird poop stain, let it soak for ten minutes, and wipe with a cloth.

Detailer spray

Simply spray detailer spray once or twice on wrinkled etching poop, clean it with a moist cloth.

Unscented laundry detergent

If a bird pooped on car seats or the upholstery, let it dry and clean by using unscented detergent. Scrape the dried poop on the car paint, use a few detergent drops, and gently scrub the area to clean it.

If the wrinkled stain looks too bad, it’s better to approach professional help to clean it rather than taking the risk of cleaning, and the process might scratch the shiny paint.

There are multiple opinions when it comes to determining the audacity of bird poop. Perspectives might always differ from personalities to personalities, and hence it is always best to research well before you decide what to do with the bird’s excreta.

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