Is It Legal To Own A Peacock?

It depends on where you live. If you live in the US or Canada, you can own a peacock. If you live in India, there are specific rules. 

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Since it is India’s national bird, you cannot cage it or kill it. You can’t even keep it as a pet in India. 

As per Wildlife Protection Act, it is a national bird and is protected under law. Keeping it as a pet, caging it, hunting it, or killing it is punishable.

Is It Legal To Own A Peacock In India?

No, it is illegal to own a peacock in India. In rural India, peacocks may be found grazing on private lands, but you cannot keep them as pets.

Punishment For Keeping Peacocks As Pets

If you keep a peacock in your home, hunt it, or kill it, you can be imprisoned for a term not more than seven years or a fine not less than 10000, or both. 

These birds are legally protected under section 51 (1-A) of Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Can You Own A Peacock In The US?

Yes, you can own a peacock in the US. There are three kinds of peafowls- Indian Peafowls, Congo Peafowls, and Green Peafowls. In the US and Canada, you can own an Indian peafowl.

How To Keep A Peacock As A Pet?

Gone are the days when dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, and fishes were pets. 

These days, people want to keep exotic pets, and peafowl is topping the list as the trend to pet peacocks is widespread in the US and Canada. But here are a few things you must keep in mind.

They Need a Large Space

Peacocks need a large space to stay. You can’t keep them in cages. They have long tails, and thus, they need enough space to roam around and fly a bit. 

Rural areas are more suited for peacocks. Also, they are very territorial. Once they call a space home, they will not leave it. 

So, you must choose their space after due consideration. In urban areas, it is hard to keep peacocks. 

They Are Suited For Tropical Climates

Peacocks live in tropical areas in the wild. Not rainforests, actually, but forests, forest edges, grasslands, farmlands, etc., are where they live. 

Water bodies are a must. If you live in cold areas, you must prepare a suitable home for your pet peacock to protect them from the harsh winds or snow. 

Use plywood or temporary walls to make a shelter for them.

It’s Not Easy To Find A Doctor For Them

Peacocks are not dogs or cats, so you can take them to any vet. They are exotic birds and need special medical care if your pet is unwell. 

Also, worms are their biggest enemies and make them easy prey. You need to deworm them regularly. Also, it isn’t easy to find a deworming syrup made especially for them.

They Have A Disrupting Call     

You love your pet even when it’s naughty, but your neighbors won’t. 

Peacocks are infamous for their shrill, loud voices, which can wake up an entire locality. They start hooting in the morning and communicate this way only. 

Also, during the mating season, the sound increases. It will bother your neighbor.

They Can’t Live Alone

Peacocks are social birds. They live in a group and forage together. They fight for a female and mark their territory. 

They can live with chickens and turkeys in captivity, but they won’t be as happy as they are among their kind. If you are thinking about keeping one peacock or peahen, think again. 

They Are Vulnerable

Peacocks may have large bodies and look gigantic to you, but they are the opposite. They weigh up to 5 kgs and have a tail behind them, which doesn’t make flying so easy. 

They are easy prey for dogs, wolves, and coyotes in rural areas. You can raise a wall on your property or a wired boundary that keeps your pet safe all day and night.

They Eat Everything

Yes, peacocks are omnivores, and they will eat everything. It doesn’t mean that you can feed them last night’s mutton chops. 

They eat berries, seeds, nuts, snakes, insects, frogs, and other small animals. 

In captivity, they should be given peacock food available in the market. Also, place a fresh bowl of water every time.

They Are Different Than Other Pets

Unlike dogs and cats, they can’t be kept at home. Also, they are not sensitive to understanding that the dining table is not for them or the couch is not for pooping. 

Allowing them inside means only one thing- destruction. Also, if they poop anywhere, it’s going to take so much of your patience.

They Can Fly Away

They roost as high as 30-40 feet and more in the wild. If not monitored, they will fly over the boundaries. They will cross into your neighbor’s yard, and if they are not pet-friendly, you are in for an argument. 

They Create A Lot Of Mess

Peacocks live in the wild, and they are best suited for those conditions. They poop a lot, and you wouldn’t like stepping into their sticky poop as soon as you step into your backyard. 

Also, it smells bad, so there is a good chance that you are not going to like them.

Do They Make Good Pets?

Peacocks have been around humans for a long time, but they are not adaptable to petting and caressing. 

Yes, they won’t harm you if you pet them, but adult males are aggressive during mating season. To make them good pets, it is advised that you bring home a peachick.

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Peafowls are legal to own in all 50 US states, including California, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, and Illinois. 

These tips mentioned above will help you in deciding whether it is wise to keep a peacock as a pet or not. First, learn about the wildlife protection laws of the land and then move ahead.