Lahore Pigeon: Characteristics | Varieties | Everything about the Breed

Pigeons have had a special place in our urban and village ambiance for centuries. They are widespread globally and can be found across continents, countries, and regions.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

While pigeons are broadly classified as domestic and feral pigeons, we have one interesting variety of fancy pigeons. It is a sub-part of the domestic pigeon category.  

Today, we would be talking about an interesting fancy pigeon- the Lahore Pigeon. Stay touted to know all about it! 

What is a Lahore Pigeon? How to Identify? 

Like many pigeons, the Lahore Pigeon is a fancy domesticated pigeon that is a descendant of the domestic rock pigeon, Columbia Livia.  

It is a completely domesticated bird, identified by its extraordinarily gentle nature and impressive size. It is much larger than the standard pigeon and counts amongst the most colorful pigeon breeds.  

Origin & History of Lahore Pigeon—Species Profile

As evident by its name, the Lahore Pigeon is believed to have originated in Lahore, Pakistan.  

However, another line of thought claims that the bird has developed via selective breeding in Persia alias present Iran.

They do not have any information on how it was developed or how old it is as Persia is not into keeping records of such nature.  

According to stories, the bird caught the fancy of people of the Shiraz area of Iran in the latter half of the 1800s.  

It was first imported to Germany around 1880. From the 1960s, the bird started getting popular globally amongst pigeon enthusiasts for its fancy plumage and patterns.  

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Lahore Pigeon Size, Appearance, Characteristics & Behavior 

Size and Appearance 

Lahore pigeon is perhaps one of the largest pigeons available. However, it does not flaunt an impressive length and is generally smaller than the King Pigeon.  

On average, it is about 30 cm or 11.5 inches long and 27 cm or 10.5 inches tall. Hence, it is classified as a medium-sized to a large-sized bird. It’s shoulder-to-shoulder measurement is about 5.5 inches. Overall, its size is twice that of a rock sparrow.  

Its body posture is almost horizontal with a free stance. It stands bold, erect, and flaunts a proud posture. 

The average bodyweight of the Lahore pigeon is about 0.48 to 0.51 kgs or 17-18 oz.  

Generally, the pigeon’s body is white. But it is made more attractive with a secondary color spreading as an arc over it. It begins from the juncture of the beak and wattle that moves over the eyes to spread across the wings and the back. 

The Schwartz variant of this bird has its body base color tilting towards yellow. 

Its tail and rump also match its body color, i.e., white. While breeding the bird, special focus and care are given to the quality of the head, neck, and wing markings.

The feathers of these areas lend the pigeon its ornamental colors. Hence, they constitute the center of attention in any pigeon show.  

Apart from feathers, the color of the neck, head, and wings are also versatile. A few of its popular colors include black, blue, red, checkered or banded in a plethora of colors, etc.  

The bird’s head is broad with an oval top. Its healthy varieties would always have ‘chubby’ cheeks. 

A healthy Lahore Pigeon would also have a ‘bull-neck’ that is heavily feathered and leads smoothly into a full, broad chest that looks plump and rounded. 

Its broad and stout beak is medium-length and often blunt at the tip. Generally, the beak is pinkish in color.  

The pigeon’s legs and feet are so heavily feathered that it seems like they are wearing thick stockings. In addition, the show pigeon’s feet are almost always white while others may have a colored ones.  

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Characteristics and Behavior  

Lahore pigeons are renowned for their docile and gentle disposition. It is also one of its identifying characteristics. 

While they are shy by nature, they are highly tamable. Being a completely domesticated variety, they are highly comfortable with humans and interact well with them.

Suppose, they are fed properly and taken care of well. In that case, they are inevitably highly loyal to their owners and follow their every instruction well.  

An extremely cute bird, they attract all with their adorable gestures and soft coos. When living with their partners, they often cuddle up to them and are often spotted giving them sweet pecks on their partner’s wings, head, and neck.  

What are Lahore Pigeons Used For? 

Lahore Pigeons are extremely popular as pets because of their docile, friendly, and tamable nature. It is perhaps the most used breed of the pigeon as a pet.  

Additionally, their beautiful appearance and plumage also make them excellent as show and ornamental birds. Its highlight is the quality of the head, neck, and wing markings.  

In olden times, they were also bred for their meat. Even today, many breed them for squab meat as they are quite broad in their chest and body.

Furthermore, according to their meat-eaters, the Lahore Pigeon’s meat counts among the most delicate and tastiest meat consumed by humans.  

Another reason is that the birds are easy to maintain, and their meat is quite affordable.  

Habitat of Lahore Pigeons  

These pigeons are endemic to their native area of Lahore and Iran. As the bird does not have any wild variety and remains completely domesticated, they flourish well under proper care.

They are completely tamable and never migrate. If any of these pigeons are found in the wild, they are probably those who have been left free by their owners.  

These gentle pigeons can flourish even if you keep them as solitary pets. They thrive equally well in groups.

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Can Lahore Pigeons Fly? 

Like most other pigeons, Lahore Pigeon can fly well. However, exact information on its flying speed is not available.

It is believed that like other birds from the family of Columbidae, the Lahore Pigeon, too, can fly at an average speed of 77.6 mph or 124.8 kph. 

Lahore Pigeon Lifespan | How Long do Lahore Pigeons Live? 

The average lifespan of a Lahore Pigeon is believed to be around six years, which is similar to that of many rock pigeons.  

Lahore Pigeon Food | What do Lahore Pigeons Eat? 

Lahore pigeons have a diet similar to any other variety of pigeons. They primarily eat a mix of grains like corn, millet, barley, wheat, etc.

These grains offer them abundant carbohydrates and vitamins. In addition, they love to binge on berries occasionally.  

Apart from it, they should also be fed food like poultry pellets, seeds, peas, etc. These pigeons are healthiest with a varied diet.  

Another important factor is always to mix grit in the served food in a ratio directed by the food manufacturer. The grit helps the birds digest the seeds well.  

How Do Lahore Pigeons Breed? 

Because Lahore Pigeons are bred in captivity, they are monogamous by nature.

Before copulation, the male struts around the female in a circle and uses a bowing gesture as a mating call or ritual. The male pigeon also stretches his tail and blows up his chest apart from strutting.  

The breeding conditions are no different than the standard conditions that are adopted for the breeding of any pigeon. 

How Many Eggs Do Lahore Pigeon Lay? 

The female pigeons lay one to three eggs at a time post copulation. Then, both male and female pigeons incubate the eggs for 16 to 19 days. The chicks are also taken care of by both parents.  

Lahore Pigeon Cost | How Much is a Lahore Pigeon? 

Like any other fancy pigeon, the Lahore pigeon costs anything from $15 to $30 and sometimes above. The cost depends on the geographical location, the purpose of the purchase, plumage, etc.  

How to Raise and Train a Lahore Pigeon? (Caring & Maintenance) 

The Lahore Pigeons are super easy to raise and train.

Their docile, easily tamable, and loyal nature makes their caring and maintenance a no-hassle task. They just need the standards of pigeon care and lots of love and adoration from you to remain happy and solitary.  

You also find it easy to take care of them as they can live both solitary and gregarious.  

Interesting Facts About Lahore Pigeons 

Finally, let’s walk through a few interesting facts about Lahore Pigeon: 

  • Lahore Pigeon Communication 

Like most other pigeons, the Lahore Pigeon communicates via soft coos and whistles made with the help of its wings.

We already know about its mating ritual. But when the pigeon feels threatened or insecure, it raises its wings and stretches its tail in an attempt to scare and ward off the predator.  

Wrapping up  

Lahore pigeons are one of the most popular decorative pets you can own. An all-out utility bird, they are a pleasure to own even if you are starting out like a pigeon fancier.

It’s little wonder that it ranks the highest among pet pigeons. It is also the most coveted show pigeon. 

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