What Are The Longest Lived Birds ( Lifespan Of Birds List, Types, Care )

The lifespan of birds varies significantly in captivity and the wild. If you keep them vaccinated and get their checkups on time, they are safest in your home. In the wild, situations are different.

The birds need to face various challenges daily to stay alive. It is hard to look at a bird and tell If it is aging or not.

On the internet, you can find several bird age lists, stating the long lives of several birds, and it piques your curiosity, “what pet bird lives the longest?”

What Pet Birds Live The Longest?

When getting yourself a pet, you want it to stay with you for a longer time. Here is a bird’s age list for you to choose a long-term companion.

Some birds normally live a life of 10-15 years. But there are some birds which live for even 50 years. Besides, the care you give them has a larger impact on their lifespan.

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Birds Age List

African Gray Parrots40 to 60 years, or more
Amazon Parrots25 to 75 years
Budgerigars (Parakeets)5 to 18 years
CaiquesUp to 50 years 
Canaries10 years
Cockatiels10 to 15 years
Cockatoos20 to 60 years, depending on the species
Conures10 to 30 years, depending on the species
Doves20 years or more, much shorter in the wild
Eclectus Parrots30 to 50 years, or more
Finches5 to 9 years
Lorikeets (Lories)10 to 30 years
Lovebirds10 to 15 years
Macaws30 to 50 years, or more, depending on the species
Pigeons15 years (in the wild, it is only about 5 years)
Pionus Parrots25 years
Senegal ParrotsUp to 50 years (in the wild, it is only about 25 years)

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The canaries are one of the most popular pet birds. Their beautiful voice has earned them lots of homes in cities.

But the fact that they can live up to 25 years makes them more desirable. They live 10-15 years normally, but they won’t leave you for up to 25 years if you take care of them.

Budgies And Parakeets

Budgies and parakeets make one of the most loved pets. Even though they are small, they stay around for 18 years generally. For smaller birds, it is a long time. Some of the parakeets, like monks and Quakers, can live up to 30 years.


Their general lifespan is 5 years which is as small as the bird itself. But take care of it, and it won’t leave you for almost 20 years.


Macaws are large birds, and they live a long life. This species of the parrot family can grow as long as three feet. Bring a macaw at home, and it will live a happy life of 60- 80 years. It’s a long time, and sometimes the birds even live for two or more generations with your family.


These birds are smaller in size than macaws, and people love them for their color. Their average life spans from 50 to 70 years. They are intelligent birds with a playful and talkative nature that bring colors to your family.


Cockatoos come from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and nearby places. Cockatoos vary differently in size, and thus their lifespan also varies significantly.

While small cockatoos live up to 20 years, larger ones have a lifespan of almost 60 years and more.

The longest-lived cockatoo in history is Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo named Cookie which lived in Brookfield Zoo, Chicago. It lived for 83 years, which is a record. 

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What Birds Live The Longest In The Wild?

In the wild, life is difficult, unpredictable, and fragile. Moreover, it is even more difficult to ascertain the exact lifespan of a bird because of the lack of hatching time. Still, some of the longest recorded lives in the wild are as follows. The exact life of wild birds can vary.

Laysan Albatross37-05
Arctic Tern34-00
Great Frigatebird30-00
Western Gull27-10
Trumpeter Swan23-10
Canada Goose23-06
American Coot22-04
Bald Eagle21-11
Red-tailed Hawk21-06
Mourning Dove19-03
Great Homed Owl17-04
Blue Jay16-04
Northern Cardinal15-09
American Crow14-07
Great Crested Flycatcher13-11
Lesser Prairie-Chicken13-06
American Robin13-11
House Sparrow13-04
Black-bellied Plover12-08
Wild Turkey12-06
Peregrine Falcon12-03
American Kestrel11-07
Song Sparrow11-04
Tree Swallow11-00
Acadian Flycatcher10-11
Dark-eyed Junco10-09
Scarlet Tanager10-01
House Wren7-01

Southern Cassowary

In the lifespan of birds list, Southern cassowary is the first. It is the second-heaviest bird on earth and has lived quite a long life as per records.

In the wild, these birds can survive forty years at maximum. In captivity, the life expectancy of a southern cassowary has reached 48 years. A cassowary also has a record of 61 years of life.


Emu is a wild bird, which is quite large. It is normal for an Emu to live up to 20 years. The highest it has reached is 30 years in captivity.

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Laysan Albatross

When talking about longest-lived birds, it is important to mention Wisdom, the female Laysan Albatross Living in Midway Atoll, U.S., who has completed 70 happy years of life in March 2021.

These birds have an average lifespan of 42 years and 50 months in the wild.  


Ostriches are famous for their long legs and frightening run. But they are also known for their long lives. They happily live in the wild for almost 50 years.

Lifespan Of A Sparrow

Sparrows are one of the most beautiful birds on earth, and despite the fact that there are several species of birds that people keep as pets, sparrows are still the first choice of many owners. They can be seen everywhere.

The lifespan of a sparrow depends upon its habitat. If it lives in the wild, it is very unsafe, as it is a small bird and hawks love them. If they are living as a pet, they are safer, and some house sparrows have lived as long as 23 years.

Some of the longest-lived sparrow species are-

  • White-Crowned Sparrow- 13.3 Years
  • Chipping Sparrow- 9.8 years
  • Italian Sparrow- 20 Years
  • Fox Sparrow- 9.7 Years
  • Golden-Crowned Sparrow- 10 years

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Wrap Up

There are several longest-lived birds that have lived almost 100 years. Yes, some birds have survived such an exceptional lifespan. But they are exceptions.

In addition, it is very difficult to judge a bird’s age in the wild. First, it is not possible to ascertain when they were born. Second, they don’t show wrinkles or a hunched back. 

The life expectancy of a bird depends on several factors, the most important of which is care.

If you care for them properly, these birds don’t leave their loved nest. In the wild, they evolve, earn, and live life on the edge.