Pigeon Green Watery Droppings Treatment | What Is The Cause Of Pigeon Diarrhea

Pigeons are one of the popular birds that are kept as pets, hobbies, and even for entertainment and display in many countries around the world.

Though even in the wild, pigeons are known to average six years which is a long lifespan for such small birds, there is a multitude of diseases that afflict both feral pigeons and pigeons in your loft.

Although diarrhea is a common symptom of many diseases, it needs immediate medical care and attention so that the pigeons do not get weak and die.

Though you might be wondering about the actual reason that led to the disease and how to get more information about pigeon watery droppings treatment, read on.

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What Is the Cause Of Pigeon Diarrhea?

Though there are many reasons why the signs may emerge, in some cases, gastroenteritis, Coccidiosis or Trichomoniasis may cause green-colored diarrhea. Hence, the pigeon green poop treatment depends upon the type of infection that the bird has contracted.

It has been seen that coccidiosis, a parasitic disease affects the intestinal tract of animals and birds due to the coccidian protozoa. Usually, it spreads by the ingestion of infected tissue or coming in contact with the feces of an infected animal/bird.

Other than that, pigeons may release watery droppings or liquid stool that is usually yellowish or greenish in color. It may be mixed with mucus and blood.

The treatment depends upon the type of the disease that is causing this symptom, as this is not an independent disease.

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Pigeon diarrhea symptoms may be, due to any of these reasons:

  • Tuberculosis,
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Colibacteriosis
  • Consumption of contaminated water
  • Insufficient or unbalanced nutrition due to lack of minerals and vitamins
  • Presence of worms
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Frequent exposure to cold and drafts
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Goiter inflammation

The reasons behind pigeon-green diarrhea may be infectious in nature. It will weaken the immune system of the pigeon and increase the chances of growth in the GI tract.

Varied consistency and colors

A sick pigeon will pass a watery stool and it is usually green in color. The watery droppings may even have trace elements of blood along with mucous if it results from coccidiosis, salmonella infection, or vitamin-K deficiency.

You may even notice that watery stool may be yellow or white in color if it results from paramyxovirus infection, helminthiasis, staphylococcus, streptococcal infection, aspergillosis, or capillary disease.

The pigeon diarrhea symptoms may differ depending upon the infection that the pigeon has been afflicted with. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a veterinary doctor immediately after noticing watery diarrhea.

Do not ignore the issue as it can weaken your pigeon while the sick pigeon can infect more birds in the loft.

What Are the Symptoms Of Coccidiosis In Pigeons?

Coccidiosis (also known as coccidiosis or intestinal coccidiosis) is caused by a coccidian parasite that belongs to the Eimeriidae family. The common symptoms of coccidiosis in pigeons are –

  • Severe watery diarrhea that may be blood-tinged or may have greenish mucus
  • Inappetence
  • Weight loss leading to emaciation
  • Droopiness
  • Depression
  • Inactivity due to debilitation
  • Dehydration due to lack of thirst
  • Tremors and convulsions
  • The decrease in egg production
  • The decreased growth rate in young birds
  • Ruffled feathers
  • Pale skin due to de-pigmentation
  • Secondary infection caused by another infectious agent
  • Death

It is essential to consult with a veterinary doctor as quickly as possible after noticing diarrhea to prevent death or severe weakness.

An experienced doctor can provide the correct pigeon loose motion treatment after diagnosing the disease.

It has been noticed that typically young pigeons get infected or those that have been stressed out due to relocation, racing, lack of proper food, and water.

Older birds are infected due to the infection prevailing in the loft when sick pigeons are not isolated and tend to contaminate the water or feed with moist droppings.

What Should Be The Diet Of A Pigeon With Diarrhea?

Vitamin deficiency often causes diarrhea. Pigeons need a regular supply of vitamins A, B, E, and K. Foods like millet, wheat, fish fat, barley, carrot, etc., contain these vitamins. If your pigeon is unhealthy, don’t feed them vegetables. Instead, increase the seeds and change their combination. Make it 30% wheat, 40% of barley, 10% millet, and add corn, salt, seeds, etc.

Also, consult your vet and ask them for food supplements. Veterinary yeast is something that boosts immunity.

How To Treat A Pigeon With Diarrhea?

If your pigeon is showing symptoms of diarrhea, you can treat them at home as well in the following ways-

  • Give them fresh food and boiled water.
  • You should reconsider their diet, and in mild cases of indigestion, a solution of potassium permanganate will work.
  • If the diarrhea is infectious, antibiotic treatment is required. A combination of different medicines over 5-7 days will help the pigeons.
  • For treating dehydration, electrolyte works best.
  • It may sound strange, but pigeons are also worried by worms in their digestive system. But they are not a big deal as Piperazin can help getting rid of them.
  • If you see blood in pigeon’s droppings, give them Furagin or Coccidin as per instructions.
  • Kanimitsin will help the pigeon in case of bacterial diarrhea.

Remember, these drugs are always to be administered with care. If you can’t fully comprehend your pet’s situation, it’s better to consult the vet. Don’t give medicine if you think that the bird has different symptoms.

Usually, vets prescribe Amprolium powder as it blocks the ability of the parasite to grow and multiply. The powder is added to the water or if the bird is too sick, it is given orally.

How To Prevent Pigeon Diarrhea?

The green-watery dropping indicates that your pigeon is suffering from diarrhea. You learned about what causes it. Now, you must know how to prevent pigeon diarrhea.

  • Almost all of the digestive problems start from contaminated food and water. Thus, you must keep their feeders and water bowls clean.
  • Disinfection of the birdcage regularly is the key to ward off infections. Make a mixture of 3-4% bleach, 3% slaked lime, 2% chloramine, 2% parafoam with water and use it as a disinfectant. the disinfectant must be strong; else it will be useless and won’t clean the premises effectively.
  • Only give fresh food and water to pigeons. The better they eat, the better their digestion will be.
  • Get them vaccinated on time, just like you get your dog or cat vaccinated. It keeps the general illness and infections away.
  • Keep them away from wild birds and rodents. As they carry a bunch of viruses and bacteria to which the wild birds are immune, but it can severely affect your pet.
  • If there is a sick bird, isolate it.
  • Keep the loft dry and clean.
  • Examine bird droppings occasionally. If you see anything abnormal, consult the vet.

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