Rare Pigeon Breeds | What Are The Rarest Pigeon Breeds In The World?

There are numerous pigeon breeds in the world. You usually see some around you, on TV, in exhibitions, and some that you have never seen or heard about. 

You may only see them in pictures and wonder if they are pigeons and a rare breed. 

In this complete pigeon guide, you will learn about 8 rarest pigeon breeds in the world. They have been chosen based on their breeding and their appearance. So, check these out.

Rare Pigeon Breeds:

Victoria-Crowned Pigeon

Yes, it is a crowned pigeon. It got its name from the crown-like structure on its head. The crown is a lace-like structure that stands vertically from their head to their neck and makes them look distinct. 

It has a short face and a large body, maroon on the chest and bluish-gray everywhere else. Their red eyes also stand out, and their wings also have a beautiful maroon pattern. 

They have clay-colored legs. It is a large pigeon that is found in New Guinea and nearby places and islands. They are not great flyers and roam around the swamp forests. 

They only fly to trees to roost at night or when they feel any danger on the ground. Due to the demand for their meat, they are now endangered and are very rare.

Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

 Its real name is Treron Vernans. These beautiful birds look like a colorful palette. 

They have a dusty pink neck that covers half of their head and breast, while the other half of the breast is bright orange. 

Their feathers are green with mixed colors of gray, a little orange, laced with yellow edges. The tea green color also covers the rest of the body. They have bright pink legs and claws. 

Their eyes are bright pink and black pupils. They are medium-sized tree-dwelling birds found in forests, greenlands, parks, mangroves, and plantations. 

Their natural habitats are found in Asian countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. 

Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon doesn’t even look like a pigeon. It is a large bird with a mix of colors on its body. It is found mainly in Andaman and Nicobar islands in India and is very different from other pigeon species.

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It has long blue feathers all around its head and neck, which hangs as it bends to pick up the food. It has metallic green, bright plumage with red, orange, and blue feathers and a short white tail that pokes out from beneath it. 

It has bright red legs and toes and dark-colored eyes. The species is on the threatened list of IUCN, and you are lucky if you see this pigeon at least once in your life as it is a very shy bird that resides in dense forests. Nevertheless, it’s a magnificent bird. 

Jacobin Pigeon

They were named after French monks who used to wear hoods that covered their heads. These pigeons have a long hood around their neck, making them look like a proud fashion model. 

They are tall and slim, with a hood surrounding their face. The hood comprises 5-6 long feathers covering its head and obstructing vision. 

It has bright, big eyes at the side of its head, which are covered mainly by its hood. It is a small bird that was selectively bred, and the result is the hooded head. 

It is mostly found in India and nearby Asian countries. It is a show pigeon, and since it requires pampering, it is not suitable for domestic breeding.

English Trumpeter Pigeon

The English Trumpeter Pigeon is the result of years of selective breeding, and originated mainly in England. It has a small crest surrounding its short neck and a fluffy, small, fat, rotund body. 

Its feet are covered in feathers which hide its small feet. These muffs are quite big and develop as big as their flight feathers. Their crest is smaller and does not hide its face, but covers its neck like a small collar. 

These are small-sized birds which are mainly used for exhibition purposes. The other distinguishing feature of this breed is its trumpeting voice which sets it apart. But don’t be fooled. 

Most of the English trumpeters you see out there are not English trumpeters. Instead, they have been bred in America and are American.

Frillback Pigeon

These pigeons will immediately catch your eye due to their curly feathers resting on their wings. They are either plain or crested, with a small curly crest around their necks. 

The curls are very curly and are mostly distinctly colored from the rest of their bodies. Their curly feathers span their wings, covering their feet and near their tail. 

They are available in various colors and are mainly used for show purposes. They have a long beak, oval head, and feathers to show off. 

They originated a long time ago, and there is no trace, but they are from Darwin’s time. They are supposed to have originated in Asia Minor. 

Spinifex Pigeon

You can call it Gannaway pigeon, spinifex pigeon, plumed pigeon, or Geophaps plumifera. 

The bird is known for its distinct appearance. IT has a dusty yellow or brown body with a straight, tall plume on its head. 

The face of the bird is yellow, gray, white, classified by black lines, and the eyes are surrounded by red. They have a gray beak with a slight hint of yellow at the tip. 

Their entire body is also marked with thin gray, white, and black lines. They are small in size and live in arid and semi-arid areas of Australia. 

They are not excellent fliers and thus, choose to remain on land with a small water body nearby to help them find the food quickly and keep them cold in the extreme heat.

German Modena

The pigeon looks more like a chicken than a pigeon. It looks like you have fitted a pigeon’s features on a chicken’s body, but a tiny one. 

It is a small pigeon with a round, petite body, long neck, and long legs. They have red legs, red eyes, and a smooth body everywhere, without any distinct features. 

They have a round forehead, smooth neck, and beautiful body. The origin of the breed is known as Modena, Italy. It took 2000 years of selective breeding to arrive at this shape. 

The modern breeds you see are mostly used for show purposes and kept as pets. In some countries, like the USA, their population isn’t much and thus, are considered rare.

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Final Words

When you look at these birds, you will understand why they are on this list of rarest pigeon breeds in the world. 

They are exotic beautiful, and you don’t get the chance to meet them so easily. 

Most of these are still used as sow birds, but their breeding is quite difficult. These are bred with the utmost care so as not to lose any of their features. 

Apart from these, if you are looking for other rarest pigeons, you can see the barb pigeon, Saxon Fairy Swallow, African Green Pigeon, Nun pigeons, Saxon Field, Pouters, etc. Have fun knowing the pigeons.