Scandaroon Pigeon: Complete Breed Guide & Everything About It | Interesting Facts

What is a Scandaroon Pigeon?

One can rightly submit that the Scandaroon pigeon is one of the best results of selective breeding by pigeon fanciers because of its unique and amiable features.

The Scandaroon pigeon, also known as the Nuremberg Baghdad is a domesticated fancy pigeon crossbred from a primary ancestry of the Rock pigeon and a black variety of the common pigeon.

Origin and History of the Scandaroon Pigeon:

The Scandaroon pigeon is one of the oldest breeds among the selected pigeon breeds by pigeon fanciers as its origin dates back to the reign of Alexander the Great. This is confirmed by its name, ‘Scandaroon’, which is a Turkish word for Alexander.

Turkey is a country in Asia known for its contribution to pigeon breeds development, and the Scandaroon breed is believed to have been used by Alexander the Great as a message carrier during his conquests in the 17th century.

Though other sub-breeds such as Darwin’s Pigeon and the French Baghdad later surfaced, the ancestral place of origin of the Scandaroon pigeon is Germany. 

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Darwin’s (Scandaroon)Pigeon 

Darwin’s Pigeon was launched in 2009 to celebrate the 200th birthday anniversary and the 150 years of Charles Darwin’s Origin of species. This Scandaroon type which Darwin called the Scandaroon Runt.

French Baghdad

The French Baghdad which is taller and more upright is crossbred from the English Magpie which was shorter than a short-legged flying pigeon.

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What are Scandaroon Pigeons Used for?

Scandaroon pigeons are primarily raised as pets because of their uniquely beautiful looks, but they also serve the utility purpose of providing squab. Their excellent flying ability also makes them suitable for Pigeon racing sports.

The Scandaroon is known for its good parenting prowess, and so it is used by pigeon fanciers to boost the population of its sister species.

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What is the Flying Capacity of the Scandaroon Pigeon?

The Scandaroon pigeon has a high flying capacity and can fly at a speed of 55Km/h.

How to Identify a Scandaroon Pigeon?

The Scandaroon pigeon has an outstanding look that makes it impossible to be mistaken for another breed of the Rock pigeon. Its unique physical features include its long neck, curved and properly developed heavy beak, long neck and legs, and eye wattles. 

The eye color of the male Scandaroon pigeon is red, while the female one has brown-colored eyes.

Color Types of the Scandaroon Pigeon

The Scandaroon pigeon color is traditionally white and black, but it can be self-colored to your taste or pied. Popular colors are white, black, blue, red, and yellow.

In England, the most notable is the pied type, usually with a white head, a colored patch beneath the beak, white wings, and a colored tail.

Behavioral characteristics of the Scandaroon Pigeon:

Though ugly at a first sight from afar, this pigeon breed is calm, quiet, intelligent, and interesting to keep as a pet.

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What is the Size of the Scandaroon Pigeon?

Though the adult male Scandaroon pigeon is heavier in size than the female ones, the Scandaroon pigeon is one of the heaviest pigeon breeds. The average weight of the adult Scandaroon pigeon is 1.8kg.

How do you Raise and take care of the Scandaroon Pigeon?

Raising and caring for the Scandaroon pigeon is cheaper and more convenient than raising and caring for the other breeds of the same ancestry. 

One of the major reasons for this is that, unlike other breeds, it needs less food to survive. 

However, to have the best results from raising a Scandaroon pigeon, the following tips are advised;

  • The Scandaroon pigeon has an excellent flying ability, therefore, it is most suitable to be kept in a loft.
  • Although it feeds mainly on grains, such as wheat, millet, corn, etc, it is good you always add greens and other supplements to their foods.
  • A regular and periodic invitation of an avian vet to check on your pigeon is necessary to keep it healthy at all times.

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What Does the Scandaroon Pigeon Eat?

The Scandaroon pigeon is a herbivore. It feeds on seeds, such as barley, corn, wheat, and whole grain, and also feeds on fruits and veggies.

How Long do Scandaroon Pigeons Live?

The Scandaroon pigeon can live for a reasonably good number of years. It can live up to an average of ten years outdoor, and six years, in captivity.

How Many Eggs do Scandaroon Pigeons lay?

Scandaroon pigeons lay an average of two eggs per pregnancy and up to twenty-four in a year.

What is the Cost of the Scandaroon Pigeon?

The average cost rate of the Scandaroon pigeon is around $200.

Can the Scandaroon Pigeon Make a Good Pet?

Yes! The Scandaroon pigeon is one of the most sought-after pigeon pets because of its beautiful look. Aside from its elegant physical features, it is one of the most sensitive and attentive pigeon breeds, and it is also very calm and quiet.

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Unique Information about the Scandaroon Pigeon

  • Its physical beauty makes it a top choice pet of pigeon fanciers.
  • It is larger than the normal street pigeon.
  • It is a robust source of meat and an excellent source of protein.
  • Its unique parenting capacity makes it useful for farmers in boosting the population of other breeds.
  • It is a uniquely attentive, calm, intelligent, and interesting breed of the Rock pigeon.
  • Its unique and excellent flying capacity makes it a top choice for pigeon racing sports.
  • Its major food is grain.
  • It is relatively easier to raise and care for than the other breeds.


The Scandaroon pigeon is one of the most beautiful and fancied selected breeds from the Rock pigeon.

The unique features of the Scandaroon pigeon make it impossible to be taken for another breed of the Rock pigeon.

The Scandaroon pigeon is very cheap to raise and care for, and also makes a good pet.

When considering raising a breed of the Rock pigeon for multiple benefits, the Scandaroon pigeon is a perfect choice as it not only serves as a good pet but also a good source of squab and is a leading breed in pigeon racing.

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