Strasser Pigeon: Care, Breeding, Maintenance | Everything about it:

Origin and History of the Strasser Pigeon:

One can not talk about fancy pigeons without making mention of the Stasser pigeon because of its beautiful and unique features that agree with what makes a bird a fancy one.

The Strasser pigeon is one of the many fancy pigeon breeds developed by pigeon lovers from the Rock pigeon ancestry.

It came into existence some centuries ago from Germany through a selective breeding process by a domesticated pigeon fancier. 

The Strasser pigeon got its name from the German pigeon fancier and geneticist, Baron Franz Strasser who made an enormous contribution to pigeon genetics.

What is Strasser Pigeon used for?

The Strasser Pigeon primarily serves as a rich source of squab, which is a delicacy in Europe and parts of Asia. 

However, due to its beautiful nature, the Strasser pigeon has over the years gone out of the box as just a source of food and finds its relevance in another area of life. 

The Strasser pigeon has become relevant in the entertainment world of humans as it is now mainly used in pigeon exhibition shows.

The Strasser pigeon is also a top choice pet of pigeon lovers

Do Strasser Pigeons Fly?

The Strasser Pigeon can fly and possesses an average flying capacity.

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Types and Varieties of the Strasser Pigeon 

The primary color of the Strasser pigeon is white. However, the male ones have black bars and bands on their wings and tails, their primary color is also white. 

Having white as its primary color does not mean that you can not find other color markings mixed with the Strasser pigeon’s conspicuous white. These colors include blue, black and white, yellow, checkered blue, barred red, lark, blue barred, and black lace.

The eyes of the Strasser pigeon are usually black and covered with a red ring.

How Can You Identify The Strasser Pigeon? 

Although it shares some features with the Modena pigeon and the King pigeon, the Strasser pigeon has its unique features.  

It is quite very tall and slim with a long neck that holds a triangle-like shaped head. Its wings are wide and its tail, long, wide, and full. Its eyes are relatively minor and its feet, wiry. The tail offers feathers to the trunk.

The ideal weight of the Strasser pigeon is 700 grams to 750 grams.

How do you Raise and take care of the Strasser pigeon?

The Strasser pigeon is a very calm and easy-to-maintain domestic bird. 

While all the Rock pigeon breeds maintain the same existence culture, the Strasser pigeon has its preferences of raising and caring culture. 

Below are the tips on how to raise and take care of your Strasser pigeon.

  • While they prefer to stay outside, especially during the daytime, you can also keep your Strasser pigeon in a loft.
  • The Strasser pigeon likes to make a mess of the area. To prevent the environment from being messed up and to avoid frequent cleanups, you should cover the base of its cage with wood chips or hay to absorb its droppings. This can help you reduce your cleaning task to once or twice a week.
  • This breed of pigeon loves to bathe with water all the time. It will be good if you do not only provide them with a source of bathing(like a bathtub)but also on regular basis change the bathing water to avoid a buildup of bacteria.
  • The Strasser pigeon consumes a lot of food. Some people have owned this to its size. To have the best result from your Strasser pigeon, it is good you feed them well. While it is one thing to feed your Strasser pigeon well with quantity, it is another thing to feed it well with quality. It will be the best practice to not only feed your Strasser pigeon with just cereals but also with greens and other supplements, while you make sure that their source of drinking water is hygiene-proven.
  • Because of its sensitivity to light and noise, you should make sure that your Strasser pigeon is kept in a dark place during the night.
  • Always invite an avian vet to check on your Strasser pigeon to keep it all-time healthy.

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What do the Strasser pigeons Feed on?

Strasser pigeons feed on cereal grains, such as millet, oat, corn. To add some nutritional value to their feeding, it is always good to add some handfuls of greens and grasses to their feeding.

How Long can a Strasser Pigeon Live? 

The average lifespan of a Strasser pigeon is between the date of birth to six years. However, when properly cared for, it can live up to fifteen years or even more.

Can you Keep Strasser Pigeons as pets?

The friendliness and calm nature of the Strasser pigeon makes it a top choice of pigeon pets keepers. The Strasser pigeon is easy to care for and makes a good companion.

How Many Eggs Do Strasser Pigeons Lay?

The Strasser Pigeon lays two eggs per pregnancy and lays up to twelve periods in one year. This makes you expect twenty-four eggs per year. However, It is important to note that all the eggs may not hatch as some may become infertile.

How Much Does a Strasser Pigeon Cost?

The minimum cost of a Strasser pigeon is around $200.


The Strasser pigeon, one of the many selected breeds from the Rock pigeon ancestry originated from Germany.

It serves both utility (ie as a source of food) and exhibition cum pet purposes.

This domesticated bird, if properly taken care of, can live up to fifteen years or even beyond. It is relatively cheap to raise and care for and makes a very good pet.

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