5 Things To Know Before Buying Pigeons As Pets

Pigeons are known for sending messages during ancient times and today they are used for racing and breeding because of their navigational power. They are also good at being pet birds and they remain loyal to their owners. Here are the five things to know before you own them.

Things To Know Before Buying Pigeons As Pets


Before welcoming a pigeon buy a loft for your feathered friend. Make sure the cage is large enough for your pet to roam around,  flap its wings and stretch its legs. 

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Be careful about the loft materials, the wood, the metal sheet, the wires, the nails, and the other parts that should not affect your pet either way. Make sure that the metal sheet and the nails don’t pierce or injure the pet. The wires should be fixed appropriately so that it doesn’t harm when your pet moves around. 


Pigeons are the prey for hawks and eagles, so keep your pets in a safe environment. It is also the prey for cats. If you keep the loft outside your house just make sure that your pets don’t tempt their predators. Be careful of the other domestic animals if you have any and keep them away from your feathered friend.

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Pigeons have an adverse effect on extreme weather conditions. They cannot survive when it is extremely cold or hot. Make adequate shelter according to the climatic conditions. When it is too hot, place the loft under a shadow and increase ventilation, when it is cold you can go for heating systems. 

Smoking is injurious to health, it will also have an adverse effect on pigeon’s health. Provide a smoke-free environment for your pet. Also, make sure that your pet is away from air fresheners, perfumes, and other artificial fragrances because these will cause damage to their respiratory system.


Proper nutrition and diet are very important for your feathered friend to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is advised to feed them with raw grains and seeds. Grains include barley, wheat, corn, sorghum, and seeds such as legume seeds, peas, soybeans. Apart from these, fresh fruits and vegetables can also be served. 

There are also some commercial foods available but before you buy identify whether they have added any artificial chemical substances to them. You can consult a veterinarian for a portion of good commercial food.

Always provide enough and clean water for your pet and keep it next to the food in more than one container. Water should be changed frequently and the food containers should be kept clean. Pigeons rise early if they see the sunlight. So be prepared to wake up early and feed your pet on time.

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Pigeons will chew and bite. So before going to them check what you wear.

Avoid wearing clothes that have small stones and other fashion items that attract your pet to bite. 

Sanitary Measures

Pigeons are messy, no matter what they keep their places untidy. Their droppings are the most inconvenient ones. They scatter the foods and water inside their cages. This may lead to parasitic infections. 

It is easy to clean a loft quickly using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Pigeon pants are suggested because the pants are easy to use and less harmful to your pet but should be changed every 3 hours. You can use pesticides and sanitizers prescribed by a veterinarian to avoid infections and diseases.

Pigeons like to take baths daily, keep bathing containers so that they enjoy some time in the water. It keeps your pet cool and prevents them from skin-borne diseases.

Before bringing your pigeon home, check for a nearby veterinarian. In case if you find your pet behaving wired, it will be easy to contact him at the earliest.


When it comes to pet birds, first we have to invest our time with them. We have to spend some quality time interacting with them, serving the food, helping them in grooming and taming. Pigeons will get easily adapt to their owner if they had good care for their pet. 

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The average life span of a pigeon is 10 to 15 years. The good attention of the owners will help in increasing their life span. If it is well-cared, the pet will come around you for many years and can be a part of your life too.

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