Thuringian Color Pigeon: Complete Breed Guide | Bird Profile | Care | Interesting Facts:

Pigeons have been domesticated for thousands of years, primarily as field race birds and messenger birds. 

There are about 300 species of wild and domestic pigeons, among them, Thuringian Color pigeons have attractive features.

Thuringian Color Pigeons are native to the Thuringia region and are sought after for their attractive plumage and markings. 

Since 1876, Thuringian Color breeds have been one notable domestic pigeon species in Germany.

The popular German domestic pigeons come under the subgroup of Thuringian Color Pigeons and have had huge demand over these species in ancient times.

Below are some interesting facts and the history of Thuringian Color Pigeons.

Where do Thuringian color pigeons breed hail from? 

The Thuringian color pigeons are descendants and lineage of the wild rock pigeons just like other domesticated pigeon breeds. 

These fancy pigeon breeds are inherited and developed over years of selective breeding and a subgroup of the color pigeons.

These color pigeons are well-known for their different varieties of colors, structures, and plumage markings. Thuringian color pigeon breeds originated from the Thuringia region, Germany, and then spread to many cities and countries.

Their varieties are famous and fascinate many breeders and fanciers in Europe and other continents. These groups of pigeons are clean-legged and have either shell or plain crest.

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What are the varieties of Thuringian-coloured pigeons?

The Thuringian color pigeons varieties include 

  • Thuringian Breast
  • Thuringian Shield 
  • Thuringian Spot
  • Thuringian monk
  • Thuringian Whitetail

These breeds are loved and adored among humans due to their exquisite appearance, elegant and attractive plumage markings. In addition, these color pigeon varieties can fly longer distances than other domesticated pigeons and are winged by nature.

Often, Thuringian-colored pigeons have pointed caps and smooth feet as well as capped or smooth heads.

The colored pigeons were declared as race birds in ancient times, many breeders domesticated these types of varieties for sports in Europe.

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What are the features of Thuringian color pigeon breeds?

These domesticated pigeon breeds are bred in Thuringia, have smooth feet and capped heads. Some varieties have unique and attractive features, distinctive from other German domestic pigeon breeds.

These birds’ well-crafted and delicate body characteristics attract eyes and become popular in ancient history. Some popular Thuringian color pigeons breeds features are

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Thuringian Color Breast

Thuringian Color Breast is the oldest breed among the group of color Pigeons and appears similar to the solid country dove. Thuringian Breasts have horizontal posture with smooth paws and sharp tuft.

The Black Thuringian Colour Breast variety has a white shoulder, with a well-curved head titled forehead with sharp tuft and well-marked upwards.

Birds have a special ability to change their eye color according to their dark and contours thin plumage. Their beaks are medium length with well-developed nostrils.

They have long and large wings, which can cover their long and slightly inclined back. Their tail wings are also large and attract people with their beauty.

 They have dark brown, black, blue, and yellow well-developed, close-fitting and smooth plumage. Their paws are medium length with nails and without any small feathers.

Thuringian Spot

The fancy pigeon Thuringian Spot is also one of the oldest and ancient race breeds, which is a common and famous Thuringian Color pigeon group with well winged and high ability to fly longer miles.

In ancient times, Thuringian Spots were considered tall, strong, and graceful birds, which were commonly used in ancient race fields and popular with racers.

Thuringian Spot is considered the strongest breed among the group of Thuringian Color pigeons and is tagged as the strongest bird in the field.

They have a horizontal stance with long wings that stay firmly and closely to each other. Their broad shoulders and well-built chests are covered with strong feathers and their back is slightly curved.

Their tail wings meet in the middle and show their grace lengthy, but never intersect with each other.

Thuringian color pigeons are one old species, with lesser-known information about them. It is important to recognize and remember this beautiful species.