Toucan Predators | Do Toucans Have Any Predators? – If so, What Aare They ?

Toucans are endemic to the harsh and unpredictable terrains of lowland and tropical rainforests. Life, for them, can not be without dangers. They have to face predators and overcome other challenges too. 

Do toucans have any predators?

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Yes, toucans have some predators which they have to watch out for. Species that have access to the treetops where toucans live can pose danger to them. Bigger birds like hawks, eagles, and owls attack these colorful birds.

Swift-climbing animals like jaguars, margays, and coatis also invade toucan nests and prey on the birds and their young.

Reptilian species including boa-constrictors and pythons may also feed on birds and their eggs in the rainforest. 

How do toucans protect themselves from predators?

The large beak of a toucan may look intimidating but it can’t do much harm. So, to protect themselves, toucans strike their bill against a branch to show aggression and scare off predators. 

More often, they use their shrill cry to warn nearby toucans of the danger and to frighten the predator.

What do toucans prey on? Are toucans predators too?

Toucans love fruits and can make long trips in search of them. Apart from berries, bananas, and other delicious fruits, toucans also eat nuts which are easily available in the rainforest.

This is not all. These birds can also feed on insects, frogs, lizards, and even fish. They have been known to eat other small birds and chicks as well. 

In captivity, they are fed special pellets which contain fruit, insects, and all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 

What other threats do toucans face?

One of the largest threats to toucan populations is habitat loss. 

As rainforests are being razed down to make concrete jungles and farmland, the trees toucans nest in and feed on are rapidly diminishing. 

This makes it harder for them to find food and hence, to survive. 

The yellow-browed toucanet, which lives in a very small range in Peru has lost most of its habitat and is now endangered. Most other species fall into the threatened category. 

Hunting is also a major threat to these birds. Their colorful beaks are unique and the birds are also beautiful. 

Hunters and poachers often mimic the sound of these birds to lure them and then kill them. Their bodies are stuffed and hung on walls as trophies. 

Sometimes, toucans are captured illegally and sold at high prices as pets. 

Do toucans eat other toucans?

Absolutely not. Though toucans are solitary birds and don’t usually live in large flocks, they still do not eat other toucans. 

Do toucans eat their babies?

Toucans do not eat their babies. Actually, they take very good care of their young with both parent toucans contributing to the feeding and protecting of their nestlings. 

Do monkeys eat toucans?

Monkeys are quick and strong and they live in the treetops where toucans live. So yes, they can easily catch and eat toucans and other small birds. 

Does a jaguar eat a toucan?

Jaguars are large animals with large appetites. In the rainforest, they will always try to catch larger prey like deer, capybaras, or monkeys. 

However, if they are really hungry, they may eat birds like toucans and small reptiles like lizards.


Toucans are smart and playful birds but their life in the rainforest is not without perils. They are food for many larger species of animals like jaguars, monkeys, carnivorous snakes, and birds like eagles and owls. 

Toucans are also predators in the food chain and eat small rodents, birds, and insects. Predators are not the only threat to these beautiful birds. 

They are facing depleting habitats and are also targeted by hunters and poachers for the pet trade and as hunting trophies.

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