What Do Pigeons Symbolize? | How Does It Relate Or Affect Your Life

Pigeons are called flying rats. Why? Because they can be seen everywhere around humans and have mingled with their life like milk and sugar. Plus, they are not very hygienic, just like rats. They fly, they breed, they coo, and poop on your cars and windowsills.

But is that all to pigeons? Of course not. They are the messengers, the symbol of peace, the angels who fly between heaven and sky. Did anyone tell you how lucky you are to see a pigeon in a dream? This bird is not untouched by the cultural and social beliefs which are connected to its appearance.

What do pigeons symbolize? 

For centuries, pigeons are believed to symbolize virtues such as friendship, compassion, love, and harmony. In many cultures, pigeons are believed to be carriers of good luck. Poets and authors represented pigeons as symbols of peace, kindness, and mercy. 

Some cultures, however, regard pigeon coo as a sign of mourning and sorrow. According to Occult, the appearance of a pigeon symbolizes the need for introspection. 

Character Traits Of Pigeons:

  1. Persistence – Pigeons symbolize persistence. They do not give up easily in the face of adversity. You can understand this fact from observing pigeons in your daily life. You can notice how well they have adapted to overcome the challenges of city life such as finding food and shelter in the concrete jungles.
  1. Love – Pigeons mate for life. They are devoted lovers and possess a single partner throughout their life. Hence, literally and artistically, they are portrayed to symbolize love and belonging. 
  1. IntelligencePigeons are intelligent birds. They can navigate thousands of kilometers without being misled. They have the intelligence of a 3-year-old child and can recognize faces. They are aware of their surroundings and are always on the guard. 
  1. Friendliness – Pigeons are very friendly birds. They do not harm anyone in their vicinity and are easy to befriend. They have coexisted with humans from ancient times and are often used as symbols of friendship and harmony. 

Pigeons In Different Cultures

  • Femininity and Motherhood – The ancient civilizations such as Sumerians and Phoenicians associated pigeons with femininity, fertility, and maternity. Their goddesses were portrayed holding a pigeon to showcase these characteristics.   
  • Hope – in Hindu culture, pigeons symbolize Yama, who is one of the ashta dikpalakas and the god of death. Seeing a pigeon is believed to bring about transformation in life. 
  • Heavenly Messengers – Christians consider pigeons as heavenly messengers. They are supposed to be loyal messengers of God, who carry divine messages. 
  • Balance – Chinese culture considers pigeons to be associated with Yin and Yang, the positive and negative life forces. Pigeons signify balance and transition according to Chinese beliefs
  • In Greek and Roman traditions, it is often associated with Aphrodite, the symbol of love.
  • In Celtic culture, they are considered a symbol of good fortune. They are believed to connect with the two realms as they fly between the sky and earth.
  • In Egyptian culture, the bird is a symbol of longevity, full of life and virginity.
  • In short, almost every culture in different parts of the world considers them spiritual birds.

Are You Pigeon Spirited?

A positive person with a positive mindset at all times is often referred to as a spirited pigeon person. A pigeon has a heart of gold; they see good in everything and everyone. Pigeon-spirited people are kind, protective, polite, persistent, committed, forgiving, supportive, etc. They are considered to be very good friends, cooperative colleagues, understanding parents, responsible kids, and good human beings.

These are the traits you can learn from a pigeon. People who are too good to be true are pigeon-spirited. These traits may land them into trouble sometimes, as, in a selfish world, such a spirit is rare but much needed.

What Does Pigeon Tattoo Mean?

As pigeons fly high in the sky and symbolize peace and love, people get pigeons tattooed on their bodies. Those who are free-spirited and want to fly in their life, i.e., cherish freedom, get them inked. They make a nice symbol for first-time tattoo-getters.

The Meaning Of A Pigeon In Dream

If you see a pigeon in a dream, it is believed that it is a message from the almighty that you will soon receive a good opportunity. They come as a symbol of hope and creativity in your life. They are also a symbol of inspiration.

Also, if a pigeon comes to you, it is considered that good luck is flying towards you.

Myths About Pigeons

If a pigeon poops on you, don’t be angry. In some cultures, it is believed that good luck is on its way to you.

It is also said that if you see a pigeon perching near a funeral, they are the soul of your loved one. But, Christians believe that if you see a pigeon sitting on a chimney, it is a bad sign.


Pigeons are friendly birds that symbolize love, luck, and harmony. They are the fore bringers of transformation and hope. The belief that pigeons are a bad omen and bring bad news is a superstition that is passed down from generations.

So don’t scorn when you see a pigeon and remember they are beautiful creations of God.

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