What Does A Toucan Look Like? Pics Of A Toucan Bird:

You must have seen a toucan, the funny bird with a large colorful bill that makes funny noises. It is a toucan. 

It’s a tropical bird that is mostly found in deep rainforests. Its intelligence, colorful wings, and the bill have made it famous. 

Many people also think it is a type of woodpecker, but it is false

What Does A Toucan Look Like?

Approximately 40 types of toucans are found, and they all differ based on their size and color. Some of these are discussed here-


It isn’t a type of toucan but a species that is classified as the species of big toucans. It includes token species like Choco Toucan, Green-billed Toucan, Toco Toucan, Yellow-Throated Toucan, etc. 

These large birds have an average size of 17-24 inches. Their bills are mostly one-third of their total length. Different species have different colored bills. 

As its name suggests, the green-billed toucan has a green bill, a dark green head, a yellow chest with a hint of red, and a red lower body with black feathers.

A choco toucan has a dual-colored bill- yellow on top and green bottom. It has a yellow chest and neck and a dark green body.

Toco Toucan is also a ramphastos with an orange-colored bill that is blue-tipped. It has a white throat, blue and yellow eye-ring, and a black body. 

The yellow-throated toucan is again a beautiful Ramphastos bird with a large bright yellow and brown bill. 

The body is dark with a maroon under plumage feather. It has a yellow eye-ring and a yellow throat. 

Of all these, Toco Toucan is the most widely seen. The other ramphastos toucans are keel-billed toucan, Citron throated toucan, white-throated toucan, etc.


It is another group of species of toucans and is known as mountain toucans. Why? Because they live in the Andes in South America and love heights.

Gray-breasted mountain toucan is found in Ecuador and Peru. It has a red, yellow, and blue bill, dark gray head, light gray breast, brown feathers, red-tipped black tail, and yellow and red plumage.

It is a small-looking toucan with a red and blue bill adorned with a white dot, blue head, light blue throat, a blue and yellow eye-ring, and red plumage with brown feathers.

Then there is the Black-Billed Mountain toucan with a black beak, blue head, white throat, light blue chest, and brown feathers.

All of these are medium-sized toucans.

Green Toucanets

These green toucanets can be spotted very quickly, but not when you are roaming among trees. 

They are bright green, near passerine toucanets native to Mexico and America. They have a yellow bill with a hint of brown. They are found at altitudes but don’t hate lowlands. 

They are only 12-16 inches long. The green toucanets are crimson-rumped, blue-banded toucanets, groove-billed toucanets, emerald toucanets, etc. 

Dichromatic Toucanet

It includes six different species of Toucans and falls in the Ramphastidae family. 

Guianan Toucanet is found in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, etc. It is 25-35 cm long. 

The males and females look different. The male has a black neck, throat, nape, chest, black and red bill, and dark green feathers. 

They also have blue eye-ring. Females are the same except for the black; they are gray.

The yellow-eared toucanet is small-sized. It has a white and black bill, yellow eye-ring, and yellow-marked ear with a black head, chest, and neck. 

The wings and feathers are olive green with red plumage. 

The golden-collared toucanet looks like a yellow-eared one, but the golden collar is different. Also, it has yellow legs.


The aracaris belong to the genus Pteroglossus. They include curl-crested aracari, green aracari, ivory-billed aracari, many-banded aracari, collared aracari, black-necked aracari, and saffron toucanet, Pale-mandibled aracari, red-necked aracari, Chestnut-eared aracari, etc. 

What sets them apart is their bright-colored body and their patterned bills. They are also medium-sized toucanets that reside in South America. 

What Is The Size Of A Toucan?

Different toucans have different sizes. There are small toucans that size only 11 inches, and then there are bigger ones that size up to 25 inches. 

How Heavy Does A Toucan Weigh?

Toucans don’t weigh much. It might look like their bill must take them a heavy bird, but it is not true. They are lightweight birds. 

Their bills are made of keratin, adding nothing to their weight. The smaller toucans weigh 130-150 grams, while the large ones weigh up to 700 grams.

How Long Is A Toucan’s Beak?

A toucan’s beak is one-third of its total size. So, if it is an 11-inch toucan, its bill might be 3-4 inches. 

The baby toucan bill is negligible, and they look like normal birds with no hair on their body. As they grow up, the bill starts growing too. 

What Color Is A Toucan Bird?

Toucan birds are multi-colored birds. They are found in every color. 

There are yellow toucanets, green toucanets, saffron toucanets, black toucans, brown-feathered toucans, and various other colors of toucans. 

Why Do Toucans Have A Large Beak?

Toucans live majorly in rainforests. They are tropical birds, and they mainly eat fruits. The large beak has various uses. 

First, it helps them to eat big fruits easily. Also, they can ward off predators with it. 

The most important role of the large beak is to find mates. They throw fruits and nuts at their prospective mate to get their attention. 


Toucans are beautiful birds. They are popular as pets too. 

They are found abundantly in the forests, and their colors always surprise people; they wonder at the marvel creation of God. 

Since there are so many of these beautiful birds, it may be hard to recognize them.

This guide includes a detailed appearance of some of the most popular toucan species. 

So, next time when you are looking for toucans, hope you will recognize them.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds