What Happens If A Lovebird Mate Dies? Can You Have A Single Lovebird?

Lovebirds are highly preferred pets that human beings usually keep in pairs.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Owing to this empirical fact, there are myths that purport that these beautiful species of friendly birds cannot be kept as a single pet. Even if kept in a pair, they are likely to die after losing their partner.

However, vigilance on the part of the lovebirds’ owner and filtering false information is essential to ensure the proper upbringing of the birds 

What happens if a lovebird mate dies?

The loss of a lovebird mate can be traumatizing for the partner. The most common changes seen in the partner after the death of a mate are:

  1. Screaming: These birds scream more continuously and there is pain in their voice.
  1. Sadness: The lovebird may lose its keenness to play. Not only this but the spark in its eyes may also be lost.
  1. Searching: The bird tries to find its partner at the spots where they played and ate together, preened each other, or the spots dear to them as a couple.
  1. Loss of appetite: The saddened bird might abandon eating which is one of the most noticeable signs of its grieving. Even its favorite food ceases to interest it.
  1. Calling out: It tries to call out its partner as it is totally confused as to what is happening in its environment and needs time to process the loss just like human beings.

Do lovebirds know when their mate dies?

Yes, lovebirds are very receptive to solitude. They can easily know when they have a mate and when they are lonely, all by themselves.

Since they are monogamous, they tend to form a very strong bond with their respective partners. Loss of the mating partner shows significant grieving behavior in lovebirds.

Do lovebirds die if their partner dies?

No, lovebirds do not die on the loss of their companion. It is obvious that their behavior becomes very erratic but it is a myth that they die due to this.

Nonetheless, some researchers point to the fact that these birds cannot have a long life if they lose their partners. 

This generally happens in the case when the grieving period is prolonged and takes a serious toll on the health of the lovebird.

Can they die from a broken heart?

No, they cannot die from a broken heart. But it should be noted that this applies to the general cases only where the owner compensates for lack of love from mate lovebird.

This helps in ending the period of depression within a few weeks and the lovebird then adapts to living without the particular partner.

Can lovebirds live without a partner?

No, it has been noticed that lovebirds, being highly social species, cannot live without a partner.

However, if one decides to bring up a single lovebird, it must be understood that proper attention is essential for the bird. 

Companionship throughout the day is what makes these birds happy. If not another partner from their own species, they would definitely need one in the form of a human being.

A number of questions surround lovebirds and their need for a partner, each depending on the owner’s personal experiences. A few of them are discussed below:

Why do lovebirds die when they are separated?

This happens in the most unusual of circumstances. It should be a direct indicator to the owner that they have been unable to provide adequate affection to the bird after separation. Their social needs have been ignored.

The best solution in such cases is to let the lovebird be free if you cannot change your lifestyle in its favor.

What do you do when one lovebird dies?

  • Be as affectionate and caring towards them as possible. This will facilitate quick recovery. Get a new partner for your lovebird at the earliest.
  • Even though the bird might show signs of happiness, keep a regular check on its behavior. This will help the bird even further as it can sense care quite easily.

Can I keep only one lovebird, or do they have to be in pairs?

It totally depends on the time you can give to your pet. 

In case you have a busy schedule and can afford to only say a bye on your way to the office, it is always recommended to keep them in pairs.

But, if they are to be kept as a single bird, one must make sure that enough love is provided to the pet. It should be reimbursed for the shunned contact with members of its own species.

One should also be aware that caged birds breed readily. If you are not prepared to handle an entire family, it is better to keep a single lovebird and fulfill all its needs instead of separating a family later.

Should you get more than two lovebirds in one cage?

This is usually discouraged because lovebirds are squabbling birds that are very particular about their territory. 

If you keep more than a pair in one cage, it is likely that they will kill the others of their own kind because one cage is considered to be one territory in itself.

The dispute might lead to stress, anxiety, and an adverse impact on the health of all birds. 

Therefore, it is advisable to have more than a pair only if mutually exclusive space can be provided for the new ones.


It can be said that lovebirds need to be kept with great precaution in mind. 

No matter whether they are kept as single, in a pair, or more than that, you, as an owner, need to ensure that they are given enough social interaction.

This interaction must also not turn into you putting more than two lovebirds together in a single physical space. 

Do regard the fact that excess of everything is a bad and your excessive fondness for keeping more of these attractive birds should be accompanied by the provision of different territories to them.