What To Feed Chickens Raised For Meat?

Millions of people love to take a bite of nice juicy and tasty chicken as a source of protein.

Broiler owners always try to keep their chicken look healthy and free of any disease. But, like any other animals or birds, chickens also fall sick.

Besides, many hens or roosters just don’t appear fat due to genetic factors.

Following are the aspects related to fattening up chickens organically for slaughter.

How to make chickens gain weight?

Normal feeding:

Chickens love to eat as long as the food is available. So give more food and fresh water so that the birds eat and drink more frequently. Standard feed in the larger ration can fatten them fast.

Natural food supplement:

Just feeding worms may not fatten up your chickens. Instead, give them supplements like whole wheat, cracked corn, soy, etc., to help them gain weight. Besides, give them crumbles, mash, and pallets.

There are a few proven ways of fattening broilers that are very easy to follow and execute.

Never starve the broilers:

Bigger chickens mean more profit. Customers would love to buy a lovely-looking chicken that is healthy and have more meat.

Unfortunately, many broilers don’t grow well or become fat due to genetic issues. But, you can at least make them grow average and remain healthy by continuously giving them good food and fresh water.

Also, buy good broilers’ breed from a noted farm for commercial purposes.

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Formulate their diet:

Broilers can gain weight by picking up formulated food.

  • Keep the chickens having the same weight and size in a single growing pen.
  • Then, give them an abundance of regular food and supplements.

Keeping same-sized birds together will lead them to eat well without the interference of bigger chickens snatching their food. 

How to help sick chickens gain weight?

Ill chickens also need proper food for fast recovery. Add extra nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, etc., along with lots of water to keep them hydrated.

Sick birds do not want to eat due to loss of appetite. So you have to keep checking them and feeding them.

What to give sick chickens to eat?

Scrambled eggs: 

Chickens love to eat eggs. Sick broilers can get the needed protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat from eggs. You can add butter or olive oil in little quantity with scrambled eggs.

Mashup and let the birds enjoy. You can boil eggs and mash the yolks for chickens with little appetite.


Chickens love mealworms rich in iron and protein. Also, mealworms help in stimulating the appetite of the chickens.


Add plain yogurt to the chickens’ diet. The active cultures present in it restore the good bacteria in the birds’ gut. But, never overdo it as the birds can suffer from diarrhea due to excessive yogurt.

Black oil sunflower seed or BOSS: 

Enriched with protein, fiber, and fat, sick chickens can get back their health by feeding the seeds.

Mixed rice: 

Don’t get a shock seeing the word ‘mixed’. This is, in fact, an excellent meal for ill chickens. Mix cooked rice with chopped vegetables, a little amount of crushed garlic, boiled and scrambled eggs. Serve them.

Pureed pumpkin: 

Pumpkins are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and lots of minerals. Also, a pumpkin is loaded with fiber. In addition, this particular vegetable regulates the digestive system.

So, if your chickens are suffering from diarrhea, give them pumpkin puree for curing the problem. Added, it also helps in treating constipating issues.

Chopped grapes: 

Help sick chickens hydrated and get proper nutrition from chopped grapes.


High in fluid content, cucumbers help chickens to rehydrate well.

These are the remedies that you can give to chickens suffering from certain illnesses. Remember, birds are fragile, and you must seek an ornithologist for the right treatment.

However, the above-mentioned food you can feed to help chickens gain weight.

Good Amount of water:

Any sick bird needs to remain hydrated. Likely, sick chickens necessitate clean, freshwater to drink.

Certain items when added to water will give more benefit to the birds:

Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Include little apple cider vinegar with mother in water to boost the immunity system of chickens.

Electrolyte powder: 

Electrolytes are known to regulate blood pH and hydration. Plus, they help in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

You will get electrolyte powders especially made for chickens in vet shops and online. Mix the powder with water.

When the birds consume it, the lost electrolytes in their body will replenish, and the rate of recovery will increase.


Add crushed garlic with water in a ratio of 4 cloves per gallon. Garlic contains natural antibiotic properties and immense health benefits.


Pedialyte can be added to chickens’ water to give them the benefits of electrolytes. Pour ½ cup Pedialyte to ½ cup water. Use the uncolored and unflavored variant. You will get Pedialyte in most grocery stores.


If the chickens refuse to drink water on their own, you have to drip electrolyte solution or water onto the birds’ beak with the help of a syringe or dropper. Do it slowly daily.


 A sick adult bird can behave like a baby. They may want to eat anything or stop eating and drinking. Consult a vet immediately.

Try the above-mentioned food and formula to help your broilers gain deserved weight.

Sprinkle their favorite food on top of specially prepared food for weight gain or recovery from illness.