Wheat For Pigeons | Do Pigeons Eat Wheat Grains? Can I Feed Squabs With Wheat?

Pigeons roam all around and look for anything to eat. Pigeons like to eat natural seeds, grains, cereals, juicy and fleshy fruits, and some small insects.  For a normal diet for pigeons, a mixture of wheat, oats, corn, barley can be given. Wheat contributes 25% of the diet.

Wheat Grains for Pigeons

Wheat is one of the favourite foods for pigeons and it is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. It also contains fat but giving too much wheat to pigeons results in unhealthy weight gain so it should be offered in smaller quantities.

Cereals play a vital role in the good diet for pigeons. It contains a larger portion of carbohydrates, a smaller quantity of proteins and minerals, and is rich in vitamin B and Vitamin C.

Pigeons like to also have corn which is rich in vitamin A and helps to maintain a good digestive system. Barley and Oats have other nutritious values which help the pigeons during the winter season and improves their immunity to handle the weather conditions.

Wheat Germ Oil for Pigeons

Wheat Germ Oil is derived from the kernel of the wheat grain and this oil is highly rich in Vitamin C when compared to the other vegetable oil. Wheat Germ Oil is mainly used at the time of Racing and Breeding since it levels up the energy, immunity,  metabolism, performance and also contains a high nutritious value.

Octacosanol boosts the nervous and muscular system. It strengthens the muscle, supports muscle growth and coordination,  increases the glucose level in muscles, decreases fatigue, and releases muscle spasms which are very important at the time of racing.

The rich content of Vitamin E helps the pigeons in  fertilization and reproduction. It is advised to give pigeons a mixture of wheat germ oil and corn two weeks before the breeding for fertility which improves the success rate of breeding. 

Wheat germ oil also helps the bird to tackle climatic changes and improves the health of feathers and skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin D build the immune system and cardiac system.

Wheat for Squabs

Squabs are young pigeons that are under four weeks old. The parents will feed their squabs till day 7 to day 10 on pigeon milk. Wheat and other cereals can be given but should be fed in small pieces. 

Hand Feed can be done three times a day and it is very time-consuming. Before hand feeding, soak the grain mixture for more than 3 hours for better feeding. 

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What not to feed the pigeons 

Grains and seeds which contain fat contents should not be given in a higher quantity. Bread and cheese should be avoided as it does not contain any nutritious value and may block the digestive tract. 

Water should be kept every time when the bird is being fed in order to avoid dehydration and it should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. 

Apart from feeding the bird with high nutritious food and diet, spending some time and caring for the bird is also important for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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