Where Do Hummingbirds Nest? Everything About Hummingbird Nests

Many birds build their house in a tree’s cavity or under the crowded branches, but hummingbirds are different. They are great architects. They build beautiful nests for their newborn babies.

Every species of hummingbird has a different nesting habit, so they choose different locations to build their nests.

Hummingbird Nest Locations

Hummingbirds are one of the most fragile birds of nature. They find a safe place for their babies to protect them from predators, weather, and other factors that can cause any harm.

In woods, they build their nests in dense bushes and thorny areas for extra protection. Today, hummingbirds are a part of civilization and make nests in unique locations, such as,

  • Any outdoor structures
  • Clotheslines, holiday lights, and decorations.
  • Near lamps or security cameras
  • Hangings such as wind chimes, statues, etc.

There are several locations around houses, gardens, buildings, etc. Female hummingbirds take a regular tour of their preferred locations and gauge it for safety.

If they are satisfied that the nest is at a suitable height, almost 3-60 feet high, they start looking for nesting material.

Hummingbirds and their babies are very lightweight; thus, even the clothesline can handle their weight.

Hummingbirds Nesting Material

The female hummingbirds pick different kinds of nesting material and make a haven for the chicks all by themselves. During nesting season, they spend hours picking the best materials and building the home. The different hummingbirds nesting materials include-

  • Spider Silk
  • Feathers
  • Cotton Fibers
  • Lichen and Moss
  • Leaves and small barks and twigs
  • Dandelions, cattails, and other similar plants and fuzz

How Do Hummingbirds Build Nest?

The materials mentioned above make a great nest. Hummingbirds weave it in the form of a bowl. It is very dense and is finished by wrapping spider silk.

Every nest size is different, and as the chicks grow, the nest expands, owing to the use of spider silk which provides it elasticity. The female bird spends hours for seven-eight days and completes it.

A base layer is created with all the materials. The silk also attaches the nest to its nesting sight, so it doesn’t fall.

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What Kind Of Tree Do Hummingbirds Like?

Hummingbirds are very lightweight, so they choose a thin branch to make the nest. It wards off predators to climb them.

Large trees are not much use to hummingbirds as they don’t use tree cavities. They prefer sheltered places, like dense branches.

Varying-sized leafy plants with bunched branches are best for them o hide their nest. Plus, it also allows them to find suitable nesting material.

They love willows, birch, witch hazel, maple, elm, mulberry, ironwood, beech, cottonwood, poplar, etc.

How Do Hummingbirds Nest?

The different species of Hummingbirds have different types of nesting habits which make them unique, which are discussed here-

Anna’s Hummingbird

The females of this species lay her egg in December. She lays a platform and lays her eggs. Then while she is incubating them, she builds the rest of the nest.

Broad-Tailed Hummingbirds

This species uses its nest year after year. They make the nest in a sheltered place with cover overhead.

Black-Chinned Hummingbird

They make their nest 6-12 feet above the ground on a dead branch of a tree.

Costa’s Hummingbirds

This hummingbird species nests in colonies. They make up six nests in a 100-foot radius in a suitable and safe location.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

The females of this species like to make their nests 40 above the ground on trees like oak, poplar, birch, pine, etc. They tie their nest using speedier silk to the tree branch.

There are other species as well, such as Blue-throated, Magnificent, calliope, Broad-billed, Rufous, etc., which have different nesting habits.

Do Hummingbirds Nest Near Feeders?

It takes several hours for the female hummingbird to build the nest. It becomes hectic to manage to find food as well as building the nest. Thus, they like to build their nest near a place that has rich food sources nearby.

If you have nectar in your backyard for them, they would love to make a nest in the nearby tree. After they have lain eggs, it is also convenient to eat and then return to the nest quickly.

Remember, it is better to plant plants that are rich in nectar. Hummingbirds need a strong immunity during the breeding season.

Infections from supplement feeders are common. If you have placed them for hummingbirds, change them on time, and fill the clean water daily.

How Big Is A Hummingbird Nest?

The size of a hummingbird nest depends on the species. They vary in size, and so do their nests. Generally, they are one inch in diameter. The nest is elastic, and as the chicks grow, it expands.

How Do You Find A Hummingbird Nest?

As the size of the nest is extremely small, it is hard to find it. First, it is situated in thick branches. Also, it is situated on a thin branch. The hummingbirds make sure that no one sees it.

Most of the time, you will find it extremely hard. But if you follow the hummingbird who is visiting the tree more often and spends a considerable time on it, you can reach the nest.

But be careful with it. You must respect their privacy. They are small birds and easily frightened.

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How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard?

If you wonder how to make a hummingbird nest for petting them, you can instead provide them with a safe environment and do the rest. What you need in your yard to attract them is-


Place a few feeders for hummingbirds. Placing too many of them will attract all kinds of birds, which may frighten them. Hummingbirds like to make nests near food sources.

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Misters and bubblers are suitable for hummingbirds so they can have a quick bath whenever they want.


Planting shrubby and leafy plants will be useful as they need shelter from weather and predators. Thorny plants or nectar-filled plants are great.

Also, keep your plants free from insecticides and pesticides, as they can poison them. Also, keep your dogs, cats, and other predators away from the yard.

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Do Hummingbirds Reuse Their Nests?

It also depends upon the species. For example, if it is a broad-tailed hummingbird, it comes back to its nest year after year. If it’s Anna’s hummingbird, it does not go back in search of its previous nest.

The hummingbird nests are made up of different materials such as cotton fiber, twigs, silk, etc. These materials are not very strong and don’t last past one breeding season.

If a hummingbird had nested in your yard last season, let the nest remain in its place. It will help the birds to build the nest from its materials, whatever can be used.

Where Do Hummingbirds Nest In Winter?

Hummingbirds can fly up to 20 miles a day. Most common ruby-throated hummingbirds fly up to 500 miles to Canada.

From October to mid-March, you can spot Anna’s hummingbird, ruby-throated hummingbird, Rufous, Costa’s Hummingbird, etc., in your backyard.

During the nesting, the female takes the burden on itself. It builds nests, lays eggs, and raises them without any assistance from males.