Where Do Peacocks Sleep? How? ( Peacocks Sleeping Habits )

Peacocks are one of the most exotic birds, belonging to the pheasant family. The birds spend most of their time foraging on the ground during the daytime and sleep during the nights. But, where do peacocks sleep at night?

Where do peacocks sleep?

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Peacocks sleep somewhere higher than the ground level, such as on a perch or a roosting bar. Like other game birds, peacocks do not spend their nights on the ground.

The birds find a roosting spot at height because of their safety from the predators including tigers, mongooses, and other large creatures which may attack them at night on the ground in the wild.

Peacocks are adapted to sleep at height even if they are in captivity and have no danger on the ground. Therefore, the birds are provided with roosting bars, baskets, perch, and benches for roosting purposes in farms and zoos. 

Peacocks should be provided with a large space in captivity. It is necessary to cover peacocks’ sleeping arrangements with a roof to protect the birds from harsh weather such as rains and windy conditions. 

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Do peacocks sleep in trees?

Peacocks generally sleep in trees at night in the wild. An hour before sunset, the birds start finding tall trees, so they can sleep at height on one of its branches. 

The birds are commonly found in jungles and densely wooded habitats in the wild. The tree reduces the risk of getting found by predators in the wild as the birds easily blend into it.

Peacocks are territorial birds that may explore many places freely but return to sleep in their territory. The birds do not change their sleeping spot until they sense any danger or discomfort. 

Many times several peacocks are seen sleeping on the different branches of the same tree. So, peacocks may roost communally as a defensive strategy like many other birds. 

Peacocks aren’t great at flying but they aren’t as bad. They can cover a decent distance and reach tall trees with the help of their wide wingspan. Even being bulky and big, the birds manage to fly to a certain height.

How do peacocks sleep?

Peacocks, like other birds, sleep while sitting with their feet tucked or locked on perches, or cling to the branches of the trees with their claws. 

When they sleep, they bury their vulnerable body parts such as feet or bills into the plumage.

The feathers of peacocks create insulating pockets of air, helping the bird in keeping itself warm. The air pockets also help in reducing body heat loss. 

Peacocks nestle down for roosting on the branches by bending their legs. The birds have a flexible tendon that contracts the peacock’s toes and talons when these birds bend their legs for resting.

At rest position, the talons get tightly locked around the perch, making it impossible for the bird to fall from the tree while sleeping. When peacocks straighten their legs for taking off, the tendon releases. 

How many hours does a peacock sleep?

A peacock may sleep for 5 to 6 hours as they sleep from dusk to dawn. The number of hours of their sleep depends on how long the night is. 

Being diurnal birds, peacocks are not capable of engaging in other activities at night without appropriate light. Therefore, the only activity left on their to-do list during nights is sleeping.

The birds sleep peacefully, utilizing the time to rest and get rid of exhaustion.

Peacocks may also take power naps of some minutes during the day whenever they are in a secure and safe spot. The birds are seen sleeping in the daytime, especially during long days.

Where do baby peacocks sleep?

The baby peacocks sleep underneath the plumage of their mother. Because the mother peahens take care of the babies till the time they become capable of taking their care themselves.  

Peahens make sure that their offspring receive warmth, so they keep the babies under their thick coat of feathers for a few weeks after hatching. 

The base of their feathers covers the offspring so nicely that one would not even notice the presence of any chicks.

The mother peahens take complete care of their offspring for almost two months before they grow feathers and fend for themselves. The offspring then start finding safe spots to sleep like other adult peacocks.

In captivity, the chicks are kept in a brooder and therefore, sleep in it. For warmth, they are provided with a heater in the shelter. 

Where do peacocks sleep in winter?

Peacocks sleep in sheltered places in winter to avoid getting cold. During chill and windy nights, the birds can not survive up in a tree and thus, find safe and warm sheltered spots. 

The birds are more comfortable in warmer climates than in winters. However, some breeds of peacocks have good tolerance towards cold and can sleep peacefully during chill nights as well.

Whereas, the Java Peacock has the lowest tolerance to cold and gets easily frosted.

Peacocks do not migrate in winters, like many other birds. They stick around at one place and find warm shelters to rescue themselves from the cold. The older peacocks have a tough time in winters than the adult ones. 

In captivity, the peacocks should be provided with good sleeping conditions in winters to protect them from frost. A heated roosting bar can be kept in a sheltered place in the corner where they do not receive a cool breeze. 

The heated bars or perches prevent the peacock’s toes from frostbite. The farms provide the birds with a large coop, a barn, or a shed so that they return to it when it’s too cold outside.  


The sleeping habits of peacocks in captivity are not much different than their sleeping habits in the wild.

Adult peafowl sleeps up at height in branches of the trees or on roosting bars in captivity. Whereas, the peachicks sleep underneath the feathers of their mothers to be safe and warm.

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