Why Do Bird Cages Need To Be Covered At Night? | Should You Do That?

Yes, you should cover your bird’s cage at night if it is facing difficulty in sleeping; it depends on the situation.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

If you ask different people if they need a blanket during the night or a sheet is enough, people will answer you differently because it depends on the weather as well as the place where they are sleeping. 

The same thing resonates with your bird as well. Some may need security and safety, while some are happy if their cage is placed anywhere near you.

Why Do Bird Cages Need To Be Covered At Night

Your bird needs protection from the noise, light, and pets, as well as it needs darkness for sleeping.

This is why you need a cage covering so that the traffic around your home doesn’t wake your bird up while sleeping, or your dog or cat doesn’t disturb or pounce on it in your absence.

However, have you ever seen a bird’s hole on the tree where they sleep? If yes, then you must know that they make a hole or just find one which provides the required security and safety. 

As a branch falls off due to its weight or due to internal decay in trees, a cavity gets created where birds start living.

This hole is covered on all sides except one, which allows entry. They customize the hole, and this dark place gives them an abode and a safe place to sleep in. It avoids rain, enemies; moreover, it makes them feel safe. 

Basically, a cozy and dark surrounding gives them a sense of protection at night. That’s why you must cover your bird’s cage before it sleeps. 

Why Must Cage Covers Be Used Carefully?

If your bird falls peacefully asleep behind the covers, it needs it. But sometimes, a cage cover is not the option. Sometimes it may create problems which are as follows-

The Bird Becomes Territorial

You create a dark, warm, and cozy environment for the bird, but it starts considering it the only home, and just like a wild bird pecks at you, if you go near its nest, your pet bird will do the same.

It gets all sentimental and territorial about its covered cage. Then some birds start looking for such dark corners, even during the bright days. So, your cage can sometimes create your bird into a little monster.


If you have used a soft fabric as a cage covering, you know that sometimes birds snatch at them and start pulling it inside.

They play with it, pull at it, shred it, and destroy it to make it useful for their nest. In the process, they ingest it. It can cause serious problems and even lead to death.

They Start Dreading It

Many people who want seclusion cover their birds and then carry off with their work. If the bird makes noise, cage covering is often used to get rid of it and “make the birds sleep by covering the cage”.

But birds are intelligent, and when they hear you talking while they are kept in the dark, it creates psychological problems. It is a sheer misuse of cage covering.

Use It Only When It Is Needed

If your bird is having difficulty sleeping, i.e., it wants to sleep but can’t, cage covering is an option. However, you should not cover the cage and hope that the bird will fall asleep.

What if it is not sleepy? You can’t make all the noise in the house and expect the bird to sleep by covering its cage. They need seclusion, darkness, as well as peace.

Air Flow

Many people make a mistake and cover the cage on all sides. A bird is a very small creature with even smaller lungs and a sensitive respiratory system.

Covering the cage can obstruct their airflow. People cover the cages and sometimes find their birds breathing rapidly in the morning. The reason can be insensible cage covering.

How To Know If The Bird Needs Cage Covering?

Whether your bird needs cage covering or not, it solely depends on where you live.

If there is so much noise in your area, you must think about placing your bird’s cage in a secluded corner of the home like your own room or a laundry room. 

If your bird’s sleep is disturbed often, or it wakes up in fright due to any noise or light, it is the sign that they need some privacy, security as well as darkness.

If your bird sleeps peacefully in a covered cage, you know the answer. If it doesn’t, try keeping him uncovered in an area where disturbance is minimum.

Most often, birds sleep peacefully in a covered cage. You may also see the signs when your bird is having a good night’s sleep.

Otherwise, they start being cranky and may look tired or calm during the day. It also depends on how you cover the cage at night.

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How Should You Cover Your Bird’s cage?

The best way is to use a cotton bed sheet. It should be a thin one that allows the movement of air. Do not cover the cage from all sides.

It should be open from the back and a few inches away from the wall. This will allow enough light as well as the required darkness in a balanced way. 

It is also advised to use a smaller cage for the night as they need a whole kind of structure. A comfortable smaller cage is always better to use as it’s easier to cover.


Do keep these things in mind while covering the bird’s cage.

  • Cover only three sides of the cage.
  • Use a cotton fabric, single layer.
  • Keep the cage at some distance from the wall.


Never do any of these.

  • Don’t use covering to isolate it or keep it away from something.
  • Don’t use it to punish the bird. It can have dangerous effects on the bird’s mind.
  • Don’t use covering for anything except sleeping time.
  • If your bird is disturbed by noise, covering will be of no use. Instead, find a place in the home where it can sleep without any disturbance.

Can You Cover The Cage Apart From The Sleeping Time?

Yes, there can be circumstances when it is wise to cover your bird’s cage even if they are not sleeping.

While you enjoy the fireworks on July Fourth, it can be a nightmare for your bird. They are startled by both light and sound.

Try to block the sound as much as possible. Cover the cage and keep it in a corner where both light and sound are minima. You can also talk to your bird in a soothing tone to calm it. They understand a lot of things.  

During the winters, it is wise to cover the cage to block the cold out. You can keep it open so your bird can see everything while being safe.

Cage covering doesn’t mean that the bird needs to be in the dark. You can use it in different manners wisely.

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Birds are also part of the family. It is your responsibility to make them as comfortable as you can.

Every bird needs 8-12 hours of sleep during the night. Make sure that your bird sleeps peacefully at night.

Give some time to understand its habits, and now that you know why bird cages need to be covered at night, do use a cage cover.

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