Why Do Peacocks Make Noise And Sounds?

Peacocks are one of the most sought-after domesticated breeds by bird pet keepers. 


Their beautiful bodies will no doubt add to the aesthetics of their host habitat.

However, one can sometimes be pissed off by the presence of these fancy birds because of their lousy nature. 

These birds are researched to be the noisiest during their breeding period.

Why Do Peacocks Make So Much Noise?

While the noise from peacocks can be annoying, it is important to note that these birds do not make noise for no reason.

One of the reasons why peacocks make noise is when a predator comes into sight around their territory. 

Immediately a predator or any larger animal enters their territory, a loud sound is made by one of the birds to alert the other ones(who echo the honking of the alarm caller-peacock) of impending danger.

Another reason peacocks make so much noise is that they always like to announce their presence with a loud noise whenever they enter their habitat. Probably their way of saying hello to other occupants of their host habitat.

The male peacock also makes noise whenever it is in the mood to mate with the female peahen.

Male (Or) Female Peacock, Which One Makes Louder Noise?

Although both the female and the male peacocks make high-pitched noise, the female one is less noisy than the male one.

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What Sounds And Noise Do Peacocks Make?

Peacocks’ high-pitched sounds and noise do not come in a regular and single sound pattern. Occasion warrants the kind of noise or sound they make. 

Sometimes, you hear sounds from them that can be mistaken for a baby’s cry, and sometimes, their sounds are like the meowing of a hungry kitten.

Peacocks also honk and scream. Whenever the peacock vibrates its tail feathers, a train rattle sound is emitted.

What Do We Call The Sound Of A Peacock?

The sound made by the peacock is called a scream.

Why Do Peacocks Meow?

The high-pitched sound, which sounds like the meowing of a cat, comes from peacocks when they see a predator or any other unfriendly creature around their territory.

Why Do Peacocks Make A Honking Sound?

Honk, the powerful squawk that sounds like a clown’s horn emitted by peacocks, is most common when the birds are in the mood to mate. Honking is used by the male peacocks to lure the female ones into mating. 

The male peacock is believed to be boasting of its ability to snag any of the female ones around with the honking sound, during the ‘hoot dash’.

The other reasons why peacocks make a honking sound is to make their presence known, to scare away enemies, and alert their fellows about the presence of a predator.

Why Do Peacocks Make Screaming Sounds?

Peacocks make screaming sounds either during the mating season or when they sense danger. 

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Why Do Peacocks Make Screaming Noise At Night?

Peacocks’ screams are most pronounced during the nighttime.

The ‘Kok-Kok or ‘ka ann-ka ann’ screaming noise from peacocks at night is usually for two reasons. 

One is to serve as an alarm to announce the presence of a predator. The other reason is to make the male peacock draw the attention of the peahen to its presence, during mating season.

Why Do Peacocks Cry?

What calls for the peacock’s cry? What happens when the peacock cries? These are some questions about the peacock’s noisy behavior that have both mythical and scientific answers.

There is a myth that the peahen gets pregnant from swallowing the tears of the peacock. 

There is another myth that connects the peacocks’ cries to the ugly look of their feet. It is in this myth that the peacock, who is aware of its beauty bursts into tears whenever it looks at its ugly feet. 

It is believed that the sight of the ugly feet makes it feel that its beauty is no more

However, the repeated honking or screaming that sounds like a mix of the cry of a baby or the meowing of a cat is usually a sign that there is a presence of danger, or the mating season has arrived.

Peacocks Tail Sounds

The drumroll-like sound and the vibration that emit from peacocks’ tail feathers are called train rattles.

How Do You Get Peacocks To Shut up?

The only way to get a peacock shut up and never to make noise in its entire life is true surgery. This is not always advisable because it exposes the bird to infections and diseases.

Other non-biological ways which you can use in controlling and reducing the noise from your peacocks are;

  • Keep them in a reasonably distant place away from your residence so that their noise and sounds can hardly be heard.
  • Installing soundproofing in their harbor is another way to minimize the echo level of the sounds emitted by peacocks. This is most recommended during the mating period when the birds make the highest noise and sounds.
  • Keeping a radio with them can also help in reducing their noise. This is because the radio will ward off predators that are most often the cause of peacocks’ noisy actions.

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Note that while it is good to minimize the noise from your peacocks, it is not advisable to get them to shut up completely. 

The sounds made by peacocks serve as a security alarm to both the peacocks and their keepers. 

This is true because peacocks are known to make the loudest sound when a predator is sighted or a non-familiar body is present.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds