Why Do Woodpeckers Peck On Houses? | How To Stop It And Get Rid Of Them:

Woodpeckers are beautiful, colorful birds known for pecking the woods of the trees, and they have pointed beaks. 

There are some differences depending on the species because there are 200 species of woodpeckers.

They live in every part of the world except Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and extreme northern regions. 

Why do woodpeckers peck on houses?

There are several reasons behind the hammering sound on houses of woodpeckers. Here are some of the reasons:

● They make this loud noise that proclaims their territory or attracts the male. They stop making this noise once the breeding season is over.

● Roosting a hole. They start making cavities at the beginning of the breeding season.

● Finding an insect. Woodpeckers are fond of larvae grass bagworms.

● Storing food. Acorn woodpeckers peck dozens of trees or houses and stack fresh foods in each one.

Why do woodpeckers generally peck?

Generally, woodpeckers peck trees in search of food or for nesting. They also drum on wood to establish their territory or to attract males.

What damages can woodpeckers cause to your house or property?

Woodpeckers can cause damage to your house. The reason behind damaging the house is the living insects inside your boards. 

According to many surveys, many houses were damaged, and the minimum loss was up to $300. They make holes in your houses, rarely found in urban areas. But if your house is near some wooded area, then your house might be in trouble.

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Strategies to control woodpeckers

Waking up to the birds could be amazing unless that bird is a woodpecker that destroys your property by pecking all around your house for insects. 

There are ways to control woodpeckers from pecking your house:

Cover all the holes as soon as possible:

Place aluminum foils because it changes the sound. It is metal, and woodpeckers don’t like shiny objects.

Plant strategic fruits trees and berry bushes:

Plant fruit trees away from your house. Avoid planting in the walls of your house.


Use some bright party balloons. The bright color will scare off the woodpecker and will scare them off.

Can woodpeckers kill humans or pet animals by pecking?

They don’t kill humans, but if you attack their nest, they will certainly try to attack you by fiercely flying around you, but this bird will not harm humans or your pet animals.

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How to stop or get rid of woodpeckers from making holes or pecking your house?

 There are ways to control or lure away the woodpeckers. Here are some of the following ways:

Remove the food source:

One of the reasons for woodpeckers to peck onto your house is the presence of insects. Because they feed on insects, it’s their primary food source.

Using a decoy feeder for woodpecker:

To make woodpeckers stay away from pecking your house, distract them away with good and tasty feed in their feeder.

Install a decoy woodpecker predator:

A good way to lure them away is to make them think there are predators near your home. There are some plastic owls available that can be mounted on any flat surface.

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Smells that repel woodpeckers away from pecking

Why repel woodpeckers? The main damage caused by them is the holes they make in the houses. 

Many birds have a strong sense of smell. But woodpeckers are way behind in this, and they don’t have a very keen sense of smell. 

So to repel them, we need a strong smell or a smell unfamiliar to woodpeckers. 

There is a list of ingredients whose smell will repel this little pecking bird.

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Peppermint and Mint oil:

Peppermint, in general, has a very strong smell. Use 10-15 drops of peppermint oil and 1 cup of water and spray around the area where you find woodpeckers destroying your house. 

Please make sure if there is any nest of woodpeckers around your spray diluted version of this oil, don’t use concentrated essential oil.

Cinnamon, Lavender, basil, rosemary oil:

These oils have a very strong smell and confuse a woodpecker’s sense of smell. 

Things like cinnamon, lavender, and rosemary are very aromatic to humans, but for woodpeckers, these are strong for their senses and can mask the smell of their food.

●    Repel woodpeckers by onion: 

Raw onion has a strong smell. Onions have a natural defense mechanism to avoid becoming dinner to insects. So as for woodpeckers, they can repel them too.

How to keep woodpeckers away from your house?

Inspect the damage first; if there are old trees around your house, they come to peck trees and eventually your house. 

Inspecting for bugs and insects living in your wood siding can be why woodpeckers destroy your house. 

Repellent pouches are also available, and the smell can cause irritation and keep them away from your house.

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Some amazing facts about woodpeckers

  • They have weird feet – Many birds have three toes facing forward and one backward, but woodpeckers have two facing forward, and two backward called zygodactyl feet. This adaptation helps them climb up the trees easily and hold on to the trees while looking for delicious larvae.
  • They don’t get any concussion after all that headbanging – Their heads hit with 1000g of force on trees. The scientist discovered that their head is designed so that they strain the force down to their body, so their heads take up to 0.3% of the force.
  • They eat baby birds’ brains when thirsty in the desert – Yes, that’s right, in the desert, due to heat, they attack baby doves and eat their brain because the brain is a source of fluid as well as food.
  • Their tongues curl around their brain – They have the longest tongue to rake out holes in trees they have drilled and for dragging any insects out.
  • Downy woodpecker’s hand upside down for sleeping.


Woodpeckers are tiny birds with bright colors and many variations in their species. They peck the wood for nesting and for finding food. The drumming sound of woodpeckers is to announce their territory and attract males.

Woodpeckers cause damage to your house by creating cavities in the wall to find their food. 

There are several ways to stop them from causing damage to your house, like luring them away with their favorite treats making them feel there is a predator in the area. 

You can use essential oils to lure them away because they have a strong sense of smell that will cover their food’s smell.