Zitterhall Pigeon or Stargard Shaker Pigeon : Breeding | Facts and Everything About It

Domesticated fancy pigeons have been around for centuries – all thanks to years and years of selective breeding. 

Time and again, selective breeding has shown us wonders more unique than we thought were possible. 

However, when it comes to unique pigeons, one can’t help but mention the Stargard Shaker or Zitterhall pigeons.

What is a Stargard Shaker or Zitterhall pigeon?

Stargard Shaker is one of the breeds of fancy pigeons. It is also widely known as the Zitterhall pigeon. They stand out among other breeds of pigeons because of their unique appearance and excellent flying ability.

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How unique is a Zitterhall pigeon’s appearance?

The uniqueness of the Zitterhall pigeon lies in its swan-like, long neck which is slightly curved. 

Its neck is also known to tremble or shake continuously. That is one of the reasons why these pigeons are also known as “Swan Neck pigeons”. 

The Zitterhall pigeon has a body size and body mass similar to the other breeds of pigeons, which means they come in the category of small to medium-sized birds. 

However, their heads are smoother and their legs are relatively cleaner as compared to other breeds. Their wings rest smoothly on their tails.

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The “trembling neck” of a Zitterhall pigeon:

One of the most fascinating things about a Zitterhall pigeon is its trembling neck. While most pigeons are known to bob their heads, these pigeons are known to shake their necks. 

Even when they are standing still, their necks tend to move continuously. Their necks usually move in a forward and backward motion.

History and origin of the Zitterhall pigeon:

The Zitterhall pigeon is said to be developed in the 1700s. It is said to be native to Pomerania, which is a historical region between Poland and Germany (most of Pomerania is a part of Poland currently). 

It is also possible that it got “Stargard” in its name because of the region it was developed in, as Stargard is located in Pomerania, and “Shaker” in its name because of its continuously shaking long neck. 

The identity of the developer of this breed, and the breeds used to develop it are not known.

What is the behavior of Zitterhall pigeon like?

Stargard Shaker pigeons are known to be gentle by nature. They are easy to train, and generally quite friendly as well.

Are there different types of Zitterhall pigeon?

The Zitterhall pigeon or Stargard Shaker pigeon has different types, and they all differ based on the color of their wings. 

Their wings come in various colors like black, white, red, blue, lark, and more. Their wings can also have barred and checkered patterns on them. 

Which types of Stargard Shaker pigeons are most commonly found?

Stargard Shaker pigeons with wings colored red and yellow are more commonly found as compared to their other types. 

This is because these types of Stargard Shaker pigeons are considered to be of the best quality. This also goes to say that they are usually preferred for breeding as well.

What is a Stargard Shaker pigeon used for?

Stargard Shaker pigeons are excellent flyers and that is why they were most commonly used for pigeon racing. 

In fact, these pigeons are considered to be some of the best flyers among all the categories of domesticated fancy pigeons. 

However, in recent times, Stargard Shaker pigeons are more often used for exhibitions than flying or pigeon racing. Their unique appearance is used to attract more people.

NPA Grand National Pigeon Show 2007:

The National Pigeon Association in America hosts the Grand National Pigeon Show each year. The majority of the pigeon breeds, if not all, are made to participate in this show. 

In 2007, Stargard Shaker pigeon was declared as one of the champions of that show. This clearly shows how aviation is an innate quality in these pigeons.

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Are Stargard Shaker pigeons considered to be good pets?

Given their docile and friendly nature, Stargard Shaker pigeons can be considered fairly decent pets. 

However, most people usually prefer these pigeons for flying and for exhibitions. That is why they are not widely used as pets.

Are Stargard Shaker pigeons rare?

In recent times, Stargard Shaker pigeons have become rarer as compared to earlier times. They aren’t nearly as common as some other breeds of fancy pigeons are, and hence, aren’t used as much as them.

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Where are Stargard Shaker pigeons most commonly found?

Stargard Shaker pigeons are more commonly found in western countries, especially in Poland and the United States of America, as compared to eastern countries. 

However, they are usually imported to non-native countries for the purpose of flying and for exhibitions.

Are Stargard Shaker pigeons expensive?

Stargard Shaker pigeons are usually considered expensive because they are not as easily available as some other breeds of fancy pigeons. 

Their cost can range between a few hundred dollars, depending on the cost of importing them as well.

Can Stargard Shaker pigeons be used for eating?

Stargard Shaker pigeons are not used for consumption. They are not big enough in size to produce an adequate amount of meat and are usually not bred for the purpose of consumption either.

Tips for taking care of Stargard Shaker pigeons:

Stargard Shaker pigeons do not require special attention as compared to other breeds of fancy pigeons. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

  • Stargard Shaker pigeons require dry surroundings. Hence, protection from rain and snow must be a priority.
  • The nesting material must be comfortable. Dry straws, thin tree twigs, pine needles, and thin tobacco leaf stems are most commonly preferred.
  • Mated pairs are preferred to be kept in a separate loft from other pigeons.

Interesting facts about Stargard Shaker pigeons

Stargard Shaker pigeons are excellent foragers

Foragers are birds and animals that search for food for themselves and their families. Stargard Shaker pigeons are considered excellent foragers because of their incredible flying ability and their great navigation skills. They are known to be able to return to their homes on their own even after a long flight.

Stargard Shaker pigeons are loving parents

Stargard Shaker pigeons are considered to be good feeders for their young offspring. They are also known to be gentle and loving parents.

Stargard Shaker pigeons have an extraordinary appearance which sets them apart from other pigeons. Moreover, their behavior and skills are just as extraordinary. 

These special birds might not be as well known and as common as other fancy pigeons, but they definitely serve as one of the best examples of how selective breeding can lead to remarkable developments. 

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