Archangel Gimpel Pigeon: Characteristics | Varieties | Complete Breed Guide:

One of the most brightly colored pigeon breeds, Archangel pigeons tops the list of show birds. These slender and elegant birds with striking colors are extremely fascinating and hence, attract breeders from around the world.

To help you know more about the pigeon breed in detail, below is a complete guide about Archangel pigeons. 

What is an Archangel Gimpel pigeon?

Archangel Gimpel Pigeons are one of the fancy pigeon breeds, popular for the soft metallic luster of their plumage. This domesticated breed of pigeons is a descendant of the rock pigeon

These attractive birds are commonly called by other names such as Copper Blackwing Gimpel, Copper Whitening, and Gimpeltaube. Because of their majestic appearance, the birds are kept as an ornamental breed of pigeons. 

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What are Archangel Gimpel pigeons good for? What are their characteristics?

One of the most good-looking pigeon breeds, Archangel Pigeons is good for show or ornamental purposes.

These fancy birds are bred around the world for the amazing views they provide. Their unusual appearance makes these birds quite fascinating.  

Like all other fancy birds, there are certain standards that these birds have to meet to be classified as a breed. 

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These standards include characteristics of the idle example of the breed. Here is a list of the characteristics of Archangel Gimpel pigeons.

  • Archangel Gimpel pigeons are small-sized birds weighing just around 12 oz. Their height is usually between 30 and 35 cm. 
  • These show birds have a sleek round head with a flat frontal. The crest usually grows from the back of their shoulders to the apex, developing into a sharp conical point upon their head. However, they may or may not have crests. 
  • These birds are loved by people because of their round heads, proud look, and regal stance. Their posture and unique appearance make them so attractive. The metallic sheen of their feathers makes the breed showstopper of any exhibition.
  • The iris of the pigeons is of orange color which is surrounded by a light pinkish cere. Their eyes are extremely vivid, having the ability to capture anyone’s attention. 
  • The beak of these pigeons is of light horn color. It is long, thin, straight, and slightly curved at the tip.
  • The pigeons are slender and thus have a comparatively long and thin neck than other pigeon breeds. 
  • Their breasts are moderately wide whereas the back slopes down and blends well into their tail.
  • The wings are long, closed, and lie nicely upon the tail. The tip of their feathers does not extend the end of their tail. The tail is narrow and long but does not touch the ground. 
  • The body of these birds is of golden and bronze color, giving a metallic sheen to their feathers. The wings are either black, white, or blue. 

Archangel Gimpel Pigeon lifespan | How long do Archangel Gimpel Pigeons live?

The average lifespan of Archangel Gimpel pigeons is about 7 to 10 years. However, the years they live may vary according to the environment they are living in. 

Mostly, these birds are bred for show purposes and hence, are provided with healthy food and supplements. Due to the proper care of the birds, they are even found to live more than their average lifespan.

Different types of Archangel Gimpel Pigeons: 

These exotic birds come in different types that differ from each other majorly in pattern and markings. Other than their appearance, there are not many differences in the varieties of Archangel Gimpel pigeons. The different patterns and markings in Archangels are:

1. Archangel Bronze Pattern:

In this pattern, the base color of the bird gets overlaid on some portions of their body by the bronze sheen. The portions that have to be of bronze color are generally head, neck, belly shanks, breasts, and under tail wedge. 

Other than these parts, the others are to be the base color. The line of demarcation between the base colors and bronze portions should be clear.

2. White Pattern Markings

Concerning white flight, the wings should have the same count. The ones with the priest head have white hues on the head like a cap. The line of demarcation goes through the center of their eye to the mandible of their beak. 

The variety that has white flights and monk heads have a white head similar to the priests but the white hue extends below the beak.  

The two potential colorations of the body of the varieties of Archangel Gimpel pigeons are:


The head, belly shanks, breast, neck, and under-tail wedge should have a vivid copper-bronze color. The color has to be bright and even with no fading or dullness. In the white wing archangels, the bronze sheen appears even shinier.  


the head, belly shanks, neck, breasts, and upper-tail wedge should be of golden color. The shade of the gold should neither be too dark nor too light. The gold should be uniform on all the mentioned parts. 

The base colors of the varieties of Archangel Gimpel pigeons are potentially Black, Blue, and White. The colors should be dark and dense as much as possible without having any trace of slating. 

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Archangel Gimpel pigeon breeding tips:

Breeding Archangel Gimpel pigeons is not that tough task as compared to other fancy breeds of pigeons. However, we cannot say the same if new breeders are concerned. To help you breed these pigeons, below are some of the breeding tips.

  • Basic considerations for breeding the pigeons involve proper food and a cage. It doesn’t matter what procedure is used by the breeder, pigeons’ food and cage are the most necessary things.
  • The cage of the bird should be well ventilated, safe, and secure for the birds. It’s better to consider iron or metal cages than plastic or wooden ones.
  • Some of the other basic things that should be considered are drinking water, nesting material, grit, and nest bowls. 
  • Have detailed research on the system of breeding idle for you. The two methods are single pair breeding and colony breeding. Both the methods have some pros and cons. It completely depends on the breeder to choose the right one for him. 
  • In colony breeding, do not include old male or female archangel pigeons. 
  • During hot weather, cover their shed with green cloth whereas in winters, make sure to provide heavy clothing to the birds. 
  • Make sure that the breeding pairs are not disturbed without genuine reason. The birds need privacy.
  • Sunbathing is extremely important for birds so breeders should adjust their cage according to the sun’s movements.
  • Do not take the young away from their parents for at least a month otherwise, the young pigeons may get stressed up and stop eating. 
  • Cleaning of their cage, drinking, and eating spots should be done once a week. This will keep the archangels away from any sort of infection or disease. 

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Archangel Pigeon Flying | Can Archangel Gimpel pigeons fly?

Because of their lightweight body and decent feathers, the Archangel Gimpel pigeons can fly easily. However, they cannot cover long distances. 

Unlike other pigeon breeds, they can only fly to a decent distance and for a limited duration. This is why the breed is included in show pigeons and not considered as a racing pigeon breed. 

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Are Archangel Gimpel pigeons good pets?

Archangel Gimpel pigeons are primarily show birds however, they make good pets. Not only is the bird gorgeous but also friendly, less noisy, and easy to care for. They live longer than most of the other bird species and can tolerate most of the climates.

The birds do not need large space so they are idle for you if you have limited space. Due to their petite size, they do not eat much so it is cheaper to feed them than other birds. 

They may take time to get comfortable but once they get normal around you, they are an extremely friendly pigeon breed with a lively disposition. 

Adult archangel pigeons lack aggression and will happily eat from your hands. The young ones are the easiest to tame. Archangel is an excellent breed to start with if you are thinking of starting to start keeping pets for show purposes.

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Are Archangel Gimpel pigeons rare?

Archange Gimpel pigeons are bred around the world for their unusual appearance. The breeding organizations heavily promote their breeding. Hence, the birds are not rare at all. In fact, it is included in the most common fancy breeds of pigeons. 

As the birds are used for show purposes, they are taken good care of. The breed is not likely to be disappearing anytime soon.

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How much does an Archangel Gimpel Pigeon cost?

The cost of Archangel pigeons may vary from place to place and according to their variety. However, in comparison with other fancy pigeon breeds, the Archangel Gimpel pigeon is cheap and easily available.

The cost of raising the birds is also not so high. So, overall, the breed falls into the category of affordable birds.  


Archangel Pigeons are one of the most tremendous-looking birds that are perfect to enter into shows or exhibitions. But if you are interested in keeping pets, the archangel pigeons can be a great option for you to consider.