Are pigeons good or bad luck? | Can you have them as pets in your house?

Several animals and birds have cohabited with mankind for ages. Given that, there have been several omens, spiritual symbols, and messages associated with them. This is especially true for birds. A few of them are considered as messengers of good luck and happiness while a few are considered as an omen of bad luck, misfortune, and unhappiness.  

One such bird is the pigeon. In this writeup, we would explore the spiritual question surrounding them, Are pigeons good or bad luck?” Read on: 

Symbolism of Pigeons 

Going by spiritual astrology and mythology, pigeons represent Mercury. Given that, it symbolizes both the positive and negative aspects of the planet. Consequently, pigeons are regarded as both good and bad omen depending on places and situations.  

The dual aspects origin from the energy source of Mercury i.e., the combination of Jupiter and Rahu.  

Pigeons in and Near House- Good or Bad? 

The pigeon is a common enough bird that often visits our house. Given that it’s natural for our superstitious instinct to wonder- Are pigeons good or bad luck inside or near your house?  

Answering the question- pigeons visiting your house is considered a good omen.  

The reason behind this is that pigeons are considered messengers of love and peace. They are considered lucky for you in terms of love. The reason for the belief surrounding them stems from the pigeon’s ability to reproduce for their whole life.  

Because of their life synergizing power, they have attributed to the capability and power to eliminate all negativity from your mind and body. Simultaneously, they bring in peace and harmony inside the house which also attracts goddess Laxmi- the god of wealth.  

That is why it is considered auspicious to feed the pigeon when they fly near or inside your house. Feeding them supposedly strengthens your Jupiter Mercury and that brings good luck to your house.  

But pigeons tend to shit when they come to your house and get fed. You must clean that regularly. Else it would activate the negative effects of the planet Rahu, and that would do you no good.  

It is interesting to note that pigeons would only visit your house if it is quiet and peaceful and your home vibrations are on the right track. If you feed the pigeons regularly, they increase the positive vibrations of your house that can spread throughout your house. For this reason, it is considered mandatory to give water to pigeons simultaneously with grains and corn. 

Because of their love symbolism, people facing marriage or love problems are advised to feed pigeons regularly.  

Pigeons Visiting Your House for Making Nests and Breeding  

It is good if the pigeons come to your house to feed on the food provided by you. But what if they choose your house to make their nests and breed? 

Bluntly speaking, a pigeon building a nest on your rooftop, window, or any other place in your house is considered as negative.  

Even though pigeons love to live near humans, they do not prefer living with humans. They like to live in empty, old, deserted, dilapidated, and broken places. Often, you can spot their nests in empty and old houses. 

It is for this reason that a pigeon nest is deemed as negative. If they build a nest in your house, they activate the negative energy of your house and that is a bad omen. Likewise, pigeons breeding inside your house is also considered a bad omen. 

Feeding Pigeons, the Right Way  

We now know that pigeons are considered a good omen if they come to your house to be fed or just sit a while and then fly away. But their poop is considered unlucky. Given that, it is important to follow some handy tips to bring good luck to your house.  

  • When pigeons come to your house to eat, they can poop. Hence, you might need to clean it regularly if they are coming to your balcony or window to feed. The best way out is to feed them a little away from your house. Remember, it is important to feed the pigeons and not the place where they are fed.  
  • You must always place some water in the feeding area. Vedic Astrology considers it auspicious. The act supposedly strengthens the planet Moon in your birth chart and consequently, brings you good fortune.  
  • If desired, you can also use an automatic pigeon feeder which solves all your issues as well as keeps the public place clean and hygienic.  

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Can you keep Pigeons as Pets in Your House? 

Pigeons make great pets and have been kept such for ages. They can be kept both indoors and outdoors as pets provided their safe and comfortable living conditions are met.  

Pigeons are easily tamable and attractive, quiet, and unobtrusive birds. An active but low-maintenance bird, they love to be near humans and make great BFFs. They must not be left solitary as they are highly emotional creatures.  

Pet pigeons, too, bring good luck provided you are keeping their living area clean and hygienic. Most pet pigeons wear pigeon pants that help block their poops from being scattered and keeping the area clean.  

If they are given ample space to move about, eat a good quality diet, and given plenty of love and company, they can be your best friend and your lucky charm.  

Wrapping up  

We hope that now you are truly enlightened about the omen of pigeons and keeping them as pets. They are delightful birds who can give you immense pleasure and bring good luck. We all must treat them well and enjoy their company, the right way.

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