10 interesting birds that look like a pigeon.

Pigeons are the most commonly seen birds all over the world. They belong to the Columbidae bird family.

These birds have a stout body with a short neck and slender bill. There are nearly 344 species of pigeons across the world. 

The domestic pigeon or feral pigeon is a sub-species of the rock pigeon, which is one of the oldest domesticated birds in the world.

They co-existed with humans for centuries and are used for gaming, as carriers, for meat, and for many other purposes. 

The rock pigeon is a large bird with a stout body and iridescent neck. They are highly adaptable and can live anywhere. There are many other birds that look like pigeons but are different species. 

Birds that look like a pigeon:

Mourning Dove:

The national bird of the British Virgin Islands, the mourning dove is smaller in size to rock pigeons. These doves have a long and pointed tail and are in tan color.

They are also known as rain doves or turtle doves or the Carolina turtle doves. The mourning dove is one of the most preferred birds for gaming and meat. 

It is found abundantly in North America and South America. It can be easily differentiated from a rock pigeon by its size and color but it matches a pigeon greatly in appearance.

They can be seen picking on grounds anywhere. Due to their population, they are widely hunted on the continent. They are also known for the distinct sounds their wings make as they fly away.

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Band-tailed Pigeon

Band-tailed pigeons are similar to the rock pigeon in their look. You can distinguish these birds by a white crescent on their neck and the pale tipped tail.

The bird is a combination of grey and purple with a yellowish bill. These birds are mostly sighted in forested areas. 

These birds can be seen foraging in groups. They live in forested areas and travel to other places like orchards, fields, parks, and backyards in a flock to feed.

Their distinct identity is their yellow bill and yellow feet. A novice will find it hard to differentiate between a pigeon and this band-tailed pigeon. It also belongs to the pigeon family but is different.

Eurasian Collared-Dove

A close relative to the rock pigeon, the Eurasian collared dove is a small bird with sandy brown skin. The black-colored collar on the neck gives this bird the name Eurasian collared dove.

Another differentiating feature of the bird is its square-tipped tail with white feathers. 

They are slightly bigger than the mourning doves but smaller than the rock-pigeon. They are natives of India, Eurasia, Africa, and even a larger part of North America.

They make a distinct Woop-Woop noise and can be seen sitting on telephone wire or poles. Their tail also gives them away which is white on the underside and has black edges.

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White-winged Dove

A beautiful bird with a colorful face and fiery orange eyes. As the name suggests, these birds have white crescents on their wings. When in flight, these crescents appear to be shiny white stripes. White-winged doves are mostly seen in desert areas.  

They have a dark slash on the cheek and a plump small body with a long thin beak. They are found in Southwestern America in the state of Texas and other nearby dry areas.

White-tipped Dove

The bird is dark grey in color with a blue beak. The small white tips on the tail give this bird the name, a white-tipped dove.

These birds are commonly sighted in the woodlands. They do not flock and are often seen in pairs. White-tipped doves are generally more aggressive than other doves and pigeons.

They can be seen foraging on the grounds and making a loud noise with their wings when they take a flight. They have a small, round head and big eyes on a pale head that gets clearer on their back and feathers.

The tail has a white tip. Their entire body below is pale-colored and they have small feet. They are usually found near water. 

Speckled Pigeon

African rock dove or the speckled pigeon is sighted in scrubby and rocky places. The bird has a mixture of grey, buff, and rusty feathers with speckles of white all over.

The blood-red patch around the eye and elongated rusty grey neck feathers give this bird a distinct look. 

It can be easily differentiated from a pigeon due to its speckles and the red patch. They are found majorly in Africa around the Sahara.

They don’t live in forest areas but can be seen hanging around the cities and open lands. Their appearance coupled with their distinct “roars” and “hoots” can help you differentiate them from pigeons.

Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon

This dove is mostly found in the tropical forests of India and south-east Asia. They have a pleasing appearance with colorful plumage of yellow, pink, orange, green, and grey. These birds feed on fruits and nuts available in the forest. 

They look like a parrot in the body of a pigeon. They have a beautiful yellowish-green body color which is enhanced by an orange breast.

The males and females differ a bit in appearance. They can be seen in eastern and southern regions of India, Myanmar, Thailand, etc.

Nicobar Pigeon

The Nicobar pigeon is easy to identify due to its iridescent plumage, whitetail,  and elongated neck feathers. The birds are commonly found in south-east Asia in regions of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Palau. 

The distinct features of the bird are its colors. It has a blue head, with green, orange, and red plumage. It has a small, whitetail, which doesn’t look very clear as the bird walks.

It has long feathers on its neck. Its black eyes look piercing. It is majorly found in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands and a few nearby places.

Common Bronzewing

Native to Australia, the common Bronzewing are beautiful birds that look like a pigeon. The bird has colorful wings and a dull pinkish-grey body.

The white line near the eyes and the wings with patches of red, green, and blue are distinctive features of the common Bronzewing doves. 

They can be majorly seen near the water sources, feeding on the ground. The distinct coloration is their identity.

Mindanao Bleeding Heart

This bird belongs to the species of bleeding-heart doves. The bright red patch on the breast area is the reason these birds are known as bleeding-heart doves.

These birds are mainly found in the Philippines. The bird can be identified by its jewel-toned body and emerald green neck. 

There are many other birds such as spotted dove, Inca dove, red-billed pigeon, white-crowned pigeon, etc. that look like a pigeon but have their distinct characteristics.

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