Can Budgies Eat Tomatoes? Is Tomato Good For Budgies?

One would think a thousand times before feeding their kid with vegetables and fruits loaded with seeds.

Vegetables and fruits by nature are full of seeds that keep their lifecycle balanced. From Seeds to fruits, the cycle keeps continuing for a healthy ecosystem balance. 

Parenting your pets can be challenging, just like parenting kids. It is in our hands to take optimum care of our feathered friends’ well-being. Before owning them as pets, it is wise to study their behavior, characteristics, food preferences, and health conditions, etc., 

Budgies love to enjoy the combination of pellets, veggies, seeds, and fruits. Some vegetables and fruits have toxic elements in them. When budgies are exposed to excessive amounts of such items, it may deteriorate their health. 

Can budgies eat appealing red tomatoes? What are the health benefits budgies get from tomatoes? This article can provide good insights into whether nutritious, rich tomatoes are excellent and safe for those parakeets.

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Can budgies eat tomatoes?

Yes, budgies can eat both non-toxic raw tomatoes and cooked tomatoes garnished with oil and other ingredients. Usually, green tomatoes are less acidic, but ripe red tomatoes have high acidity levels. It is essential to feed a moderate amount of tomatoes ( limited slices per week ) to your pets to maintain a well-balanced diet. 

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The bright, appealing tomatoes contain 94% of water content, helping birds stay hydrated. Before feeding tomatoes, keep an eye on the bird’s water consumption level and adjust accordingly for a healthy diet.

Tomatoes have great nutrients value, but feeding at a regular interval may become toxic to the birds. Adding vibrant flavors and tastes in budgies’ diet plan would help them release dopamine, reducing stress.

Are tomatoes good for budgies?

The tomatoes are highly acidic and are not toxic to budgies. But, there are chances of minor to major stomach issues by overfeeding birds with tomatoes, such as ulcers, stomach upset, and irritation. It’s better to stick to other veggies than relying on tomatoes in large quantities.

Some birds are hyper-sensitive and are intolerant to the acids present in the tomato seeds. 

Some budgies’ digestive tracts can tolerate the acidic nature of tomatoes, but there is a chance that it would spoil their health. 

One should feed tomatoes in moderation to keep budgies healthy. It is better to keep down to a quarter of half a tomato slice once a week. Unfortunately, tomato vines and leaves are sometimes highly toxic to the birds and should be avoided altogether.

What are the health benefits of tomatoes for budgies?

Tomatoes have excellent nutrient value and are enriched with antioxidants which have numerous health benefits. Tomatoes can be the primary source of vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, folate, and potassium.


Potassium joins hand with other electrolytes in budgies’ bodies to promote muscle contractions, fluid balance, and nerve signals. 


Antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes can reduce the risk of coronary diseases in birds.

Other antioxidants such as Zeaxanthin and lutein help fight against cancer and also fight against cell-damaging free radicals.

Vitamin K 

Vitamin K helps to coagulate blood in budgies. If your bird gets wounds and cuts, vitamin k helps clot the blood around the wounded cells and slow down the rate of bleeding.

Vitamin C 

  • Budgies should have vitamin C elements to reduce their stress levels.
  • Vitamin C promotes the immune system and helps create antibodies to fight against external agents to keep overall health.
  • Vitamin C deficiencies can lead to mental health problems for your feathered companions and always check them.
  • Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid essential for the enzymatic reactions for keeping elastin and collagen in blood vessel walls in check.

Vitamin A

  • Tomatoes help to increase Vitamin levels in budgies. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to the overgrowth of your avian creatures’ nails and beaks.
  • Vitamin A deficiencies not only lead to overgrowth, but they can also cause flaking and chipping of nails and beaks, even sometimes lead to breaking.
  • Folate is a much-needed compound in birds to prevent anemia.

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Can budgies eat tomato seeds?

Tomatoes belong to the nightshade plant family, and their seeds are highly acidic. So, it’s better to discard their seeds before feeding your budgies. 

Birds can consume certain vegetables as a whole such as cucumber, but some veggies come with significant conserves.

Some bird enthusiasts argue,” when wild birds eat tomatoes, and why not budgies?”. It’s true that wild birds eat tomatoes and have an innate sense of self-preservation lacking in domesticated pets.

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How to feed tomatoes to budgies safely?

Tomato sauce and dried tomatoes can be a good snack for your budgies because their acidic nature is removed during these making processes. Both have less acidic content and can be tolerated by avian creatures.

The sun-dried tomatoes have higher antioxidant content, preventing stress and protecting the bird’s body from inflammation. While providing tomato sauce, you have to be careful because it has a lot of sugar and salt, disturbing birds’ body fluid balance.

Therefore, feed any form of tomatoes to your budgies only sporadically and in minimum quantities to maintain a healthy diet. You can also do detailed research before providing them tomatoes in any form.