Can Peacocks Be Pets? ( Everything You Need To know )

Peacocks are among the most exotic birds that are often seen in zoos.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

There are three species of peacock named Indian peafowl, Congo peafowl, and Green peafowl, all capable of providing magnificent sight in gardens and yards.

Many people, including myself, are fascinated by peacocks and consider having the birds as pets. But, can peacocks be pets, and is it easy to raise them? 

Can Peacocks Be Pets?

Peacocks can be pets if they are provided with good care, space, and safety. This is why peafowls have become popular as pets throughout the world. The birds cannot be indoor pets like cats and dogs, however, they thrive as pets outdoors. 

Peacocks are kept by humans for many purposes such as for meat, ornamental purposes, eggs, and especially as pets.

Peacocks have been kept in parks and gardens by humans for centuries due to their magnificent beauty and exotic features. 

Do Peacocks make good pets?

Several reasons suggest that peacocks make good pets. Some of them are:

1. Peacocks can be affectionate birds

When humans raise peachicks, the birds may assume those humans as their parents. Peafowls allow contact or touch with their human parents.

If a human spends a good amount of time with the birds, they let you touch and even sit on your lap. 

2. They are not fussy eaters

Peacocks are omnivores and thus, eat a variety of foods. They do not trouble you at all when given a sufficient amount of food to meet their basic needs like eating.

3. Peacocks adapt themselves easily

The birds adapt themselves according to the weather and climates. Even during winters, they do not need special treatment unless it’s extremely cold. Peacocks are well-known for their ability to predict the weather.

4. Peacocks can ward off harmful pests

They are known for fending off dangerous creatures, such as snakes, that may enter your farm or garden. The birds make loud crowing noises continuously so that the owner gets to know about the danger. 

5. They are active birds

The birds aren’t lazy at all and love to roam and explore the place where they live. They are always alarmed due to their brilliant sense of hearing.

How do I get a peacock as a pet?

You can get a peacock as a pet by buying it from the farms or sellers that deliver peafowls in your region. During the time of peachicks hatching, several eggs are being sent by farm breeders around the world to people raising peafowls as pets. 

Once the eggs hatch, the farm breeders put the peachicks on sale, waiting for their new owners to purchase them. 

How much does it cost to buy a peacock?

The approximate price of a grown peacock is generally between $35 to $270. Peacocks with good health and no flaws are more expensive than the ones with defects.

However, the price of a peachick is around $10 to $ 30 which is quite affordable. The price of the hatching eggs can be around $45 to $ 80 as they are sold in a bundle of 4 eggs.

The costs may vary according to the country and the number of breeders in that particular country. The price also depends on the age, species, and number of peacocks that are being purchased. 

Is it legal to raise peacocks as pets in all countries?

Raising peacocks as pets is not legal in all countries. Many countries permit the keeping of peacocks as pets but some do not. India is one such country that has banned the keeping of peacocks as pets for the bird’s protection and conservation. 

How to raise peacocks? | How to care for them?

  • Provide enough land to peacocks as the birds spend most of their time on land and need to roam. If the birds are kept in pens then they must have a wooden shelter and adequate space for peacocks. This will prevent the birds from damage and stress.
  • Always keep the peacocks warm as they like warm climates. If raising peachicks then it is a must to keep them in a heated area for the first few weeks. One can install heaters to give them additional warmth.
  • Keep the birds safe from predators and harsh weather conditions. They should be kept in a safe area. If you are living in an area where predators can attack the bird, then keep the birds in pens. 
  • Feed peacocks with a proper diet containing all the necessary nutrients. Keep the food and water in different dishes so that they can eat whenever they want. The birds should be given occasional treats to make them happy. 
  • Keep your peacocks healthy by meeting their needs and maintaining hygiene around them. Health checks should be done to prevent any sort of illness. The peacocks should be dewormed in regular intervals. It’s necessary to keep an eye on external parasites.

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Are peacocks hard to keep?

Peacocks can be hard to keep due to the following factors that are associated with raising them as pets:

1. They require plenty of space

A peacock needs at least an area of 80 square feet to stay healthy. If they are living in a caged habitat then it should at least have a height of 7 feet so that the bird can fly and spread feathers.

2. The birds can fly away if not overseen

The birds love to explore their territory and therefore, can fly away. It becomes necessary to fence and roof their pen or barn. 

3. Peacocks make loud noises

Peacock’s crowing noises are loud, especially during mating season which may trouble you and your neighbors if they are not kept at a distance. 

4. They require additional health care

Peacocks are susceptible to getting worms and parasites such as chiggers and lice. It becomes necessary to deworm them and check their feathers regularly.

5. Peacocks are messy

The bird creates quite a mess where they are kept as they may poop a lot. This causes a foul odor in their living space and therefore, the cleaning becomes a dreadful task.

Can Peacocks be kept at home as pets? Will your neighbors like it?

Peacocks cannot be kept at home as pets in the traditional sense as the birds cannot be house trained like dogs and cats. They are free-roaming birds and do not recognize their boundaries. 

The owner must provide an adequate shelter that is suitable to keep the birds as pets such as a large aviary, a barn, a treehouse, and a shed.

The enclosures should be large enough to provide them enough space for flying and roaming. 

Your neighbors may not like your idea of keeping peacocks as pets.

This is because the birds are noisy and may cause damage to their property and even get over their walls if there isn’t enough space between your neighbor’s property and the peacock’s living space.

What can you feed a peacock?

A peacock can be fed with a variety of food similar to what they eat in the wild to keep them healthy. The food options are:

  • Grains – Barley, Brown rice, Wheat, Oats, etc.
  • Seeds – Flaxseed, Quinoa, Safflower, Sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Beans 
  • Nuts – Walnuts, Peanuts, etc. 
  • Fruits – Blueberries, Cranberries, Bananas, Apples, and other fruits.
  • Grass and weed
  • Vegetables and greens – Broccoli, Peas, Mushroom, Cooked Sweet Potato, Lettuce, etc.
  • Insects – Worms, Ants, Crickets, Tadpoles, Snails, etc.
  • Smaller animals – Lizards, Shrimps, Rats, Fish, Mice, etc.
  • Eggs  
  • Commercial bird feed or chicken feed
  • Pet food

The variety of food fed to peacocks may depend on the region they are living in and their likings. Free-roaming peacocks should be given fewer treats than those living in an enclosed space as they may forage on plants and insects on their own.

What should you not feed to peacocks?

The following are the food that you should not feed your peacocks as they may harm the birds and cause health problems:

  • Fatty foods such as chocolates, bread, and avocados
  • Junk food such as pizza, hot dogs, burgers, french fries, etc.
  • Drinks like alcohol, tea, and coffee
  • Oily foods
  • Daily food wastages and rotten food

These foods cause nutrient deficiencies, fatty liver diseases, central nervous system problems, and even heart problems in peacocks. If not kept in check, the continuous feeding of these foods may even lead to their death. 

Can you tame a peacock or peahen?

You can tame a peacock or a peahen like many other birds. It is much easier to tame peachicks than to tame an adult peacock or peahen.

The best way to tame them is to spend a good amount of time with the birds, gradually increasing the closeness with them.

One can easily tame peacocks and peahens with patience and calm. To tame your peafowl, you should approach them with gentle and slow movements, talk to them in a soothing voice, and entice them with treats.


Peafowls are beautiful birds, but they need good care as pets. The birds are interactive but not as friendly as other pet animals. But, owning a peacock can be a rewarding experience.

It’s necessary to expand your knowledge about the bird’s shelter, diet, safety, first-aid, diseases, and many other things that must be maintained to keep them as pets.

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