Can Pigeons Be Pets?

You must have seen videos on social media regarding the rescue of abandoned animals and birds and nursing them back to health.

Intro Video - Backtobirds
Intro Video - Backtobirds

Most of the animals or birds stay with their human rescuers and become part of the family. Now, is there any animal or bird that can’t be a loving pet?

What about a pigeon? Can pigeons be pets?

Yes, Pigeons can be pets if given some training and constant attention.

Wild Pigeons:

It is trickier to have a wild pigeon as a pet. These birds may not wish to follow you home. You have to be patient and give ample time to gain their trust. 

Pigeons remember faces. Hence, if you visit the same pigeon continuously over a period, you can pet it. 

You can take it home. But, wild pigeons may not behave similarly to domesticated ones. 

Domesticated Pigeons:

Domesticated pigeons can make great pets. They get along with family members very well. In fact, they behave normally with other pets.

These birds love the interaction. Hence, they need someone to always be with them. Therefore, it is best to get domesticated pigeons in pairs.

You can make an outdoor aviary for pigeons to help them remain safe and get fresh air. Also, you can keep them inside. The decision is yours. But, remember that if our pigeons stay inside, you have to deal with their poop.

However, you can potty train them. Interestingly, you can get cute little pants with built-in diapers made exclusively for birds. Change the diapers every few hours. 

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What else should you know?

Before you get some pigeons to pet, know these things:

They may carry certain diseases like salmonella and psittacosis.

• Make sure that no one in your family has a compromised immune system.

• Ask the shelter about the health of the birds you want to own.

What makes pigeons ideal pets?

Pigeons are cleaner in comparison with many other birds. If you clean their home regularly, then there is minimal chance of catching diseases.

Most of the diseases contracted by pigeons are not zoonotic, which typically indicates that these diseases won’t harm humans. 

Moreover, pigeons can preen themselves and their companions or flock mates. Also, you can bathe them by spraying water from a spray bottle.

The best quality is that pigeons are very intelligent and can recognize patterns, faces, and words. Added, they categorize various objects and mirror images.

If you want a loyal bird as your friend, pet a pigeon. These feathered friends are loyal and can express affection. They love riding on their human friends’ heads or shoulders.

Train the birds to come to you whenever called. For centuries, pet pigeons have been seen to return home after flying miles after miles.

Again, you can potty train them, and they can hold until being placed in the right spot. They can learn to fly back to a definite location to relieve themselves.

If trained, they can fly through hoops and flap their wings on commands.

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Pigeons live long:

Most of the breeds can live for at least 10 years while some live up to 20 years. It means you can have true feathered friends for a long period. Pigeons are smart, and they need your company. 

Some amazing facts about pigeons you must know:

Pigeons are the first birds domesticated by humans.

• They know how to ride the subway. These birds have become model passengers.

• Pigeons are the only birds to suck up water.

• They have the ability to see the world in diverse colors.

• They can do back-flips precisely in midair.

• You can teach them alphabets.

• Pigeons can learn to play ping-pong.

• In the First World War, a pigeon saved approximately 200 U.S. troops. 

• They can learn mathematics.

They are extremely capable of recognizing people. 

Pigeons can fly up to 100 mph at speed.

• Pigeons are known to help in establishing ‘Reuters’, the news agency.

• Pigeons are monogamous.

• You can rarely see their cute babies.

• Pigeons can make great parents.

• The world-famous ‘Dodo’ refers to a plump and large-sized pigeon.

• You can find pigeons almost everywhere.

• Legends like Picasso and Nikola Tesla loved pigeons.


Pigeons can be your best friends. You don’t have to spend a lot on their food and well-being. All they need is a little care, training, and hygiene maintenance. They will love you unconditionally.

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