Do Birds Eat Grass Seed? | How to keep birds off from Garden Grass

Yes, birds do eat grass seeds, and that’s an important issue for every lawn owner to stay worried about. If you are also trying to grow your lawn using seeds, you might be apprehensive of birds, and hence the question arises- do birds eat grass seed? 

Well, grass seeds are an affordable option for any-sized lawn, especially for smaller ones. However, people who have sown grass seeds know that sometimes the grass only grows in patches, which is not the usually desired outcome. The reason behind this could be the birds. 

It goes without saying that birds are great creatures, and they help us in keeping our plants safe from insects and pests. But, they are uninvited guests in our gardens and lawns when we have just sown grass seeds because birds love eating these seeds. In addition to this, they also tend to disturb the soil, making it unfit for grass growth. 

Due to these reasons, it is best to take precautions and protect your grass seeds from birds.

Do birds eat grass seed?: If yes, then how to protect grass seeds from them?

Taking certain measures like burying the seeds, removing food sources, and covering the lawn may help you in keeping the birds off your lawn. 

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Since we have already established that birds tend to eat grass seeds, now we must have a detailed discussion about how you can protect your grass seeds from them. Let’s take a look below to know about the process of taking these above-mentioned precautions that will protect your freshly-sown grass seeds:

Bury the Seeds

To protect your seeds from birds, you can rake the seeds lightly. This will make the seeds somewhat covered by the topsoil and, thus, will be hidden from birds.

Add a little bit of water so that the soil sticks to the seeds. This will deter birds from digging through loose soil and finding the seeds, and also, it will lead to faster germination.

Remove Food Source

Another way to protect your seeds is by removing the other food sources from your garden. Your garden might be a hotspot for birds because of the presence of their food sources such as bird feeders or natural feeding sources. So, make sure that you remove such food sources.

In fact, you should remove bird feeders from your garden or lawn at least a week or two before sowing the grass seeds. This will make the birds look for alternate sources of food, and they will stop coming to your garden, enabling your grass to grow freely. 

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Cover the Lawn

There are ways in which you can create a physical barrier over your seeds to prevent the birds from eating them. There can be many types of such physical barriers that make it hard for the birds to reach the seeds, and they are mentioned as follows:

  • Mulching: One of the best ways to cover your seeds is mulching. Mulching helps the soil in retaining moisture and thus, allowing better germination of grass. When it is cold, mulching helps to maintain the ground temperature, which enables the grass to grow better. It is also helpful in preventing the growth of weeds in the garden.
  • Burlap Sheets: Burlap sheets make for an excellent grass seed protection cover during the germination time of 2 to 5 weeks. These sheets protect the seeds from but they do allow sunlight, heat, and moisture in, which are required for the germination of seeds. You can remove the burlap sheets after the germination begins. 
  • Tarp: In colder weather, you do not want to let too much moisture retain in the soil and also not too heat in the soil. That is why a transparent trap can be the ideal cover for grass seeds in such weather. 
  • Netting: You can also use good quality netting to protect grass seed. You can buy a nylon bird net and hook it up on stakes placed around the corners, and the lawn netting should be set up a couple of inches above the ground. 

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I hope that reading this article would have answered all of your questions regarding the protection of grass seeds from birds. Now you can grow out your lawn without worrying at all about birds. They do like to eat grass seeds, but if you follow any of the methods given in this article, you should be good to achieve the perfect lawn.

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