Do Crows Eat Snakes? Is It Safe For Them?

Crows are intriguing birds that are often talked about when snakes are the topic of conversation. This is because both the crows and snakes mostly share the same territory and thus, often encounter each other. 

Even many times it has been discovered that both the creatures assume each other as their prey. I came to know about this fact when a few days back, I saw a snake and a crow attacking each other in my backyard. 

The event triggered a curiosity inside me to know more about their relationship. So, I did detailed research on how they are related. While continuing my research, I came to know about crows’ eating habits and various other things related to them.

Below I have compiled all the information in detail that I got from the research to help you know about the same. 

Do crows eat snakes?

Crows do eat snakes, especially the small ones. They do not have any special diet and will eat anything they find. If they spot snakes, they won’t miss the chance to eat them.

Also, crows share the “eating the dead” characteristic with scavengers. Thus, they feed on dead snakes as well.

Here is a list of all the types of snakes that crows eat:

• Garter Snake

• Malagasy Blind Snake

• Ringneck Snake

• Lined Snake

• Peter’s Thread Snake

• Smooth Green Snake

• Rainbow Boa

• Dekay’s Brown Snake

• Rat Snake

• Western Ribbon Snake

• Barbados Threadsnake

• Scarlet Kingsnake

• Western Hognose

• Rosy Boa

• California Kingsnake

• Ball Pythons

• Sand Boa

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Do crows attack and kill snakes?

If a crow notices any snake within its reach, it will attack that snake with an intention to kill it. This is because the bird considers every snake as their possible food despite their species and size. 

However, there is rarely any chance that the crow will be successful in killing a giant snake. Giant snakes are extremely fast and poisonous, making them strong predators and less prey. 

It is a rare event when a crow wins over a snake. Even if it happens, it will take excessive energy for endless pecking and strategic turnarounds.  In comparison with giant snakes like python or cobra, small snakes are easy prey. 

The garter snake is one such snake that is majorly killed and eaten by crows. These snakes are harmless snakes with sizes varying from small to medium.

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Can a raven kill and eat a snake?

Ravens can kill and eat small snakes but the probability of it happening is too low. This is because the birds come under the category of scavengers and thus, eat anything dead. However, they will hunt snakes too if they are unable to find anything dead to eat.

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How do crows attack snakes?

Crows use their powerful beaks to attack and kill snakes. They harass the snake by continuously pecking until it gets tired and gives up. They strategically jump and change their position when the snake tends to attack them in return. 

The vigorous pecking, quick turnarounds, and loud caws keep on going until they kill the snake. They keep their eyes on every movement of their prey and act accordingly.

Crows are intelligent birds and hence, they use their smartness to attack dangerous and speedy creatures like snakes. They do not act aggressively like most of the other predators. Instead, they remain calm, composed, and vigilant. 

It is assumed that birds use their feet to kill snakes but, with crows, this isn’t true. They use their agility, smartness, and strength to win over the snakes. 

One more thing that acts in favor of crows is that when a snake tries to attack the crow, it is most likely to hit its legs, and as the legs are covered with scales, the poison from the snake’s bite does not penetrate inside. This way they avoid snake bites and remain unaffected.

Can the poison in snakes kill crows while eating?

The poison in snakes can not kill crows while eating because the snakes that crows are likely to eat are venomous and not poisonous. 

Venomous snakes are the ones that inject their toxins through their bite. This means that even if they are consumed by their predators, their venom will not harm the consumer. On the other hand, poisonous snakes transfer their toxins if eaten or even touched. 

Most of the snakes’ species are venomous, especially the smaller ones. Therefore, crows do not die even after consuming snakes.

Do crows keep snakes away in domestic households?

Crows can contribute to keeping small snakes away in domestic households but not to a great extent. They do not create much difference indirectly controlling the population of the snakes in that locality. 

Their contribution in keeping snakes away is due to their ability to kill snakes. But the other thing that helps them in doing so is that crows also feed on rodents which are a part of the snake’s diet. Thus, making the locality inappropriate for snakes. 

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Crows are snakes eating birds. They can kill snakes and thus, feed on them. The birds use a proper strategy to do so. Their smartness plays a major role while fighting with snakes.

However, this does not mean that snakes are easy to kill. Snakes can be predators as well.

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