Do Crows Like Shiny things? | Do they used to steal!

Crows are fascinating, resourceful, and extremely adaptable birds,  and they have brains to the extent that they scare humans.

They are condemned as nuisance birds by city dwellers, reviled as crop-stealers by farmers, and have a reputation for damaging vegetation. 

In many cultures, crows have often symbolized a lousy rap and are mostly associated with disease, death, and bad omens.

Crows are social birds, adept to all habitats and forage in families. Crows get a bad rap, and in all cultures, crows get symbolized as a bad omen, diseases, and death.

Crows are smart birds that can quickly learn new skills like opening a food bag and fetching tools out of leaves and twigs.

Due to its intellectuality, getting rid of them from home premises appears more challenging and requires repeating multiple techniques to keep your surroundings unfavorable for crows.

Do crows like shiny things?

No, crows don’t like shiny objects or things. Contrary to popular novels and folklore, they even get afraid and frightened of shiny reflective objects.

Shiny Objects reflect sunlight that disturbs the vision of birds like crows. Studies say that their eyes even get hurt on seeing such polished surfaces. 

Humans use reflective objects like old CDs, shiny tapes, and aluminum pie pans to scare crows away from their spaces.

Hanging out shimmering and shiny CDs in open-air create sounds that resemble their predators, threaten crows, frighten them enough. Using Bird tapes can also act as a visual deterrent to crows around your garden or yards.

To deter crows, you can also hang shiny streamers on poles making fences around your garden.

Move the steamer’s location periodically to overcome them as a threat. If you believe tales and plan to attract crows by using shiny objects, you will end up doing the opposite. 

Do crows steal shiny objects?

No, crows won’t collect or take inedible shiny things. They are opportunistic and popular scavengers,  only keeping an eye on food items and prey.

The crows stealing shiny objects or other valuables myth probably originated from pet crows or captivity birds attracted to the owner’s luxuries like coins, jewelry, and keys. 

So, historically crows are being portrayed as being snatchers and thieves, but it’s not true.

There are instances where crows are believed to gift shiny objects to people who feed and pet them regularly as a token of love. But there is no assurance that all crows might act the same.

Some tales even portray crows with sharp brains and learn to take owner house keys, help thieves escape, or open chests.

Further, stories that originated a long time ago even portray crows collecting shiny things in their nest and gifting them to their mates.

In reality, crows will never look upon shiny and reflective objects,  get scared, distance themselves from them, or start to peck at them.

But if you befriend a crow, they might bring gifts to you. Crows are brilliant birds, and they can remember human faces and spread them among tight-knit families.

If you harass any crows, they tend to mob together and attack you whenever you come out of your houses. They can even scare humans with loud caws and by swooping in and out.

Crows are very dangerous, revengeful, and hold vengeance on humans who cheat or harass them.

How to befriend crows?

Befriending crows can be easy. All it needs is food to get attracted and socialized with human friends. 

Food is the best way to get into birds’ hearts, feed their potential food items like seeds, grains, or even dead meat to attract them into your premises.

If you regularly feed them, they offer you gifts (maybe shiny objects) in return.

Crows are fascinating and curious birds with quirky habits. They usually give and gift things (reflective objects) that they can’t eat. They bring valuable shiny stuff in exchange for yummy food.

Crows can be spooked easily by random noises. You must create a quiet and noise-free environment with plenty of their favorite food to befriend crows.

Crows are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat small pellet dog food, other birds’ eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other animal meats. They even scavenge decayed dead beef and other food items from trash bins.

They are visual animals and are very curious to investigate. Decorate your garden with a more enticing substantial size birdbath to attract them to drink water and play with it.

Make sure to establish a feeding routine that helps to build a trustable relationship with crows.

How to attract crows to your garden?

Many people sometimes love to attract birds like crows to their gardens.

Crows can help in picking up solid food waste and other eatables from the garden, park, or other areas quickly and the food also does not get wasted.

To attract some crows instead of using shiny objects use these tips-

  • One and the only thing that will attract crows is food, but it should be visible to them from a distance. Try to keep some food or other eatable in your area at a height, so that it is visible to flying birds from a distance.
  • Another thing that can attract a crow is water. In months of summer, these birds are always in search of a water source. Keeping some water in an open vessel at some height or in a clear area will also attract crows and other birds.
  • If you do not want to attract crows or want to get rid of birds coming to your area, remove all eatables from the place. Birds like crows usually visit those places where they can find something to eat or to drink. 
  • Remove fruits, veggies, human food waste, and other eatables. If you are growing vegetables and fruits then setting an alarm will help in frightening the crows and other birds.

What different birds can gather shiny things?

There are very few birds that are attracted by shiny objects. One of the most common birds attracted by shiny objects in magpies. Magpies and crows belong to the same family, Corvid. 

Related Questions:

Why most birds are afraid of shiny objects?

Most birds are not afraid of shiny objects. These birds avoid shiny objects ass they typically hurt their eyes. This is the reason birds remain at a distance from shiny objects.

What are the other things that birds’ avoid?

Apart from shiny objects other things that keep birds’ at a distance are concentrated smells, bigger animals, humans, and other predatory birds.

Do Jackdaws avoid shiny things?

No,  Jackdaws are interesting birds and they are known to steal shiny objects. In many cases, people have reported that birds like jackdaws have grabbed jewelry into their nests.

Do crow loves to listen to music?

Well, human sounds are mostly frightening to most birds. Similarly, crows tend to fly away from loud noises created by music.

Crows do not appreciate music like humans. Loud noises, alarms, and low-pitched sounds are often used to fly away birds like crows, parrots, and pigeons.

Do crows have ears?

Yes, crows are amazing when it comes to hearing sounds. They can hear very low-frequency sounds as compared to other birds.

A small sound can make them sensitive to their surroundings and act as a protective measure.

Why are crows referred to as “ravens”?

The reference of crows as ravens comes from Norse mythology. Raven are birds that are considered brilliant in memory and deliver messages from one place to another throughout the world.

In Norse mythology, the story of two ravens perching on the shoulders of Odin is very famous.

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Crows are birds with precise vision and sharp hearing qualities that make them highly skilled predators. They can attack birds from a distance and can search for food from their flights.

Fruits, vegetables, food leftovers, and many other things can attract them easily to fields, gardens, and other human dwellings.

As per popular belief, crows are not attracted by shiny objects and in reality, they fly away from them.

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