Do Crows Make Nests On Their Own | Do Crows Lay Eggs In Other Bird Nests?

Crows do make their own nests and lay eggs in there around Springtime. Spring is a season for flowers to bloom and trees to grow new leaves. Thus, it tends to be the best time for birds to create their own home. But do crows build nests all around the year? Let’s find that out.

Do Crows Build Nests?

Yes, crows build their own nests for a shelter. Like most bird species, they need shelter to lay eggs and grow a family. Since trees are the best and safest place to create a nest, most of the crows in various regions wait for Springtime. 

Since trees grow more leaves in the Springtime, it becomes a good place for birds to hide from their predators. After spring, summer comes when birds require more shade than other times. Hence, crows do build nests. 

These nests range from small to large, depending on their family sizes. In most cases, a nest of a crow can include 15 to 16 children of the bird species. The two adult crows —one male and one female take part in the nest-building process. Sometimes, crow chicks who are two or three years old help their parents to build a nest.

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Do Crows Return To The Same Nest?

Yes, crows and ravens return to their nests after spending one year somewhere else. Most of the time of the year, crows hang around with large flocks of other crows. They leave their home and join other groups in the agriculture fields or around the dumps. During winter, they try to find large or tall trees to sleep but don’t usually build a nest.

When the spring comes, they come back to their nests, the one they built a year ago. They start building the nests once again if it is in bad shape. Nests may be destroyed by storms or other external matters. 

For that reason, crows usually rebuild their nests. Most of the time, crows come back to their nests weeks before they gather supplies to reform their home. If you find a number of crows staying in one area every day, it may indicate that they are planning on building a nest.

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Do Crows Nest High in The Trees?

Yes, Crows do nest high in trees but not always. Though it is safe for crows to build a nest in a tall tree, for the lack of tall trees, they can settle in small ones. The higher the tree, the more they find it suitable for building a home.

Crows generally build their nests on horizontal branches or somewhere it would give them anonymity. They always try to hide their place from predators like eagles, owls, etc. 

Basically, crows try to find evergreen trees, but if not available, they will settle in deciduous trees. Almost all the time, their nests tend to be larger than their size. Adult crows break off large twigs from dead branches and use them to build a nest.

If you find a crow being secretive while breaking a twig off from a tree, it can be an indication that she is building a nest to lay eggs. Other times—when it is not their breeding season— which varies, they don’t tend to be that secretive about building a nest.

What Kind of Nests Do Crows Build?

Crows build their nests using large and small twigs of tree branches. Sometimes they also use our products such as clothes, rubber bands, threads, hair, or other soft stuff from trash cans to create a nest. They use small twigs less and medium to large size twigs more to create a nest. 

The size of the nest varies from 6-19 inches that can hold up to 9 eggs. Also, the time period of nesting is about 20-40 days, while their incubation period is 16-18 days. The incubation is mostly done by the female crow or the mother of the eggs. 

After building the nest and staying there for some days, crows can leave their place. Most of the time, crows don’t leave until they make sure the young ones are flying properly. Now, if you are asking ‘what does the nests of crows look like,’ they look messy. 

Yes, you cannot see them from high above unless the tree is near a large rooftop or you have a drone with a camera. But when you look at them from the ground, it will look raveled. This is because they keep it like that so that predators don’t catch them off guard. 

However, the inside of the nests looks softer and stronger so that the young ones feel comfortable.

Do Crows Lay Eggs in Other Bird Nests?

No, crows generally don’t lay eggs in other birds’ nests, but cuckoos or koels can. Crows lay eggs in the monsoon season and before August. Cuckoos start their breeding season from March to September. This means the breeding season of koels goes over crows’, and since koels do not make their own nests, they lay eggs in crows’ nests. But crows never lay eggs in other birds’ nests. 

Of all the other bird species, koels mostly choose crows’ nests to lay eggs. This is mainly because crows build their home on high trees most of the time. Also, since the koel’s eggs look like crows’ eggs in terms of color and pattern, crows raise the kids as their own. 

Do Crows Nest in Roofs? | Do Crows Nest in Chimneys?

Yes, crows can build their nests in your roof if they find a suitable place for that. Generally, crows can make their nests in various types of places, for example, on high mobile towers, chimneys, skyscrapers, etc.

However, roofs are shorter than the comparison to towers which crows may not always find comfortable to build a nest. 

These days, trees are hard to find in urban areas, and for that, crows can nest on your rooftops if they find a comfortable position. And yes, crows can also build their nests in chimneys because of a lack of better places. 


Every question you had about whether crows build nests or not is answered in this article. Feel free to ask more in the comment box below, and we will be glad to answer them for you.

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